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Small cafe with a pleasant atmosphere, located inside Anokhi's textile store. Concise menu with entrees and salads, both fusion and western style, prepared with mostly organic local ingredients. The few vegan items are clearly marked. Menu changes daily. Popular place which can be crowded at lunchtime. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-7:30pm.

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First Review by MikeJensen


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30 Mar 2023

Good vegan food!

Range of different vegan options, both salty and sweet



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14 Mar 2023

A little slice of heaven whilst shopping!

Freshness and variety snacks- fast service and delicious salads.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fresh bread options, Fresh salads

Cons: Busy, Can get crowded


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18 Dec 2022

Good but pricey

No paper menu but all items are on display and clearly marked. More than half of it was vegan and all looked great. Got a flatbread (tasty but needed some protein or more substantial veg), a massaman curry, apple cake with caramel sauce and chocolate pudding. The desserts were the highlight. Very pricey food but nice spot and good service & something a bit different. No issues with crowing, light or atmosphere noted by others. There’s also a clothes shop by the same company in the building which sells beautiful (but pricey by Indian/backpacker standards) clothing with hand block printing

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02 Nov 2022

Good food if looking for more western options

We had:
- Manoushe sandwich - really tasty and good size
- Arribiata pasta - made vegan, was tasty but pasta overcooked
- Massaman curry - good curry
- apple cake with caramel sauce - tasty
- vegan chocolate cake - huuuge piece, good cake and chocolate topping was really nice
- juices all fresh, but slightly on the smaller size

Would happily come back again😄


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26 Oct 2022

Expensive, crowded, average ambience.

This cafe lacks ambience, it’s like a loud (cramped) food hall in a shopping centre. Food was tasty, small portion and very expensive for Indian standards. Nothing is marked as vegan and you have to ask. Wouldn’t eat here again. There are better places.

Pros: Tasty

Cons: Expensive , Loud, cramped and noisy , No ambience and small portions


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05 Apr 2022

Awesome options hard to find for Jaipur

Western ideas with Eastern reverence look forward to return

Pros: Vegan options , Respect to diet


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Mostly Veg
28 Feb 2020

Finally some raw and fresh veges

As the title says. :-)
They got many different salad options and some kind of Mediterranean dishes. Also juices, soy milk for the coffee (in case..) and some cake menu which seems to be like the more Indian style, sweet!
The atmosphere is pretty crowded and relatively dark. Its not the best place to hang out as you would suppose for a cafe (in a western mind).

Side fact: nice book store one floor lower.

Pros: Raw salad in India

Cons: Not suitable to hang out a bit longer


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14 Feb 2020

Life saver that have actual salads!

Thank heavens for this place! It's so difficult to find places that doesn't use [censored] products like additives and messed up oils, so having been travelled in India for three months I - during my time in Jaipur - went here everyday. They listen to your dietary requests and are okay with making small changes, have green leaves, don't use unnecessary plastic, are conscious about veganism and gluten. Sadly not conscious about refined sugar though and do not have a single dessert without it. Some other negative things are that it they are expensive, especially since the small portions makes you having to order at least two dishes (bringing you to a total of 600-800...), allow smoking on the tiny (otherwise very nice) terrace and do not have any place to charge your phone. I was still very happy though, my favourite being a salad with green leaves, roasted pumpkin, smoked tofu, fig tapenade, coriander and toasted sesame seeds.

Updated from previous review on 2020-02-11

Pros: Partly organic , Healthy and non greasy, Listens to your needs

Cons: Expensive and small portions, No charger points, Smokers


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13 Dec 2019

Oasis in a Healthy Food Desert

After a few weeks in India surviving on food I wouldn’t even be tempted to eat at home...added Palm Oil...this was heaven. Fresh salad and real fruit juice, vegetables in several varieties. It didn’t Seem exceptionally expensive to me 5-6 AUD for a meal.

Pros: Fresh and Rubbish-Free, Juices from Real Fruit, no added sugar


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04 Dec 2019

Salads & fruit juices (great for westerners)

Healthy salad options, vegan options, 100% fruit juices with no water or syrup.

After 5 days of travelling, I’ve developed a sore throat and flu like symptoms. The lack of healthy options, too scared to eat the fruit or salads and getting a bit tired of Indian foods since travelling, I was so happy to find Anokhi. It is on the expensive side and expect to pay western prices but it was so worth having a salad and fruit juices.

Pros: Numerous vegan options available , Salads, Fruit juices

Cons: Western prices, Would like to see more options available , Small portions.


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07 Nov 2019

Not found

Not found proper vegan and limited stock made rush as well as

Updated from previous review on 2019-11-07

Cons: Similar food not sure about vegan , Too costly


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20 Jul 2019

Yummy, healthy feed

I ordered the Manoushe (basically a large warm pita bread stuffed with greens, tomato, olives and a herby, mint tahini style dressing), and a pineapple pomegranate juice. I was a little apprehensive about the juice but it was the only one they had available at the time and it was incredible. I’m not a huge sweet tooth but that juice was so so yum!
The manoushe was decent in size and the perfect amount of dressing. Everything was fresh and so delicious.

The vibe in the cafe reminds me of an airport waiting lounge as there was no music and it was very quiet but it was a nice break from the busy streets! The cafe is clean and well lit and the vegan options are clearly displayed (they have two display fridges with examples of what is in each dish and how it is presented and our meals were an exact replica so it’s a good reference). Also, almost one of the two display fridges were vegan options which was great and they also had soy milk as an option for coffee and tea😄We didn’t have a coffee here so we can’t speak for that but overall it was an enjoyable experience and a good place to chill out.

