Vegan bakery cafe that sells a variety of breads, including gluten-free, sugar-free, and oil-free options. Also serves brunch Tue-Thu 11-2pm; Fri-Sun 11-3pm. Choose between BLT, tempeh BLT, falafel or mushroom sandwich sets. Also serves a pasta salad. All vegan and house-made. Take-outs and GFO available. You can text/Kakaotalk 010.4919.3104 to book brunch or pick-up breads. Relocated from 16 beongil 70. Open Tue-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm, Sun 10:00am-6:30pm. Closed Mon. Lunch menu available until 2pm.

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First Review by MarkyWA


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29 Sep 2023

Yummy brunch

Somewhat limited menu but everything was delicious. Best flat white I had in South Korea.



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05 Jun 2023


The staff was super friendly and the food delicious and lots for the portion. Also took bread with us home

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly stuff , Cute atmosphere


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03 Jun 2023


So many choices, love this bakery . Check instagram for working hours

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-30


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29 May 2023

Amazing bakery in Busan, also serves lunch!

Tldr; Vegan bakery with an impressive selection, great lunch options with huge portions. Awesome milkshakes.

Coming from Europe, South Korea was like the Disney land of vegan desserts. This place in particular had a very big selection of incredible vegan pastries and baked goods. From cheese cream filled donuts, to diverse crumble cakes. Pizzas, colourful breads, cakes, salty, sweet, you name it.

They also serve lunch options, which include an avocado and mushrooms toast/sandwich, a kimchi rice with mushrooms and finally, a creamy mushroom pasta. We tried it all on our two visits, and everything was just great. Impressive portions, my wife had trouble finishing her plates.
The pasta and rice were a bit on the spicier side, and filled with delicious mushrooms.

We basically tried everything that was laid out, and every single thing we tried was just great. Couldn't find a single fault in anything. The Ciabatta sandwiches were great, all the different cream filled buns were just superb. The mugwort filled Campagne bread is probably my favorite bread ever. I did notice that for both the buns and Campagne breads, the filled portions were basically 90% of the dish, while the bread/bun were like a 10% shell. One really gets their money's worth here.

For drinks, we had some teas and their two offered milkshakes, which were strawberry and pineapple. Both were awesome, but I'd give the win to the pineapple due to personal preference.

Staff were very nice and accommodating. While the young staff could speak English, they had some trouble at times. Thankfully the older staff member, who i suspect was the owner, had exceptional English, and helped clear the misunderstanding.

Place has quite a few places to sit, and the music was relaxed. The place is also LGBT friendly, which is a nice bonus. The baked stuff were different on our two visits, and different things would come out as we sat there, sometimes only a single item would come out and that's it. Thankfully everything is good, so not an issue.

All in all, one of the best bakeries we tried on our trip to S.Korea, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants good vegan desserts that are usually harder to come by.

Pros: Great selection , Big portions , LGBT friendly


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28 May 2023


pastries are ok.
we went for a lunch : food is too much hot.

Cons: bad english, hot food


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17 Feb 2023

Tasty lunch spot

Loved the stacked avocado toast I got. It really felt like they put effort into the taste and presentation. The bakery items tasted pretty standard, but the lunch items were the real star.


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27 Jan 2023

This place is a must in Busan!

They have it all, bread, sweets, cake, and sandwiches. They also serve lunch, and the owners are super super friendly!! Would def recommend to go! You can choose the lunch add ons, also pizza breads, sweet things, and good drinks 🤌

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-06

Pros: Super friendly owners, Delicious lunch, So many options!


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15 Sep 2022

Very good food and very good vibes

Very nice burrito 🌯
It's just soooo good. The size of the fries were a little small tho. Cool and nice staff👍
Seems like a popular place.
Pumpkin bread was meh, everything else was amazing.

Pros: Good food , Easy to find, Queer friendly vibes?


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12 Sep 2022


everything we tried was really good! The staff is nice but they gave me another drink than I ordered, I didn't say anything and drank it anyway to not waste it and it was surprisingly delicous! I would definitely come again!

Pros: many options, really good, queer friendly!


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10 Sep 2022


Visited twice. Desserts were good.

Pros: Nice and clean interior


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21 Aug 2022

Shocked and disappointed

I have been the April and May when they first opened and a few months ago I got delivery but many things were sold out. Both of my previous experiences were good so I was excited to visit but wow.

