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Vegetarian restaurant and project with a focus on food as medicine. Uses local and seasonal products. No longer fully vegan as of Oct 2021. Reported closed July 2023.

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07 Feb 2023

Was a great place, but now closed forever

My wife and I live on Vasileostrovsky and this was one of our favorite restaurants located at Sevcable port. Unfortunately, this restaurant appears to be permanently closed for business (as of December 2022).



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18 Jun 2022

Посредственная еда. Отвратительный сервис.

Хлеб, на котором подавался скрамбл был холодным, как из холодильника. Официантка хамила. К нам присоединилась подруга с двумя детьми. Чтобы им было удобно, мы решили подвинуть столик. К нем прыжком подбежала официантка и КРИКНУЛА «у нас НЕЛЬЗЯ двигать столы!». При том, что столы весят пару кг и никакой проблемы поставить их обратно нет, а в кафе были только мы! Со стульями та же история. То есть им стоять?! Или тянуться через проходы между столами, чтобы поговорить? Интерьер детского кафе, сидеть неудобно, заигрывания с хорошим настроением при том, что официанты бросаются на людей. На кухне люди кричали, так что бариста пришлось сделать им замечание. Что за детский сад? Ценник не соответствует ничему, кроме амбиций владельцев.

Pros: Неплохие капкейки.

Cons: В целом еда посредственная., Официантка откровенно хамила. , Из кухни раздавался ор.


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28 Dec 2021

Green Paradise

ASG is located in a cool former warehouse near the port. We arrived at noon and were disappointed not to be able to order lunch. The savory breakfast options were tasty but portions were small. All desserts were vegan and many were gluten free which was nice. The decor gets a ten - whimsical and full of plants.

Pros: Many gluten free vegan options , All deserts vegan, Very tasty food

Cons: Portions were small, Lunch not served till 1:00 pm


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07 Aug 2021

Wow. Incredible.

Truly amazing food, great ambiance, nice service. I'm going to call this the best restaurant I've been to in recent memory.

Pros: Super flavorful food that isn't reliant on carbs., Decor is all plants.

Cons: Not close to tourist spots (except erarta)


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07 Aug 2021

Not a typical vegan place

The title speaks for itself! I was fascinated that there are no pizza and burgers. I also said that this place is for those ‘tired vegans’ who has already tried everything and they want something new. So this is it!

Pros: Friendly staff, Cozy atmosphere , Hearty food

Cons: Dirty restroom


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29 Jun 2021

The lack of reviews just speaks for this place.

I mean it doesn't try to attract the average vegans with pasta or pizza. Their dishes aren't your typical oily carbs that are salted to death just to mask the otherwise taste lacking ingredients. This place is truly a gem. Both food and interior are amazing. The summer terrace is one of the best in town during summer. This is a proper restaurant and the prices aren't that high as of yet but this could change in the future. If this place was somewhere in Berlin or Paris you would have payed 3x for everything. It's the only place in Saint-Petersburg that I would truly recommend to visit.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-29

Pros: Their aim is 2 use locally sourced organic produce, creative recipes and meals are balanced in taste, interior design and summer terrace


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08 Jun 2021

A perfect vegan place

Everything was amazing - the food, the service and interior.


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16 May 2021

Amazing vegan place in St. Petersburg

Great restaurant with super friendly staff! This place is fully decorated with plants, which turns out to be a very cozy one, all-vegan menu w/ finest food and tasty drinks. It was a bit hard to find, but it’s on the left corner right after you pass through the “portal” to go to the Port. Never have I ever been to such a friendly place before! Definitely recommend it!
*Fair prices, taking in consideration the high quality of their dishes and service.

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-16

Pros: Great vegan menu, Friendly staff , Super cozy place


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16 May 2021

The classiest vegan place in Saint-Petersburg

Great atmosphere, delicious food and the best service I've seen in any vegan place in Russia so far. The prices aren't so cheap, but it's well worth paying.

Pros: Delicious food with locally sourced ingredients , Wonderful atmosphere, Great service

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