Veggie food and bakery with air conditioning. Offers Thai and international cuisine (mostly Italian), and in-house-made cakes and desserts. Nice presentation, comfortable setting. English on the menu. Direction: Take subway to Rama 9 station, then a short taxi ride, and it's located in a double row of shop houses next to Rama 9 Hospital. Tell taxi to go to Rama 9 Hospital. You will turn into a small street, pass through an open gate, hospital will be on your right, the shophouses will be on your left. Go straight 100m til you see a driveway coming out of the shophouses. Turn left up the driveway, and Anotai is in the center of block. There is a Thai map on their website which you can give to the driver. Open Mon-Tue 10:00am-9:00pm, Thu-Sun 10:00am-9:00pm.

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29 Reviews

First Review by suphana


Points +37

03 Sep 2023

Nice Lunch

木質的裝潢很舒服, 食物也很好吃, 超棒的

Pros: 食物好吃, 點心同樣讚



Points +4697

21 Jul 2023

Weak curry and sweet dressings

Overall, the restaurant impressed me with their use of quality fresh greens and veggies as sides, adding a beautiful and healthy touch to the dishes. Hot ginger tea was perfect.

However, I was disappointed with several dishes either due to excessive oiliness and lack of spice (green curry), or too sweet dressings.

Updated from previous review on 2017-09-10


Points +164

15 Jul 2023

So delicious, we came twice

Delicious food, peaceful atmosphere, super clean

Pros: Delicious food, Vegan sweets, Very clean

Cons: Slightly hard but not impossible to find, Average, not cheap, English slightly limited


Points +29

20 Jun 2023


The food was delicious, the tea was magnificent, the service was delightful! BUT THE COOKIES! If you want to visit vegan heaven, try the soft baked vegan cookies 😍😍

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-20

Pros: Vegan soft cookies , Service, Food


Points +24

11 Jun 2023

God bless this app and whoever created it 🥰

One of the best thai curry I've ever had 😋😋😋

Pros: Cute and cozy restaurant , Clean, Very nice staff


Points +38

07 Feb 2020

Good service but pretty expensive food

All our dishes were served with wonderful flowers and greens but I cannot admit the food was great. It was good. The staff speaks English, however, there was a misunderstanding with the spiciness of one salad as we asked for "medium". We ordered 4 dishes and a pot of tea, and it cost us 1,000 baht incl. the service fee.

Pros: Good choice of vegan options, Ice-cream; sorbet, Pastry

Cons: Expensive


Points +1393

06 Feb 2020

Not worth the money

All dishes cost 200 baht. They taste great, but you can get equally or more delicious Thai food for 1/4 of the price. They also add a 10% service fee on top of that. Not worth it in a city with so much good, cheap food!


Points +176

29 Nov 2019

Tasty Thai food

Nice place!! And good menu if you want to try some Thai food, I had green curry and I love the flavor! They have some vegan desserts (ask for them), excellent service!

Pros: Good quantity , Flavor , Service

Cons: Just cash


Points +26

18 Jul 2019

Best Vegan Restaurant

It is one of the best Vegan restaurants around. We tried that Spicy Mix Veg in Tom Yum Soup and Fried Rice with Red Chili Paste, Tofu & Lime leaves and they both were just delicious. They are on point with presentation, taste, preparation and hospitality. I would recommend everyone to try it if you are around the area. We even tried their desserts and they were just too good. It's been more than 15 days and we are still missing the taste. Just loved it. On top of it the staff was really helpful. Wish we could try all their dishes some day!😄

Pros: Excellent food, Value for money, friendly staff


Points +765

23 Jun 2019

Tasty and cozy

Nice, hidden place with good atmosphere. green curry was super tasty, not very spicy, below average I would say, so ask for more spicy if you like, but if you don't, this may be one affordable version!
The fried Tempe balls had a sweet sauce and cholo late fudge cake was tasty too.
All that, 550THB. Good for 2 that eat moderatively.


