Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers Vietnamese noodle soups and dishes as well as bubble teas. Noodle soups can be made with a vegetable broth and served with fried tofu and marinated fried gluten strips. The summer rolls can also be made veg. Restaurant is on a block dense with Asian restaurants, and has a no-nonsense but clean pastel interior. Most dishes are 6 Euros for a sizable portion, which is incredibly affordable for Dublin. This is a branch of a British restaurant but the menu in Dublin is very different. Open Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00.

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First Review by BananaSalami


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11 Jun 2023

Nice food

Rough and ready eatery, a little similar to places found in Vietnam. Good choice of vegan items, all not labelled but staff can advise. The mock meat seemed very real and freaked me out a bit but overall food was tasty and will go back for sure. Be careful with the sauces on table, not all labelled and one is fish.



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20 Aug 2022

Tasty Vietnamese food

Staff were very clear about which options were vegan, lots of choice and good value for money! Very traditional Vietnamese food, we loved it!
We had veggie meat Bahn Mi, Pho, summer rolls - all so good

Pros: Tasty , Good value for money , Quick service

Cons: Small seating area inside and out


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18 Jun 2022

Big portions

Plenty of food for what you pay, which is great. Overall I think the food is very bland and tasteless! I honestly used most (if not all) of their sauces available around the tables to spice up my meal. The menu labels some options as vegetarian and I doubled checked if what’s listed as vegetarian is really vegan and I was assured it is, still I am not fully convinced tbh, I think if you’re a strict vegan that cares about cross contamination of vegan and non vegan items getting in contact this might not be the place for you, (my honest impression) this was my impression after watching over the kitchen and it got me thinking that … I would still go back though since I love Asian food. Again, big portions!!!!


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12 Jun 2022

Dirty, rude, expensive for what it is

Small dirty place, they don’t clean well, “service” was rude and even they are very near from Dublin center it is a little bit expensive for what they offer. They do NOT accept credit card and they had a mistake with one order. This was our experience.

Pros: Food was not bad

Cons: Expensive, Dirty, Cash only


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15 Feb 2022

great food!

there are some good vegetarian options in this restaurant, for a great price! they serve good portions of food that are very filling, i have lunch here pretty often and i’m always willing to try a different veg option on the menu.

Pros: good price!, big portions!, fast service


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18 Oct 2021

Really good

The food was cheap, big portions and really comforting after a long day on a bike. Do pay close attention to the allergens listed on the menu though. There was a vegetarian dish that listed the allergen 'crustaceans'. We had vegetarian pho (large), vegetarian mi chay (large), vegetarian spring rolls, Fanta and Coke, only for €24. Also really liked the vibe in this place.

Pros: Cheap, Good options, Friendly staff and nice vibe

Cons: Allergens sometimes aren't correct


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22 Sep 2021

Don't miss this hidden gem!

By far the best Vietnamese food in Dublin with some great vegan options - vegetarians well looked after too. Very friendly staff, quick service, and reasonably priced - what's not to like. It can get busy though, but trust me it is worth the wait.

Pros: Amazing range of vegan options, Friendly staff, quick service + good prices


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01 Aug 2020

Amazing Vietnamese Street Food

First time going and definitely will not be my last! They have a ton of vegan options including bubble tea! Love the vibe of the place - bright on the outside, shabby on the inside - all ties into the experience. Prices are fantastic and the service is very quick and efficient.

I got the spicy soup (vegan) and vegetable spring rolls. Loved the spice level & flavour of the soup. They load the soup as well - for the price, it is amazing! The soup came with both vegetarian “meat” AND tofu.

The portion of the spring rolls was huge! I just ordered a single order and for around €4 there were about 10 on the plate! I got the taro and coconut bubble tea with soya milk and like everything - very tasty!

I will be back for sure! Amazing Vietnamese street food and fantastic prices!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Prices are affordable , Quick and efficient


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28 Feb 2020


Small Vietnamese street food restaurant located at Capel St. Nice and tidy. Close to the city centre. Friendly staff. Great value for food.

