Part of Indian vegetarian restaurant group. There are two dining set ups at this location. Upstairs (inside) is fine-dining, accentuated with Indian art and handicrafts, with occasional performances. Downstairs (down the ramp to the car-park) is an inexpensive riverside cafe. Serves buffet at lunchtime, a la carte in the evening. It is run as a non-profit organization. Its adage is "athithi devo bhava" meaning "the guest is God." This is a tribute to the Goddess of Plenty or Abundance, Annalakshmi. Open Tue-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, 6:30pm-10:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by KLGuy


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09 Aug 2023

Very nice atmosphere and good food

Very nice atmosphere and good food. Limited vegan options because most of the food had ghee (butter) in it. The chef guided us through and told us which were vegan. We could only try 2 out of the 6 curries.
6€ per person buffet

Pros: indian Ambiance , Good food

Cons: Not the usual price for Malaysia, Limites vegan options



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14 Jul 2023

Beautiful restaurant and extensive menu

We came here for dinner and were amazed by the beautiful dining room. The menu was huge, with north and south Indian choices, and we struggled for a while to decide what to eat, but eventually we went for a variation on our classic curry order: cashew and paneer curry, dal of the day and roasted aubergine curry.

The dishes were all fantastic, in particular the roasted aubergine curry, and Kate declared it her favourite food in Malaysia. It wasn't too oily either. We accompanied it with rice, a plain naan and a potato paratha, which was really excellent.

I've seen things about a dress code so we put on our finest things (cargo trousers and a very casual shirt) and didn't feel out of place at all. In fact one diner did arrive in sliders and shorts and were seated nearby. It's also described as fine dining in the reviews which made me a bit worried about the prices, but it was no more expensive than the last few curries we've had, though admittedly they were in more touristy spots. I think our final bill was about 70 ringgits.

Pros: Beautiful dining room, Roasted aubergine curry, Friendly service


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12 Jan 2023

Overall, Good/Tasty

I was working a couple of blocks away, so, what the heck, lunch buffet. Ambiance was fine, if a bit dark. About half of the offerings were vegan. Good start. And one kind lady wanted to help me (though I'd lived in India, albeit in an area of different cuisine). The only bummer was that so much of the food was soup-like (liquid). With no utensils on offer (note below) that meant everything had to be combined with rice or "scooped" with bread. Very little could be eaten with hands. And, for whatever reason, they took away my napkin.

The dessert, a highly recommended lentil in coconut milk, hot, did come with a tiny spoon.

Pros: Some tasty and even a bit spicy, foods

Cons: "Cool" service , Food textural consistency inconsistent with eating


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17 Dec 2022

Sooooo worth your money

Buffet style vegetarian food with vegan options. Honestly, considering it's unlimited food, it's great value (as long as you're hungry enough).


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21 Aug 2022

Indian buffet with good service

Rice, dals, vada, dessert, raita etc. Food taste good average. Lunch buffet was 30 pp- good value, drinks additional

Pros: Vegetarian, Clean, Buffet choices


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06 Mar 2022

All you eat Indian yumminess

The restaurant is gorgeous inside, but for the lack of windows. The lunch for is plentiful and really good. The staff is helpful in navigating which very few dishes contain dairy, and will give you recommendations for what to eat.

Pros: Atmosphere, Quality of the food, Helpful staff

Cons: No windows


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10 Feb 2020

Authentic, abundant and delicious

Situated in the Brickfields neighbourhood, the gem offers buffet at lunchtime and a la carte in the evening. If you mention that you are vegan they will guide you through the dishes on offer accordingly. Excellent service, superb balance of flavours, amazing range of authentic Indian dishes.

Pros: Flavour, Inexpensive, Spacious


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28 Jan 2020

Beautiful setting, excellent food

This was such a beautiful setting, a really lovely restaurant and atmosphere, and staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The food here was delicious and there was a huge range of choice on the buffet. Overall excellent value for money an delicious meal.


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24 Jan 2020

Amazing taste

Amazing food and staff was ao friendly. They always help choose dishes. Service is very fast.

Pros: Pure veg, Amazing fresh food, Price reasonable

Cons: All fine.


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01 Jan 2019

Excellent vetarian food in KL

With a wide variety of dishes including both South Indian & orth Indian, Annlakshmi is a delight, not only do they offer variety but great and very authentic taste. Food is delicious, very nice preparation


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23 Sep 2018

Formal Dining--a Special Dinner

I've been in KL for two months and eating at Annalakshmi has been on my list, but I just made it there last night. Fortunately we were appropriately dressed. There is a dress code. The dining room feels formal and is beautifully decorated. We got the dinner buffet and were thrilled. The food was delicious and beautifully displayed. We were so happy and will save Annalakshmi as a special occasion destination.


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12 Jun 2015

Flavourful and friendly

My taxi driver brought me here by recommendation from his Indian vegetarian colleague. It was a great choice. The food was delicious and reasonably priced. I got the Kaveri which came with a large serve of rice, and 5 small servings of different dishes. All vegan except for the curd which I gave to my guest the taxi driver.

Staff were friendly. Food was nice. I would go back.

Pros: Really nice food, Friendly service, Reasonably priced

Cons: Service a bit slow


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13 May 2015

Pay-what-you-want buffet dinner

Came here solo for dinner. Not knowing exactly how it worked resulted in a few awkward moments... Basically you take a table, go grab a a plate, and work your way from the right end of the buffet station down the other. The helpers will spoon food onto your plate as you walk by.