Points +21

01 May 2019


Hands down my favourite place in Bangkok. It's my go to place and a restaurant I'll always visit whenever I'm in town. Anotai is also always a place I recommend to anybody visiting Bangkok. 💯

Here's details and great directions.

I train and walk there but it may be easier for first time visitors to take a taxi.


And I suggest the som tum, the Nori wrapped tofu with wasabi dipping sauce (yes!!!!!) and the deep fried temph for the devilish sauce.

Hands down, no question, go!!!!

Pros: Vegan options , Nori Tofu, Temph dipping sauce

Cons: None other than its a way out


Points +61

Mostly Veg
15 Feb 2019

Great restaurant

All foods made with creativity and love, the taste is superb, many options.
Great choice of tea and infusion


Points +226

25 Nov 2018

Last choice

Out of all restaurants this one could be my last choice to go to. The restaurant food is mostly vegan but only 2 desserts out of a dozen are. The price is not reasonable for what it is.(the cheapest is 185)They come in small amount and taste plain and average. The chocolate mousse has a weird consistency.

Pros: Nice atmosphere, Vegan choices

Cons: Price


Points +277

19 Feb 2018

One of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok

Their tempeh tempura and chili eggplant dip are delicious!
All dishes containing eggs or dairies are highlighted in the menu.


Points +11835

03 Feb 2018

Reasonable Place

Anotai is quite far from the main shopping area where most veggie restaurants are, you will probably need a taxi. It is a unique setting that is like a spa. It is mostly Thai food and the dishes are nicely presented. The somtam is particularly good and has lots of extra stuff served with it. The menu clearly states whether dishes have egg or milk in them or are completely vegan, the menu in general I thought was a bit short on the latter. They also sell a large array of baked sweet things like cakes and scones; I found it disappointing that only a couple of these were vegan. It's worth trying for something different but there are much better places around.

Pros: Unique presentation

Cons: Not enough vegan options


Points +64

12 Feb 2017

Great vegan food

A lot of vegan dishes, not average but very tastful and healty with a great presentation. The restaurant is hidden behind a few buildings, not hard to find with Google maps. Not many vegan desert choises. Downside for me is that they don't speak English, very little and it's a bit pricey.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, tastful healty meals

Cons: Expensive, no good English speaking waitresses, no


Points +200

13 Sep 2016

Recommended! ? Almost perfect place.

Most of the dishes suitable for vegans (but unfortunately, most of the desserts are not). Vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Bangkok.Recommended. Most of the menu is good for vegans, very comfortable markings, nice design, very good service. But a little pricey (worth it?) and not too much desserts options for vegans

Pros: lots of vegan options , comfortable markings (vegan, egg, milk etc), design, beautiful dishes and friendly stuff

Cons: a little pricey, most of the desserts not vegan


Points +47

15 Dec 2015

delicious and unique dishes

I love anotai - the dishes often have a unique twist, and the presentation is really special. It is a little pricey, but so worth it. It is possible to walk from Phra Ram 9 MRT station, about 10-15 minutes.

Pros: lots of vegan options for savouries.

Cons: would love more sweet options for vegans.


Points +3877

24 Aug 2015


I disagree with the sentiments of previous reviews that this place is difficult to find, or that a taxi is necessary to do so. I walked here from Phra Ram 9 MRT station in 10-15 minutes, and did so easily. The map is very exact, so if you have the Happy Cow app you can use your GPS to guide you right here. If not, I've added a photo of the sign posted place where you have to turn off the road and down a driveway.

This restaurant has a very ambient, zen feeling to it, and although I was here alone and had a lovely dinner, it is perhaps better suited to groups and couples.

The staff don't speak any English, although with the menu being fully bilingual, getting by with pointing is easy. And with that exception they're incredibly attentive and friendly. Expect to pay in the region of 150 baht for each main dish.

