Organic restaurant offering plate lunches at around Y1000 each, including a quiche plate and a millet-fish plate. Also sweets. Staff speaks English. Directions: Look for the sign with the picture of blue sky and "Bio Organic Cafe." Reported closed July 2023.Reported closed July 2023.

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21 Sep 2022

Small & quaint + wholesome meal

We had the set lunch with brown rice (rather than bread). It seemed to be a couple running the restaurant. As it's not fast food, you need to be aware of this. When it arrives, it is perfectly displayed and leaves the person full without being överfull.

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05 Oct 2020

Very delicious food

It's a small and very cute and cozy restaurant. There were not very many selections (although the entirety of the menu is vegan), but the foods that they have are incredibly tasty and delicious and make you want to have more.


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11 Feb 2020

Delicious, cheap, cozy cafe with a lovely owner!

Highly recommended - I visited in the afternoon on a Friday for coffee and cake and was not disappointed. There was a lovely menu selection and a super friendly owner who was encouraging and happy to answer questions/teach me about different Japanese ingredients/flavours. Hence I tried Amazake too for the first time and really enjoyed it!

Such a cozy little spot, would return again if/when I’m in Sapporo again. Really lovely experience


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11 Feb 2020


We made our way to Aoi Sora only to find that their lunch set was all sold out. The place was full - so must be popular. We went again the next day earlier to make sure we could try their food. Amazing. They also serve beer which is a plus.


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10 Feb 2020

Delicious, organic Japanese vegan cuisine.

Finally— Japanese vegan food. It’s thoughtfully made, with natural, earthy flavors.

Pros: Each bite is good. , Nice atmosphere. , Owner is legit vegan.

Cons: Cash only!


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08 Oct 2019

Cosy Setting

Lovely vegan cafe serving veganised Japanese cuisine set in a warm environment.


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17 Jul 2019

Miam! Wonderful experience!

Nous sommes vraiment content d’avoir essayé ce délicieux restaurant. Tout est cuisiné avec soin.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious, Lots of veggies

Cons: Not quitte at the right spot on google maps


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29 Jun 2019

Great vegan cafe

Serving vegan set meals with organic beer. Highly recommended.

Pros: All vegan, Friendly staff

Cons: None


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02 Feb 2019

Very nice vegan organic food

The owner put a lot of effort into the food and it was delicious. Every detail and the flavors blends so well. I order the small lunch set so I could have the drink and dessert set too. All in all, I really enjoy it.

Pros: All vegetarian/vegan

Cons: A bit expensive but so worth it


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20 Jan 2019

Fantastic vegan lunch

There’s an awful lot to love about Aoi Sora: the relaxed vibe, the super friendly owners, 100% vegan (!!) and the incredible attention to preparing & presenting their food.

I had their lunch set menu which featured all the many goodies in the photos, all interesting and sugoi! The organic beer was very delicious in a craft brew kind of way. I wish I had room to try the banana coconut tart, soy ice creams or other sweets, but the meal was quite filling. 2000yen for a great meal & drink, cruelty-free treats (a break from the cruelty-filled Japanese diet) and set in a quiet and chilled space. Great for a winter day!

Pros: A rare all-vegan restaurant, Organic, macrobiotic, Original and delicious dishes

Cons: Slightly expensive, Not a picturesque setting


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02 Sep 2018

Highly recommend!

I got the daily lunch menu for 1400 yen and let me tell you it was delicious! It contained a variety of smaller dishes, so I could try many different things and flavours. I was really full in the end but in a good way. Staff spoke English and had an English menu ready. She was very attentive too. Nice atmosphere.

Pros: Great food , English menu and English speaking staff, Good atmosphere

Cons: A bit pricey, Small space


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15 Aug 2018

I will come back to Sapporo to eat here again!

Nice cozy place, friendly staff, speaks English, menu available in English.
Had the avocado salad on brown rice with soup. It was so so good! Light and fresh ingredients not to intense flavoring, just perfect!
Also got the chocolate cake with soy icecream. The flavors were again well harmonized! The cake not to sweet and although it was chocolate cake it felt healthy 😅
I also like the coffee here.