The staff didnt seem to know when the breads would be made, as they told us a different time than they actually came out (ended up being earlier tho)

I tried maybe 10 things there and only 1 was good, 2 or 3 were edible. The rest were so bad. The drinks menu is half sold out (indefinitely?)

The croissants came out raw in the center. So undercooked they couldn't be eaten.

The thing I enjoyed was the red rice cream cheese bread. The salt bread I liked last time i had it through delivery, but it wasnt as good this time. Everything else was just so so, weird flavor combinations or raw.


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16 Aug 2022

Vegan bakery

3.5 stars

I really wanted to love this place, because the café looks cute and they offer so many different products.

I visited twice and tried their chocolate brownie, Levain choco cookie, mini chocolate cookie and Hongkong Jenny cookies, and unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy any of them that much. The coconut could be tasted a bit too much (especially in the brownie) and cookies were a bit dry (and not chocolate-y enough).


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13 Aug 2022

sells out so fast , bread inconsistent

i went here twice on my trip to busan, but a lot of the things were sold out when i went in the afternoon and not put out yet when i went in the morning. it would be nice if they were out right when they open, especially cause they don’t open that early.

besides that everything i had was good. it took a while to get the food, but it was nice to chill with my friend and talk in the pretty cafe

they also have a naver store that you can order from domestically. i have yet to try it.

edit: knocked down one star because of raw breads

i went here again on another trip to busan with my friend

when we first got there, almost no breads were out but by the time we left most things were coming out. we ordered a lot as it kept being added and also got some pasta.

the pasta was good, but not amazing. but the price was fair and i thought it was pretty tasty.

50% of the breads we got were really yummy, but the others were undercooked. the chocolate croissant was virtually raw on the inside.

the coffee i got was really great, but i wanted to get a matcha latte or a black sesame one which they for some reason didn’t have.

overall i think i would not return here to eat in, but maybe to take away some breads if i really needed it. i wouldn’t go out of my way to go again

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-03

Cons: what you want may not be there


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02 Aug 2022

Perfect for brunch and bakery products!

Had an amazing brunch with tasty food. You reserve what you want to eat on Naver or Kakao the day before. You’ll have a reserved spot and no long waiting time. They have a huge selection of vegan bakery products. We grabbed something for the train home and it was such a good snack. Coffee was also very good!


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01 Aug 2022

Must-Visit in Busan!

We made a brunch reservation by texting the mentioned number the evening before. When we arrived, our dishes were already prepared. Both the mushroom and avocado sandwich were very tasty! Good portions, fresh seasoning with special, creative add-ons. Sitting in the café, you can watch the baking process and smell the freshly baked breads. So we couldn’t restrain and took some baked goods on our way home which were also very good!


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14 Jun 2022

so much to choose from the brunch menu

i loved their avocado open sandwich! it’s got a pan fried silkened tofu on top, which is heavenly.. they have a burrito newly added to the brunch menu a few weeks ago as well. just the right amount of spiciness, quite filling. i haven’t yet tried their mushroom sandwich, pasta salad and falafel burger. so much to choose from 🤤

Pros: much to choose from the brunch menu, food looks AND tastes good, variety of drinks and bingsoo is back!!

Cons: bread runs out fast, too crowded at times , brunch menu does take time at times


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25 May 2022


There are many different kinds of bread, patisserie
We went there for 빙수 but it hasn’t started yet😢😢 greentea latte and the breads are very tasty

Cut cozy place, friendly staff

Pros: Many interesting 빵, Friendly staff, Yummy


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25 May 2022

sooo much yumm stuff!!

I can really recommend this place. everything from matcha latte to different breads (빵) was so good!!

Pros: big 빵 variety , nice staff, fair prices


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06 Sep 2021

Good food before 2pm

Stopped in here after leaving the museum and when I got there I found out they don’t serve any of their meals after 3pm. I was a upset because I was hungry and all they had available was tomato stew. So grabbed that and a smoothie. After eating those options I decided I go back to try some other menu options. I’ll just make sure I’m there before 2pm

Pros: Smoothies good

Cons: Stop serving food after 3pm


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14 Aug 2021

Famous cafe in Busan

I went there several time and they definitely have a high quality products.
I tried the sesame latte and it was delicious. Totally recommend it.
For the bread, it's really korean. There are not much "cake". It's mostly bread. But they have cheese cake though. (Didn't try). But you can go to any vegan bakery in Busan it's a bit the same.

