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All-vegetarian store. Stocks fresh organic produce, grocery, bulk foods, supplements, over 400 bulk herbs, and purified water. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by redman_vf


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05 Feb 2019

Bulk Herbs!

This is exactly what a health food should be! I love it. Makes me long for the local health food/herb shops that thrived prior to Whole Foods. Highly recommend this wonderful store

Pros: Lots of Vegan options



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28 Mar 2018

pricey groceries but great bulk selections

this market, like most health food stores, is a bit pricey, so if you're on a minimum wage budget, this is not the place to buy all your vegan groceries. however, even before i was a vegan, i frequented this place for its bulk herb selections. they have SO many dry herbs and they sell them by weight for extremely cheap. they have medicinal herbs, herbs for cooking, herbs blends for tea, etc. it's awesome.

in addition, they have great bulk dry foods and vegan staples, such as nutritional yeast, oatmeal, and lentils.

Pros: great for bulk dry foods, amazing dry herbs selection


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Mostly Veg
03 Feb 2014

Great selection of herbs, spices and tinctures

Aqua Vita is an interesting store. What draws me is its wonderful selection of bulk herbs, spices, tinctures and extracts. These are things I usually have to order online. While getting a lovely package in the mail has its charms, so does looking at a huge jar of cut herbs that I can personally measure out. It’s that personal element. I went there with a list of almost a dozen herbs I wanted and they had all but one. The one herb they didn’t have was available in a tincture so I was able to walk out with a workable substitute for my particular use.

As far as using the store to buy other items (fresh produce, personal care supplies, etc.) I’m not interested. I can buy most of those items at other stores more convenient to where I live. Since I live between the I10 and Tangerine Road/Marana exits, Aqua Vita is not a convenient location for me. That’s fine. I really like the store so I keep a running list of what I want then make it a point to stop in if I’m in the vicinity.

The parking situation is tight and sometimes scary because of the way it’s laid out next to the traffic but the store has never been so busy that it’s been much of a problem for me.

I really like Aqua Vita for its herb selection. If you visit their website they have a page of every single herb and spice they carry. It's an excellent checklist/tool and I definitely use it.

Pros: Wonderful Bulk Herb Selection

Cons: Cramped parking


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19 May 2012


I only went there a couple times. Seems like a nice store. I ordered a bulk item and staff wasn't organized about ordering bulk items - I had to wait while they went in back to look it up and even then they weren't sure, then when I went to pick up the item they said they didn't have it twice but then upon third check they found it. Also was too difficult working with staff to order bulk nuts so I just gave up. Good store for just shopping (not ordering bulk items) though. Staff/ppl were nice though.


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Mostly Veg
06 Feb 2011


We used to get our distilled water at the water store next to the Fry's at Grant and alvernon. His prices went up to .75/gal and we went looking. The more water you buy, the better the price per gallon, around .60/gallon. We go there twice a month, or more just for the water. Their bulk prices are good, the produce is almost all organic and beautiful, not to mentioned washed in their wonderful water!
They also carry unpackaged blocks of tofu in the fridge section which we get, and usually a pack or 2 of the Tucson Tamale's wares.

Pros: Amazing Water, beautiful produce, friendly staff

Cons: a little expensive, but worth the money


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24 Jun 2009

Nice options

Aqua Vita is a nice distraction from a normal grocery shopping experience. They have a nice organic produce section with good prices. The bulk section has a nice range of products, many organic, with competitive prices. Their grocery section is priced a little high for me as are their chilled and frozen foods. the bulk herb/spice section is loaded with variety and there are books nearby to help you with your choices.

I have not personally priced or experienced their water.

Pros: Wide selection, Organic Bulk Items, Organic Produce

Cons: High grocery cost

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