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16 Oct 2017




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27 Jul 2017

Definitely worth visiting

As of 26/7/2017 Hours: M-W, F-Sun 11.00-18.00, last order 17.00. If you want dinner here at a later time you have to make a reservation (confirmed by owner)..

Directions from station given on Happy Cow website are correct. It has been there for 17 years and seems well known in the area so ask the way if you have trouble finding it.

Although we arrived about 4.30pm, the lunch menu was still available (in English and the owners speak English).

Food was superb and gentle music and staff made this an especially pleasant meal experience. On this occasion we had the lunch set that included brown rice, pumpkin balls, ratatouille and a soya-carrot quiche, a lettuce salad with the sweetest tomato, a dish of pickles and soya and a very gentle daikon soup. Followed this by a berry soy icecream over granola and a soothing grain-based ‘coffee’.

Definitely worth travelling to by subway or stopping by if you are visiting Maruyama Park.

Pros: wonderful food, pleasant atmosphere and staff, reasonable price and near subway


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11 Jul 2017


Aoi Sora means blue sky, so look for the sign with a blue sky on it. Despite being small, the cafe has a spacious, peaceful vibe. Had daily lunch set which included a quiche type thing, a croquette, pickles, salad, miso soup and rice. Food was rich yet clean tasting. For dessert, the peanut milk was great, as was the freshly baked muffin. Staff speak some English and were very friendly :)


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Mostly Veg
28 May 2016

love it!!

love the food!! Cozy ambience. Friendly staffs.


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27 May 2016

Favourite spot in Sapporo

I also found this place a little tricky to find, but it was worth the perseverance! There is a great ambiance with very friendly staff. I had the avocado salad, which came with soup, and a half portion of chocolate cake with soy ice cream. Everything was delicious! I'll definitely be returning before my stay in Sapporo ends. Prices were very fair too.


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12 Feb 2016

Great place!

We had an amazing several course dinner (Japanese and Western food) and organic beer and wine. Staff spoke English, accommodated other dietary needs and the place was lovely.


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03 Sep 2015

Wonderful place

It is rather uncommon in Japan to be vegan I guess because everyone was supprised I did not eat meat nor dairy. :) So I searched online and found this information on HappyCow. It is a very nice place, the staff were communicative (contrary to all the other restaurants I have been to in Sapporo) and helpful. The dish was delicious and unlike all the other places, they served brown rice instead of white one. It wasn't so greasy as everywhere else (I would call everything that I was served before an oil soup :P). I took some muffin with me when I left. I definitely recommend this place.

They are usually closed on Thursdays. I was lucky they were open as an exception this time. :)

Pros: great food, good value, friendly staff


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01 Aug 2015

Nice place

I probably went there at the wrong time. No one spoke English and no English menu. After a few minutes of trying to communicate, we finally were finally be able to order the small set and the avocado plate. I like the latter one a bit better. No mock fish burger that someone raved about but the food was good. The vegan ice-cream was lovely. Gluten-free desserts available.


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01 May 2014

Beautiful Place and Food

I was so fortunate to be able to eat here. It's not as hard to find as it's made out to be. Just exit out of Exit 6 from Maruyama Koen subway station and turn right - walk about four block - crossing one substantially-sized street, then make a right. Halfway down that little block on the left is a sort of alley/street. Make a left into that alley and you'll see the restaurant more than halfway down the alley on the left.

Food is fantastic and the owner / chef is kind and speaks English. I had set menu which had a sort of tofu - so just adequate in the protein department - could have done with more vegan protein. He sells vegan ice cream! The only place I've seen in Japan with it outside of Tokyo.

Definitely don't put off going here. It's near a great park and large Shinto shrine complex in Maruyama Park. To go to the park just back track towards the trees the opposite direction out of Exit 6 from Maruyama Station (make a left instead of a right out of the exit).