The food was very good. My vegetable-heavy stir fry just tasted fresh. And although of the many cakes on display, only one was clearly labelled as being vegan, it was an absolute delight.

It was a chocolate cupcake, but the icing was warmed up and melty, making me for once understand why women always go so gaga over chocolate.

My bill for a passionfruit juice, a main with rice, and a dessert came to 360 baht. And it was well worth it for the food and the service that I'd received. Great place, I'll be back.

Pros: Fresh food, Lovely atmosphere, Not difficult to find


Points +94

17 Jan 2014

Tasty dishes. Fresh veggies.

Worth a try. Might be a little bit hard to find. They have very nice bakery like brownies and scones.

Pros: Good variety of food

Cons: A bit pricey, Unfriendly staff


Points +608

16 Jul 2011

Up there with the best in Bangkok

After a string of negative experiences we were beginning to lose our challenging spirit when it came to dinnertime... are we in for another dose of MSG slosh? We were almost tempted to go with a proven standard, since energy levels had been lagging from so much low quality food.

Well Anotai was a good find, thankfully! We suspected we might be in for a good experience when we saw the drinks list was extensive and included a vast array of interesting teas and juices that we'd never even heard of. And when they arrived - hooray! They were good. (The butterfly pea tea is naturally bright blue!)

We ordered some tempeh tempura with a sweet and sour-ish sauce (admittedly not Thai but fabulous all the same), a vege & tofu stir-fry with basil/chili (great too!), a green curry (the only curry on the menu unfortunately.. taste was quite sweet so not quite as sophisticated as some, but pleasant nonetheless), vermicelli noodles with gravy (Chinese inspired and not extremely flavoursome but absent of MSG and still enjoyable), and some brown rice. It all went down very quickly since we felt like it was the first 'real' food in ages!

Although we really should have stopped there, we couldn't resist trying some of the plentiful desserts - all Western style (we wish they did some Thai desserts!). We tried some scones (lime zest and butterfly pea) and a peach/berry crumble with passionfruit ice-cream. They were all nice but too sweet for our tastes - but then we don't eat many Western style sweets as they're all like that really so we're probably not the best judge of what other people would think of them.

The staff all seemed like they wanted to be somewhere else and were reluctant in their help at times although the owner was more than happy to call us a taxi so we didn't have to walk in the rain to find one.

The decor was lovely though and the presentation of the dishes was top notch. Location is very near to Water Drop Teahouse but the standard of the food couldn't be more different.. we'll be back at Anotai to try some more dishes. The organic vegetable salad is high on the list for next time.

Pros: Decor is warmly relaxing, Food is pretty good, Some organics on offer too

Cons: Reluctant staff, No Thai desserts, Location hard to find / get to


Points +20

07 Aug 2010


Our expectations were surpassed despite having read the great reviews on here. This is a hidden gem of Bangkok. We had:
Spicy aubergine dip (with amazing things to dip in it)
2 glasses of beetroot and passionfruit juice
spinach and shitake mushroom lasagne
best green curry in Thailand
chocolate cherry fudge melt cake with banana and peanut ice cream
blueberry cheesecake
for about 800 baht
We went back the next day.. wonderful again. We'll be going back again tomorrow.

Pros: healthy, delicious, outstanding

Cons: hard to find, but you can find it!, just get the taxi driver to call them!


Points +1391

26 Apr 2010

liked it, wanted to love it

hunting it down with a taxi required multiple calls to the restaurant (and it seems like very few taxi drivers even know where Rama 9 is!).

very pleasant decor, nice service... the tempeh tempura I had was a bit undercooked though, and the tom yam soup just didn't seem right to me. fried rice was good, but not great or especially special. I'm sure if I'd have had some other dishes it would've been a different story.

Pros: nice atmosphere, good food

Cons: hard to find, didn't blow me away


Points +71

26 Dec 2009

Great place, once we found it!

