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Best Friends sanctuary staff prepares a vegan lunch at Angel Village for visitors and volunteers. Choose the full buffet or salad bar. Socialize with Best Friends founders, staff and volunteers with a scenic overlook of Angel Canyon and the sanctuary. Mar 2018 reported fully vegan. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-1:00pm.

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First Review by Meggie and Ben


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08 Dec 2023

Delicious and generous

We went when they served TVP tacos. They were yummy, and salad options were plentiful as well. They even have a dessert! They could honestly charge more for their meal, and I'd still think it was worth it. Overall, this place is full of love, good people, cute animals, and awesome views. No complaints here!



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21 Oct 2023


Unknowingly, we arrived on the last day of a company meeting and the cafe was packed. We decided to take lunch to go, and while we were filling our “plates” we heard department heads share their work and service opportunities. It was very humbling! Such an incredible cause.

For lunch, we did enjoy entree/sides, the salad bar and dessert! Our picnic spot was Angels Landing. An amazing stop during your time at the Best Friends Sanctuary. If you stay at their properties you can even host a sleepover!

Pros: Connection , Spreading the compassion , Environment which informs all visitors


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15 Oct 2023

Awesome and cheap Lunch

They offer a vegan lunch buffet every day for only 5$! The food was very good and the view from the terrace was amazing. Totally recommend this place. If you liked it too, don’t forget to donate😉

Pros: The food variety , The view, The cause


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28 May 2023

Best Place Ever?

I checked Happy Cow for a nearby coffee shop and promptly changed my plans to lunch when I saw this listing. How did I almost miss this?! Such a great place! Shockingly, lunch is still $5. The day we visited, lunch was the salad bar, veggie wraps, potato salad, a hearty soup, and brownies. It was all great and such a positive atmosphere. The view from the balcony is amazing. Why aren't there more places like this?!

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18 Mar 2023

So awesome!

We went there every day and it was always amazing. Definitely recommend


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15 Oct 2022


I would dedicate my life to this animal sanctuary and cafe if I lived in southern Utah. If you are in Zion or Bryce please stop and support. They had jerk chicken and a creamy tofu dish along with rice, steamed carrots, couscous salad, quinoa salad, a whole entire leafy green salad bar with chickpeas and every veg you could think of, and fruits. I’m sad I won’t be back until my next trip through.

Pros: Great food, Help the animals!, Nice staff!


15 Oct 2022

Also the views
are beautiful. I arrived late so took my plate to go.


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06 Sep 2022

Great Surprise

How can you beat a $5 buffet that is all vegan? The view is amazing, and the cause is animal welfare. The salad bar and the deserts were especially good. They make a few of their dressings in-house, and it shows. I came out to help with an insect monitoring project, and I had no idea this was the gem I would have for lunch.

Pros: The view


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19 Aug 2022


Super affordable ($5) lunch that includes nice salad bar, soup (usually), entree, dessert and sides. Plenty of tasty food and a super accommodating staff. The proceeds go to support the most amazing animal sanctuary so you can’t go wrong. Also, the view is spectacular. This is a great place for families. You can even bring your dogs on a leash to dine with you outside.

Pros: $5 lunch!!!!, Amazing view , Great vegan food


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Mostly Veg
28 Jul 2022

A vegan paradise

Just go! No veggie or vegan wouldn’t love this place. And take a tour or volunteer if you have the time! Amazing, amazing place. And how can you beat a 5$ lunch???


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10 May 2022


We hurried to arrive before the cafe closed, but the friendly employee assured us we didn't need to finish eating before closing time. The self-serve buffet is all vegan. Today, there was cooked vegetables, corn-on-the-cob, fruit salad, and rice crispy treats. There is also a salad bar. Because we arrived so late, all the enchiladas were gone. However, they did put out a tray of chocolate no-bake cookies as we were filling our plates. The outdoor seating has a scenic view. The vegetables and corn were bland, and the fruit was definitely from a can, but both desserts were delicious. The shortcomings are unimportant considering the cost supports Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. And for only $5!

Pros: all vegan, $5 all-you-can-eat buffet, supports Best Friends Animal Sanctuary


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24 Apr 2022

$5?!?! I would have paid so much more

The absolute best place I’ve had lunch in America, an amazing animal sanctuary surrounded by beautiful red rock.

The food is all vegan, there’s plenty of it, it tastes great, it’s only $5 and you’re supporting animals.

If that doesn’t get you to eat here I don’t know what will!


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24 Apr 2022


Can’t recommend this place high enough! The buffet lunch was only $5?! Really they should charge more.

The menu changes every day, I had faux fish and chips with peas, salad bar and a slice of cake (FOR $5?!)

If you have time I also check out a tour and leave a donation to the animal sanctuary! If I wasn’t visiting from England I would have absolutely adopted the dog that was sitting in the reception 🥰

Pros: VEGAN BUFFET, Animal sanctuary, Take a tour!


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08 Apr 2022


$5 for a vegan buffet - can't beat that. Food was very tasty. Glad we were able to stop by on our trip. Amazing cause and wonderful views.


