Small Ethiopian cafe and restaurant offering a simple menu with 6 dishes which are served with injera or rice – you get all 6 samples with a choice of portion size – take away, small meal for one, and meal for two. Cozy place with Ethiopian look and feel. Open Mon-Sun 13:00-22:00.

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20 Aug 2023


Great food without fuss. Make sure you bring cash, they don’t accept cards 🫢🌝



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28 Jun 2023

Great Food

Came back after a few years and still enjoyed the food, my friend and I didn't manage to finish our medium platter. Only downside is they don't accept cards which seems a bit wild in 2023 in London


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13 Jun 2023

Authentic Ethiopian food

We shared a medium platter with a friend, and the portion was just right for the two of us.

The service is very fast, the tastes are great.

Pros: 100% vegan, Fast service

Cons: Cash only


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01 May 2023

Everything is vegan!

Fast, friendly service and good food. The portion sizes are so generous I can’t imagine anyone having an issue with the price. I will be going back.


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15 Mar 2023

Expensive and undercooked

I had the medium size portion for 1-2 people costin £18 and I was satisfied (no drinks and nothing else), not very full, I can eat more for less money in other places.

The lentils were all very undercooked.

Very tasty flavours, the greens were really nice and the rice too.

Pros: Tasty

Cons: Expensive


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23 Feb 2023

Very nice cosy place

A nice place where you can have a quick meal, but feel at ease and enjoy a comfy feeling, the choice on the menue is limited, I actually like that and we ordered the traditional plate. It was very very tasty and we will come back!

Pros: Very tasty and not expensive , Very easily to digest , nice staff


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17 Jan 2023

Quite nice - but prices rose 25% this year

Price has risen by 43% since my last review and by 25% in the last year, the portion size has shrunk too, and the proprietor is borderline rude. There is better and cheaper vegan Ethiopian at Spitalfields Market.

Original review: Maybe the fourth time in my life I've had Ethiopian, definitely the best. The injera bread isn't as "bready" as usual, which is a good thing! Good portion size, healthy food, each thing was delicious. £7 eat in. I will definitely return.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-17

Pros: Delicious food, Used to be good value

Cons: Shocking price rises, Cash only: they don't ring the sale into the till, And we wonder why we don't have money for the NHS


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24 Oct 2022

Good food but could improve.

Good meal but there's better Ethiopian food in town (or in Ethiopia, eheh).
Very generous portion : I took the sampler/small platter for one person with rice.
Parts of it are pretty good, other a bit bland, the rice a bit too salty, but possibly because I'm not used to cook my rice with salt. I presume that the lentils contained some berbere but it was not the best I have eaten.

Very friendly person.

Pros: Good food, Big portion, Friendly staff

Cons: Could improve the taste.


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23 Sep 2022

All vegan

The best ethiopian food in all of London and all the food here is vegan! The people that work here are all very very nice! But the food yo so good. Nice price on everything! I must return when visiting the city of London! Cash only no Apple Pay!


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03 Jul 2022

A New Favourite

I’m new to Ethiopian food. But, I think I’ve come in at the top. This is so tasty. Portions were very generous. Staff were laid back but friendly, and always ready to help. Menu is simple. Went for traditional and didn’t regret a thing. The sample also looks good.

Pros: Pure vegan, Great music and vibe, Delicious and fresh


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23 Jun 2022

Staple in East London

Great food at a great price. Have been visiting for many years now and always a treat!


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12 Jun 2022

great value and tasty

fav ethiopian restaurant i’ve been to


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24 Apr 2022

Affordable and tasty

Maybe not the best ingredients but authentic Ethiopian flavours. Affordable and for £5 take out you get 5 different sampling with injera/rice option


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20 Apr 2022


ALL the flavors ooooh my!!! It was a huge plate of Injera with 6 different dishes! In my opinion it was very cheap too! Only £10 for the whole meal!
It was such a cute little restaurant giving me all the Ethiopian vibes with the flavors !
This is definitely marked as my favorite place when I come back to London to visit! 🤞🏻🥰

Pros: All vegan Ethiopian food, Cheap price , Lots of food for the price

Cons: I need a VG restaurant like this in Norway🇳🇴 😻


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23 Feb 2022

Pricy and service not good

It was quite expensive for what it is. If you eat in is £10 but if take away is literally half, which for me doesn’t make any sense.
Felt like the service could improve quite a lot. Don’t offer even water.
And the fact that they don’t accept card payments is quite uncomfortable.

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-23

Cons: Expensive


27 Feb 2022


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16 Sep 2021

Authentic Ethiopian

You can’t beat their £5 takeaway box. It never disappoints. Cash only.


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30 Jul 2021

100% vegan, cheap and tasty

No choice of dishes, you just say how many people you are and are brought a sharing platter. Simple, tasty traditional food. Paid less than £10 each with drinks

Pros: Very cheap, 100% vegan


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03 May 2021

Will ALWAYS come back

Good value, good nutrition, good times at the authentic Ethiopian place. One of my fave places in London. Please don’t change.


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26 Mar 2021

Very good value

The food never changes, but you know what you’re getting: pretty tasty food, a lot of it, and at a really low price. Service is casual, and the plating basic, but I don’t mind this. This is a great spot to bring your own drinks and eat good value food.


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03 Feb 2020

Cheap but not so good this time

Hate to be a contrarian but failed to see the merits of this otherwise charming place. Brusque service aside, the food was immensely disappointing. The injera was cold. From a no-choice of 3 dipping dishes only the greens were flavourful enough. The mince alternative was non-descript and the loose sauce lacked... identification. Perhaps it was an off day.

Pros: Price

Cons: Lacking fresh flavour


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13 Jan 2020


Food is great . Filling and very reasonable prices


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08 Jan 2020

Andu Cafe Dalston

Small menu which basically consists of a platter for on or two with injera bread or rice. Well worth the money and perfect place to meet friends and you feel immersed in Ethiopian culture as soon as you step inside. Food was really good with decent portion sizes.

Pros: Healthy, Cheap, Relaxed vibe


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30 Dec 2019

Really great place

Tasty Ethiopian food and nice atmosphere!


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22 Dec 2019

good food, not so good service

Food was amazing! no question about it. and great value and big portion for what you pay. The only disappointment is the service/server!

When we entered the place and sat we asked for menu and were told since only type dish served, we can order for to people (the sampler) so we didn't bother looking at the menu from the next table. we ordered 1x can of coke which should be around £1. when we asked to pay the server had told us £17 for two people (when it shouldn't have not been more than £12-13 for two people sampler dish plus 1x can of coke so £14 ish as is what I just found out is what my friends paid. It's not even about the £4 more I feel I had paid but I feel cheated by the server trying to pull one on us not giving receipt and telling us the amount to pay with words to whom I gave £20 with the change to keep.

so words of advice. check the menu for the price if there's any price update and ask for a printed receipt.


04 Aug 2021

I understand it's a fixed price per head, £8 each would make your coke a bargain £1. It was £7 when I went several years ago. Not really sure how you can complain at £17 for two in London anyway.


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18 Dec 2019

Excellent food at a very good price

Always had a good hearty meal served with a smile here! Delicious curries at a great price


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02 Dec 2019

Cheap Traditional Ethiopian food

Like to go from time to time here to get some nice home cooked meal! One of the cheapest places I know of in London. Lovely staff

Pros: Good food, Cheap, Vibe


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28 Oct 2019

Great Ethiopian vegan food

Love the food, the pricing, the music and the location. Go for the sharing platter!

Pros: Delicious , Cheap, Close to Cafe Oto

Cons: No booze.

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