I also ate the vegan black sesame patbingsu and be aware, it's a fusion patbingsu. It was not bad, but not a real patbingsu. (If you are looking for a traditional one you can go to 예인)

Pros: 100% vegan

Cons: Lunch option are super expensive


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04 Jun 2021

Nice cosy place

Edit 1.5 year later: I've been to their new place and it's so much better than the old one! (Easier to find as well). Interior is very nice, and bigger. I personally love their BLT menu, I chose the veggie stick side set with cheddar and hummus and my bf had the salsa nacho side set. We chose the option with a latte for an additional 1000 wons. We are vegan so we always order our birthday or anniversary cakes there, via the google form. I'm glad there's a place in Busan that is vegan and foreigner-friendly. They have gender-neutral washroom as well.

Old review: I had gluten-free chocolate cake and it was really good! Reminded me of our great Moelleux au chocolat. I also got a rice bun (인절미 like) filled with whipped cream.

Some of their pastries are clearly marked as gluten-free, while some are almost gluten-free (rice/쌀) because they do contain some gluten, but personally my digestion wasn't troubled so i guess that it okay as long as you're not celiac!

Updated from previous review on 2019-11-29

Pros: Nice interior, gf options, whole cake orders


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24 Mar 2021

Perfect brunch for me

I tried the brunch set, and satisfied.


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21 Feb 2021

Quality food, if a little pricy

Mushroom sandwich was very tasty, but coffee was a little burnt (but I am quite demanding with my coffee). Strangely they had no sugar available for my latte when I asked? Wide range of baked goods, mostly Korean style pastries. A little pricy perhaps and next time I would probably opt for takeaway as it can feel crowded easily. I want to give 3.5 stars but not possible.

Pros: Wide range of Korean style pastries, quality food

Cons: Coffee so so, atmosphere can feel too busy


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07 Feb 2021

Rainbow of breads and cakes

This vegan bakery cafe offers a large variety of breads, bread rolls, muffins, cakes and other sweet bakery products. The menu also includes brunch sets and sandwiches. There are a few cakes that are labelled as gluten free or low in gluten.

Overall, bakery products, colors and flavors are diverse, ranging from plain, savory to sweet!
The bakery items I tried were all delicious! Some are more indulgent, filled with cream or topped with crumbles. Compared to most modern Korean desserts, however, the bakery here appears to make their desserts less sweet than regular bakeries.

Finding the bakery may be a bit difficult if you follow only Google Maps or Kakao Map. (We ended up in a dead end at the opposite of the building). The entrance to the bakery is in an alleyway that's accessible from a large road. There are signs pointing toward the entrance when you are on the right track.

Updated from previous review on 2021-02-07

Pros: large variety, good food

Cons: coffee


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21 Aug 2020

Delicious brunch and bakery items

Really enjoyed my visit here. The place itself is lovely and with a good number of tables. I had the mushroom sandwich which was tasty, and a kind of orange marmalade muffin which was delicious. It was busy with lots of people getting bread to take away. Very easy to find with naver maps despite other reviews saying it's difficult. If you spot the alley with fish tanks, you're there. Two mins from the subway.

Pros: All vegan and delicious, Friendly staff, More tables than other places


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22 Dec 2019

Delicious and Unique Brunch

We made a reservation (as you must) for brunch. For 13,000 you get a small sandwich filled with mushroom and avocado and other bits, as well as a large slice of pumpkin, some tomatoes with cheese, sauce and blueberries, as well as a strawberry with sauce.

I’m usually against mixing fruits like this with meals but they went together amazingly. The flavours were so good and they were so unique. You could fly around your plate mixing together the different pieces - it was great.

They have delicious baked stuff too - it is primarily a bakery.


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22 Oct 2019

Nice sandwiches

Had a couple of sandwiches for lunch. The avocado one was really tasty. The other one was tasty too, but felt more like sweet pastry than a filling sandwich.

Updated from previous review on 2019-10-22

Pros: English-speaking staff

Cons: Reservations needed for cooked food

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