Pros: Vegetarian meat is great , Good portion size

Cons: Few tables available, Small place


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06 Feb 2019


It's a really small place and it was full so we decided to eat it for take away. We ordered the vegetarian summer rolls(it was like rice thin noodles with lettuce and tofu made them like a long sausage) and their famous spicy noodles with tofu (REALLY SPICY😂but also a good choise), I choose the small bowl and It was really big(7€)!!

Pros: The food took 10 minutes to be ready, They putted chilli sause, lemon and jalapeños in l

Cons: The place was really full and small


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07 Jan 2019

Amazing vegetarian Vietnamese options

A tiny place but worth the squeeze and the wait. Delicious fresh spring rolls, possibly only vegan bahn Mi in Dublin, and some of the best veggie pho I've ever had.

Pros: Lots of veggie options. Cheap.

Cons: Small place, always busy


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22 Nov 2018


The food is absolutely amazing and such good value. Service is fast and it gets very busy but tables become free quite quickly. I had the vegetarian fried rice two days in a row and my boyfriend had two different noodle dishes and both were fantastic!

Pros: Cheap, quick and sooo tasty!, Would give 5 stars but website won't let me

Cons: None


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24 Aug 2018

Delicious hot meal

The hot bowls of noodle soup with vegetable broth and tofu pieces were tasty and filling. A good place for a quick, hot meal.

Pros: vegan options

Cons: Took a while to make compared to other dishes


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15 Feb 2018

tasty and affordable

Their steaming bowls of soup are large and tasty.

Pros: quick service, cheap, many vegan options


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02 Oct 2017

Amazing Pho!

Second time here and won't be my last! I had the Pho, it was incredible. Will come back to try the spring rolls. If you're into trying new cuisines, this is a good place for Vietnamese food.


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22 Aug 2017

very good, especially for the price!

Great noodle bowls, I had the small vegetarian phnom penh and it was very tasty and filling, especially for €6! Good range of condiments and fast service at peak time also.

Pros: cheap, fast


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30 Jul 2016

Best Soup in Ireland

I'm obsessed with this place. Super cheap, lots of vegan options, delicious food. The seitan and tofu in the Phnom Penh soup is my favourite. Would also recommend the banh mi!

Pros: Cheap , Lots of options

Cons: Small


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13 Jul 2016

Decent and affordable food

The place was hopping at lunchtime. I ordered the Spicy Hue-style noodle soup with vegetarian meat, and it arrived in 10-15 minutes in a large steaming bowl topped with freshly chopped cilantro and scallions. The broth was light but flavorful, and the spiciness came from a spicy oil dolloped on top. They could have been more generous with the spicy dollop, but that is a matter of taste, I know. The "vegetarian meat" was fried tofu cubes and seasoned gluten. The noodles were an interesting plump round rice noodle, of similar gauge to the bean sprouts. Was very satisfying and filling. In reference to what another reviewer experienced, my server was very surly, but the server who brought my neighbor's meal seemed more friendly, so depends on the luck of the draw I guess.

Pros: vegan asian noodle soup, good value, quick and informal

Cons: not necessarily friendly


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11 Jun 2015

Not Impressed

I liked this place until it took 40 minutes for my food to arrive, that part I understood because these things happen. However they served me prawns when I ordered a vegetarian dish. Which is also fine, because sometimes things can be misunderstood in a busy kitchen environment. I didn't appreciate the laughing in the kitchen in plain sight, but I assured the waitress that it was fine and asked for my vegetarian dish to be given to me as take away.
Unbeknownst to me, they just dumped the prawn dish into a container and sent me off, 50 minutes after I had first arrived in the restaurant. I ate half the dish and discovered a rogue prawn, so I was forced to returned it, again. They gave me my money back when I asked and there was somewhat of a murmuring apology coupled with laughing by two unprofessional ladies in the back.
I'm vegan and I heard about Aobaba on Happy Cow, luckily I won't die from this experience (though I'm unimpressed by the lacking of standards) however, I felt the need to write a review, so that if someone had a serious crustacean allergy they would know to avoid Aobaba.

Pros: Low food and safety standards

Cons: Tasty

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