The evening I was there, they had chana bhatura, a bisibelebath kind of rice dish, two salads, some fried snacks—which were all vegan—and two dairy-based desserts. Not a whole lot of options, but everything I tried was great and surprisingly not greasy. I went for seconds!

Apparently dinner service is still run on a donation basis. I was also unaware of the dress code and wore shorts, but nobody cared. The place is clean with a traditional décor. Helpers were all nice and smiley. A very pleasant experience all in all!

Pros: delicious food, not greasy, nice staff

Cons: could use more options


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04 Mar 2015

Fresh and Delicious Vegan Food

Went here for lunch with my partner and had the lunch buffet for 16RM which is well worth it. Pretty much all the dishes are vegan and very yummy, lots of fresh vegetables. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and decor. I unknowingly wore shorts but no one said anything - there is a sign outside the restaurant saying no shorts, gym shoes etc. All in all I think it is great value for money, decent and delicious food with fresh ingredients and confidentially vegan.


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24 Jan 2014

good place

Big restaurant inside the building, small buffet downstairs. We come upstairs. Menu is enable after 18:00 (or 18:30?..). We come for lunch, so have to try buffet. Some dishes has milk, even one salad (no salads more). Very tasty dishes, especially fried pumpkin. Buffet 16 RM for adult, and 5RM for each fresh juice. Love this place. But Simplelife at Lot10 is better for us)


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07 Apr 2013

Two excellent Indian restaurants

I tried lunch at both the upstairs fine-dining restaurant, and the downstairs inexpensive 'riverside cafe'. They were both great in different ways.

The upstairs restaurant is truly exquisite, with beautiful Hindu wooden carvings, paintings and other ornaments. The buffet is fantastic, with a dozen choices of delectable, freshly-made and authentic Indian cuisine. The workers are friendly and attentive. However, you do pay for this magic - the buffet is RM 16. At lunch they also have some set meals (RM 8-12) and many drinks. For dinner there is a full a la carte menu.

Downstairs, the atmosphere is simple and unpretentious. There are four or five options in the buffet, and you 'pay as you wish' - the recommendation is RM 2-6. The food is good too. You feel a bit like you're in the car park, and the 'river' isn't very appealing, but hey, if we're serious about changing the world, we need cheap vegetarian food for the common people too!

Both upstairs and downstairs the majority of the buffet was vegan ('no milk, no cheese, no ghee'), but you do need to ask the workers to point out which dishes contain dairy (which they were happy to do). Also, there was no mock-meat either upstairs or downstairs, which was a welcome change (in KL most veg*n restaurants - including Indian - use a lot of mock meats).

Pros: Two restaurants to choose from, No mock meat, Authentic and delicious


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02 Feb 2013

wonderful to find in vegie unfriendly Malaysia

Had trouble finding it when guided by the misleading placement on Google maps at present - trust the address or look for the Temple of Fine Arts opposite the Buddist monastry at 114-116 Jalan Berhala. Great food in the Annalakshmi style of the Perth one I visit regularly.

Pros: great food and people, good cause

Cons: hard to find


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20 Oct 2012

:0) excellent

Fantastic food full of flavour. An absolute delight to eat here. The staff are very nice too. Try the mangolassi, in fact.....try anything its delicious. No vegetarian or vegan could visit KL and miss out this place.

Pros: clean, freindly, great food


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14 Oct 2012

Best option for veggie food in Malaysia/SE Asia

Can't understand why there are only 3 reviews up till now. This is hands down the best option you have for vegetarian food in Malaysia, if not all of SE Asia.
Restaurant is clean, decor is pleasant.
Have regular buffet in the day time (11 AM-3 PM) with several items on it (4-5 dishes excluding standard rice, pulao, sambar, rasam, vada, condiments). Used to be all you can eat pay as you wish, but now they have a standard charge for the buffet of RM 12 per head. Still, you can't complain about the price especially in a restaurant where you can sit down in air-con with free water that you're not too afraid to drink. They also offer menu items with superb dosa, uttapam, puri choices.

Pros: great value for money, good food, excellent South Indian breads


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28 Jan 2012

A cultural centre for a treat, but not for lunch

Update Jan 2012- Visited for lunch, upstairs now expensive thali only for lunch, downstairs pay as you like thali only. Would not recommend a lunchtime visit.

Was hard to find as it's actually inside the cultural centre. We nearly gave up, but I'm glad we persevered. It's actually only about a 5 minute walk from Sentral station. It's a buffet style afare, bar the dosa's which you have to order. Everything is very tasty and very fresh with a wide variety of dishes on offer. And to top it all off you pay what you want. Seemed like many people were'nt paying at all, but we thought 20 ringgits each was fair as it was all very very good.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 02, 2011

Pros: Pay what you like, Great fresh food, Nice setting

Cons: Can be hard to find., Lunch


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02 Sep 2011

Best Food around town

Amazing place with the finest food I've ever had!
Its manned primarily by volunteers & aims to provide quality food which is accessible to all; hence the 'eat as you like, pay as you want' concept which is remarkable for the ambiance and size of the place.

Definitely worth going out of the way to try this place. Highly recommended.

Pros: Excellent food, Great Ambience, Amazing concept

Cons: None


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06 Aug 2011

Pay as you like restaurant!

As mentioned by kool_kitchen this is not an esay venue to find if you don't know the area! I went to this rest on 2 occasions before becoming a vegetarian & liked the food & concept as pay what you like but indeed some did abuse but they won't bother! Do pay them a fair price if you visit them! Buffet is nice! And nice & calm atmosphere!

Pros: pay what you like, volunteer waiters, nice food

Cons: location hard to find

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