We eventually found Anotai - after a few conversations between the staff and our taxi driver. Once we reached the plaza the staff at Anotai were waiting outside to greet us - goood job as the lights outside were not working so we couldn't see the name of the restaurant (it was early evening). The staff happily explained which dishes on the menu were vegan - not as many as I'd hoped for. We did enjoy the deep fried tofu and the amazing dip! My prayers were answered when I found out the fruit crumble (berry crisp) was in fact vegan too! An enjoyable meal, although it was a bit of a trek to get there from the centre of Bangkok.

Pros: Healthy cuisine, Great deli

Cons: Hard to find, especially when it's dark, Personally -not many vegan dishes, A bit expensive for veg food in BKK

the low down

Points +9

Non Veg
26 Jan 2009

Great All Around

Tucked away in a plaza located directed across the street from the Rama 9 Hospital, this little gem has it all. Nice atmostphere, decent pricing for expats, and most of all great food. You can find cheaper but the pricing isn't anything you will feel in your pocket book if you are not on a tight budget. It is located in a bit of a trickery area but watch for the bold, green sign on the concrete light pole indicating where to turn into the plaza. Watch for the sign because Anotai is located in a boxed in plaza. Once you get into the plaza, make a left and there it is on the right.

Pros: Great food, Great atmosphere, Friendly staff

Cons: Moderately priced, Location is tucked away


Points +136

05 Nov 2008

Extraordinary Thai Veg Cuisine

Anotai is one of the best vegetarian dining experiences I've ever had while traveling. I got exactly what I wanted: exquisite food made with interesting local ingredients, that I could eat without worrying about accidentally ingesting fish guts or chicken blood or whatever nastiness seems to be lurking in the food in countries where I can't speak the language.

Let me first address the negatives which others have posted here. We actually went to Anotai three times (the first time was a Wednesday and it was closed - I see the HappyCow folks have noted that on the website now). Yes it is hard to find but not if you use the directions on the main listing which are quite good. Also it's easy to get a taxi from the nearby Radisson hotel to get home safely. It was well worth the (three) taxi fares. Yes, your meal will be expensive by Thai standards but still far less than I would have paid for comparable quality fare back home in New York. I thought I got a great deal.

While it's true that the staff's English is quite limited, the menu is printed in English.

And now for the positives!

The decor is soothing, calming, and mellow. Both times we visited, there were not many diners so the staff was quite attentive. The food is the draw though - simply extraordinary. We only ordered from the Thai part of the menu as we wanted to try Thai food, not Italian. Some of my favorites included:

• Tofu & Herb Salad w/ Roasted Chilli Spicy Dressing - 110 baht
• Spicy Mix Vegetable Soup Tom Yum - 110 baht
• Vermicelli in Spicy Soup Tom Yam - 95 baht
• Thai Green Curry Soup w/ Vegetables and Tofu - 110 baht

And of course you have to try the Butterfly Pea Tea mentioned in another review. It's really special.

Desserts are also a major treat, although generally not vegan. They change all the time so pick what looks good, but do try to sample a home made ice cream or sorbet in awfully interesting flavors like Peach-Mint sherbet or Blood Orange Sorbet. We also really enjoyed several chocolate-based treats (two kinds of brownies, both excellent) which can be served with a scoop of home made coffee ice cream. Heaven!

I would go back to Bangkok in a heartbeat just to have another dinner at Anotai. Fantastic place.

Pros: Spectacular food, Spectacular food, Spectacular food

Cons: hard to find, pricey by Thai standards


Points +95

Mostly Veg
21 Jul 2008

Amazing dishes

Wish I could go back a few more times...
Just get to Praram (Rama) 9 Hospital and ask from there.
It's the kind of place you can fall in love with. Up there in overall greatness with Maman Terrace in Osaka, Japan.

Pros: Freshness, Staff, Decor

Cons: Stealthy location

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