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16 Feb 2022

Favorite spot in the world!

You won't find a more beautiful view AND the best $5 vegan lunch anywhere else in the world! We've been volunteering annually for the past 9 years at BFAS and selfishly the cafe is one of our favorite parts of being there. The food is delicious!

Pros: 100% vegan, Gorgeous view, Excellent food


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19 Jan 2022

Simple but delicious

It's tucked away near the headquarters and mostly a canteen for their staff. You can eat for $5. I didn't think the food looked all that good but man was it yummy! And you can't beat the view over the Kanab Canyon.

Pros: Yummy and healthy food, View

Cons: Can be hard to find


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12 Jan 2022

All vegan all the time

This is easily the best vegan restaurants I've been to. The menu is different every day and it's always very good plus there is a salad bar. It's set up buffet style and you can eat there or take it to go. Your pet is welcome on the porch.

Pros: The food, the staff, the price, the views.

Cons: None


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30 Oct 2021


The buffet was wonderful! Lots of options. Loved the black beans with onions and chilies. The corn chowder was delicious. The salad bar had a nice selection of veggies. There was dessert, too! The menu changes every day. Kitchen staff was willing to share recipes, too!


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25 Aug 2021


For $5 you get their daily lunch. Serve yourself. It's a good value.


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19 Feb 2021

Awesome meal and deal

For $5, we got a huge serving of delicious mac & cheese, sides of three-bean salad and roasted brussels sprouts, salad with choice of dressing, fruit, hot drinks, and dessert (rice crispy treats!). Wha??? Wish this was near me, I’d eat there every day! Easy socially distant seating inside or outside with beautiful views over the canyon.
It is part of the Best Friends sanctuary. We volunteered there that morning, toured it that afternoon, and stayed at their hotel (the Roadhouse) in town.

Pros: 100% vegan, Inexpensive and tasty, Rotating menu


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20 Sep 2020


$5 for all you can eat- even during Covid they have everything boxed and they will still accommodate you anything you’d like. The option for lunch was not gluten free, when I told them, they made me my own pumpkin chili. They have salads, desserts, everything. It’s all delicious and at a price you can’t beat!

Pros: Lots of options, Accommodating and friendly , So cheap!


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20 Apr 2020

Vegan Utopia

It's hard to believe a place like this actually exist. On the grounds of the Best Friends animal sanctuary, the Angel Village Cafe offers a full vegan buffet equipped with a ever changing carousel of main courses, fresh salad bar, a coffee bar and multiple dessert trays. The cafe is perched above Angel Canyon and sports a breathtaking view. All this for the measley price of $5! This is a must stop destination whenever you are in the vicinity.

Pros: Superb food, Stunning view, Supporting an animal sanctuary

Cons: none


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03 Apr 2020

Incredible deal! Great food

A $5 all you can eat, fully vegan buffet on the grounds of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Pros: Only 5 dollars (plus a donation if u want!) , great food, Incredible views


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28 Dec 2019

$5 Fully Vegan Buffet (with GF options)

When I found the Angel Village Cafe at @bestfriendsanimalsociety I knew that was where we had to get lunch. An all-vegan cafe with a buffet and salad bar for just $5 per person! 🤗 They also have gluten free options available each day, and I was told that I could request a baked potato if there weren’t enough options. The staff was super helpful letting me know which items contained gluten so that I could avoid them. Besides the amazing food, the other reason to visit the Angel Village Cafe is the amazing view. 😯 We chose to eat out on the porch with some other visitors, staff, and volunteers. Looking out onto the canyon while you eat is something else. I think it’s the best view we’ve ever had at a meal. Plus, it’s the perfect spot to stop in when you’re on property visiting the animals, volunteering, or just driving through.

Pros: $5 Vegan buffet, GFoptions&staff offered baked potato if not enough, great view

Cons: limited buffet with no full menu


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31 Aug 2019

Amazing place to eat and discover!

As vegans we were really charmed by this awesome initiative! They treat all the pets amazingly and you can just come without reservation or other obligations for a 5$ all you can eat lunch! Btw, sit outside if you want an awesome view!

Pros: Lots of options to choose from, All you can eat, Vegan deserts to

Cons: Nond


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07 Jun 2019

Very affordable!

From 11:30-1pm daily they have a vegan buffet for only $5 per person. Dog friendly on the back patio which has amazing views overlooking the canyon.


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21 Mar 2019

10/10 atmosphere and $5 AYCE

While I couldn't be sure how many people were vegan it was quite moving to eat a vegan lunch with a room full of undeniable pet lovers!! We ate there on a Thursday which is a day they have presentations over lunch and there were many teary eyes over some of the stories and videos! The food was amazing, as were the views.

Pros: Fully vegan, Pet-loving crowd, Cheap!


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24 Nov 2018

Amazing food for amazing price

Lovely vegan buffet food and for an amazing price. Is only $5 per person!! Been here twice and both times yummy. There was a section from warm food, a huge salad bar, fruit and pudding.

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