Other notes: no wifi (which is no big deal; just talk to your friends haha!) and also it’s a little pricier than other places (350 rupee for my food and 200 for my juice) but I think it’s worth it for the quality of the food.


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22 Apr 2019


Yummy food! Nice to have a salad in India and have it feel safe to consume. We had the plain salad (₹150) with oil and vinegar, the sharing platter with 3 dips (₹350) and the Thai bean salad (₹200). Nice break from regular Indian food if you’re after that. They also had a wide dessert selection. Waiters spoke fluent English and understood alterations.

Pros: Nice atmosphere , Good food, Fast service

Cons: They stop allowing you to order at 7.30pm, A little pricey for India


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01 Feb 2019


Amazingly clean, delicious, neat, comfortable restaurant in Jaipur. I was so happy to be in such a clean and hygienic vegan restaurant. Their foods are expensive but worth it.

Pros: Clear vegan mark, Hygienic

Cons: Expensive


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10 Jan 2019

Nice healthy alternatives!

A welcome break from Indian food (if you’re in search of it!) Every plate is made up for you to view in the fridge so you know what you are getting. Ingredients clearly labelled as well as whether it is vegan/veggie/gluten free etc The food was nice - arrived quickly and was healthy and filling with good portions. They also do fresh juices, ‘safe salads’, desserts. I’d say this is more of a lunch time place as opposed to dinner and there wouldn’t be as many options for breakfast. Worth a visit though. We were able to take away our left overs.

Pros: Vegan options, Ingredients clearly labelled, Good portions


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23 Nov 2018

Nice healthy café

Nice café with vegan friendly delicious food.

Pros: Vegan friendly , Delicious , Healthy


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26 Aug 2018

Best restaurant I visited in India- by a mile

There is so much to be happy about regarding this place. The meals are all on display so you know exactly the size of the meal you are ordering (and they are huge!). Also, the vegan options (about half of the plates) are all clearly marked. The meals were all very affordable.

I had two big plates and they were both excellent. I did not like Jaipur but this was by far the highlight of my visit.

Pros: Tasty, Big size meals, Cheap


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25 Aug 2018

Holy Wow...

Came with 2 travel buddies and we all ordered the same dish, Green Bean something maybe “Green Bean Salad” I forget the exact name but it was absolutely delectable. We all ate and drank ever last bit of the food and sauce, soo much flavor! The vegan options are Very clearly labeled on display with the dish so you can even see the exact proportions. Fair Price and we also ordered the Vegan Brownie which was a delight as well. Atmosphere was on par with the food, very nice restaurant overall, really enjoyed and would highly recommend!

Pros: Cleary Labeled Options, Dishes on Display show Proportions, Delicious

Cons: Not enough Vegan desserts


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11 Aug 2018

Probably the best restaurant I've been to in India

Amazing Thai and Mediterranean food, vegan options clearly labelled, and vegan dessert!! Was really excited to find vegan cake in India, their brownie and chocolate pudding were incredible!

Pros: Cleared labelled vegan options, vegan cake, really

Cons: A bit pricey for India (but really worth it imo)


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07 Jul 2018

Vegan in India!

Anokhi is a clothing brand in the second floor of a small mall. They have labeled vegetarian and vegan food, including dessert (chocolate mousse and brownie at the time).
Food was delicious, we had the thai salad, thai noodle and came back the very next day for hummus and babaganoush platter.
Food was delicious and I was really glad to see the "vegan" label for the first time in India.
The lemon ice tea is also a must.

Pros: Clearly labeled , Fresh

Cons: A bit expensive


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02 Apr 2018


After reading all the reviews I’ve decided to come and give a go.
I ordered falafels which I have been craving since travelling, but unfortunately they were tasteless and so was the sauce which came with it. It was such a shame as just few spices extra would lift the dish up.

However the ice is was simply the best ice tea I’ve had in India
Prices are steep as dishes start from 300rs.

Pros: amazing ice tea, vegan and veg options

Cons: very expensive , tasteless


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29 Mar 2018

Fabulous place!

Visiting Jaipur and searching for vegan food came across this place. So many vegan options, all clearly labelled which I have to say this is the only place I came across in Jaipur to do this. Makes ordering so much easier! Two vegan dessert options too, I plumped for the chocolate brownie which was delicious! Big portions and prices really reasonable. All fresh and mostly organic. Why did I only try this place on my last day here?! The fresh juices were very refreshing, a good thirst quencher in this heat so I even took one away! If you’re vegan and visiting Jaipur, don’t miss this place : )

Pros: delicious fresh food, reasonable prices, vegan options clearly marked


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21 Nov 2017


Amazing food with many vegan options!! Apart from the presentation of the dishes (which makes you want to devour them), everything is so delicious and tasty!! Prices the times I visited ranged between 150-300 rupees. A must!!


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30 Nov 2016

amazing find

When we went there were so many vegan options (40-50%) and even a vegan cheesecake which was incredible.


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26 Jul 2015

Decent options, nice atmosphere, okay prices

We really enjoyed coming here. Cozy and relaxed atmosphere with a decent range of vegan options. Mostly western food. We tried the soy bean salad which was delicious and the beanburger (vegan without cheese) which was awesome. Great option in Jaipur! Prices from 250 to 400 rupees per meal.

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