Pros: Fantastic food, kind owner, vegan ice cream

Cons: could do with more vegan protein (tofu) in set men, not cheap but not expensive


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04 Nov 2013

Really great spot in Sapporo

I really enjoyed this restaurant/cafe. It´s very chill and pretty. The food was pretty good. The couple running it even sell products like vegan meat and ice cream.

I read that people have a hard time finding it. I went with a Japanese friend and it was very close to the subway.
Although I don´t really remember the road, take the Tozai line to Maruyama Koen Mae and ask someone when you get off. It was only a 7-10minutes walk from the Maruyama Koen station, exit 6.

Pros: Close to subway, Great invironment, Vegan

Cons: You might have to ask for directions


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26 Dec 2012

Great restaurant / Advice on finding it

Everyone has already said how great this restaurant is, and it certainly lived up to it for me - the food, the staff and the general atmosphere. However, a warning about the directions. A review further down mentions that it's location is wrong, and a comment says that it's been fixed. If you're using the Happycow app, don't click "Directions" as it will take you to the wrong place. Also, don't copy the address and paste it into Google Maps, as it will give another wrong location. The only way is to click on "Location" and then when it loads in Google Maps, click "Directions" from there. I'm not sure why it is, but it cost me over an hour in sub-zero temperatures trying to find it, and the nice man even went out to try to find me. It was all worth it once I found the place though! I'll let HC know about this.

Pros: vegan cafe in Sapporo, great food at a reasonable price, nice staff and atmosphere

Cons: difficult to find - see above


27 Dec 2012

hi! thank you for the helpful review! do you happen to know the correct address? thanks!


27 Dec 2012

No I don't know the address sorry, and when I pasted the address given into GMaps it didn't come up correctly. But I know that somewhere it's listed correctly because clicking on the "Map" button the Happycow app brought up the correct address, and then I was able to find my way there using Google Maps Directions. It just didn't work to use the "Directions" button on the App. Does this help at all?


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05 Jan 2011

A Nice Place

A great place for vegetarians, as it's hard to find vegetarian food in Japan sometimes. The menu is small, but the food is good. The staff was very kind, and helped me to decipher the menu.
It's a little far, so best to probably take the subway and walk. The map on this site shows the wrong place, so becareful and look at your own map first.

Pros: kind staff, is actually vegetarian, good food

Cons: hard to find, small


02 Dec 2012

They have updated the map to the right location.


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05 Apr 2010


This restaurant is located on a very tiny street off of another small street off of a main road. So if you're taking a taxi tell them to insert the address into a navi and you'll get there no problem. The door is on the left side of the front building. I went here two times. My first visit, my husband and I ordered the Mock Fish fillet burger and the vege set. Both things were excellent and served beautifully. We also had the tart for desert. SUPER YUMMY! My husband and I loved the Mock Fish Burger so much that we came back for it the second night. We asked for a bento since we couldn't stay to eat. They were so nice to do that for us, and they even put in a free piece of Quiche which was also amazing. So the food is superb, 100% vegan and served beautifully, the owners are super nice and the settings are romantic and relaxing. How lucky to get all of those from only one vegan/vegetarian restaurant to choose from in all of Sapporo. The portions are small so go for lunch and eat the mock fish burger to fill you up enough.

Pros: DELICIOUS, AWESOME STAFF, Presentation and environment

Cons: expensive but so is all of Japan


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16 Apr 2009


I was so happy to find this restaurant! It's a very small Cafe, but the atmosphere is homey and comfortable. The owners are very kind, and they speak good English. I ordered the millet "fish" sandwich, and it was so good! The sauce they used added the perfect flavor to the sandwich, and the whole grain bun was delicious. I also had a piece of vegan chocolate cake, and it was incredible. The prices of the meals were very reasonable. The plates and glasses they used are beautiful. For those interested in buying a few staple organic supplies, they sell a small variety of items ranging from organic baking powder to organic tea. Anyone interested in joining the organic/environmentally active community in and around Sapporo should come here. I plan on returning here everytime I visit Sapporo.

Pros: Tasty Food, Great Prices, Kind Owners

Cons: A bit out of the way, Very small cafe

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