Amsterdam Falafelshop - Adams Morgan

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2425 18th St NW (at Washington D.C.), Washington, District Of Columbia, USA, 20009

Franchise falafel shop offering top-it-yourself falafel and Dutch-style fries with dipping sauces. Gluten-free suitable except the pita. Small space, near Woodley Park. Open Mon-Tue 11:00am-12:00am, Wed 12:00am-2:30am, Wed-Thu 11:00am-2:30am, Fri-Sat 11:00am-4:00am, Sun 11:00am-12:00am.

Categories: Vegan-friendly, Fast food, Salad bar, Take-out, Middle Eastern

23 Reviews

First Review by cookiem

Falafels - Edit

Real fresh falafel made as you order. Good salad bar to customize your bowl or sandwich. Fairly priced

Pros: fresh, fast

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thank you so so much - Edit

We were looking for a cheap place. This place had so many delicious options and the people working there were wonderful and super friendly. I'm really grateful I stubbed upon this place. I feel really satisfied as well. I will definitely return. Tbh, the best place I ate at in DC!

Pros: many options , cheap food, delicious

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Euro Falafel Done Right - Edit

My wife and I took the kids down to DC to see the sights we got in late and wanted some food and found this place on Happy Cow. The food was great and the staff was really friendly and helpful. The dipping sauces are top notch. The only issue is I had to park far away, so I rode my skateboard to the restaurant and slammed really hard on a big hole in the side walk. Let's get this crumbling infrastructure fixed America.

Pros: Friendly staff, Giant Portions, Reminded me of Europe

Cons: Holes in the sidewalk.

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Must eat in DC, but consider a different location - Edit

Amsterdam Falafel is amazing falafel, and it's on the list of places I bring out of town visitors. Definitely go here.

Definitely go to this location if you're in Adams Morgan, which is a nice neighborhood to check out. But please, please, please, don't travel across town to go to this location. The location on 14th street is a much closer walk from a metro station, has a much better layout, and is also in a nice neighborhood to check out. Parking will be terrible at either.

This location in Adams Morgan is the first location, so it's understandable it has some kinks. But there's very little room for the growing crowd to stand while they wait for their food, and there are really only a few things you can order. So when they yell out "regular falafel," the guy who ordered after you is trying to grab it because he ordered the same thing, and in order to grab it you have to step over people putting toppings on their pita. Plus there is somewhat limited seating. The 14th street location offers a few other perks too, like I believe you can get your falafel as a salad and actually get a tray to put it on.

Seriously just go to the 14th Street location if you can, the layout is much, much less chaotic. Alternatively, go at like 2:30pm on a weekday or some other time when there will be no crowd. Or just go and deal with the confusion in exchange for delicious food.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday October 27, 2015

Updated from previous review on Tuesday October 27, 2015

Pros: Great falafel, Choose your own toppings, Inexpensive

Cons: Terrible layout- try different location

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A vegan gem in Adams Morgan - Edit

Best falafels ever! Very much hunger satisfying. Nice variety of raw and grilled veggie toppings. Baba Ghanouj (eggplant based dip/topping) is on point.

Pros: U get plenty 4 ur so filling, Open late night. Perfect for clubgoers., Friendly staff

Cons: Not much idoor/outdoor seating space. , Falafels only offered as sandwich w/pita

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Falafel Lovers Paradise - Edit

Adams Morgan is hop and trendy and featured a very diverse selection of international restaurants and cafes to enjoy. Amsterdam Falafelshop is found on the second floor and has a small area for eating in. The falafels are deep fried so stay cognizant of the extra fat from the oils. Yet, you can top your specialty sandwich with an array of toppings to fill it out while eating like kings and queens. Of course you can add fries if you so choose. I prefer the baked falafel balls at SweetGreens instead.

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open late - Edit

Delicious drunk vegan food! Or sober... I had it twice in one night! Set a record for most falafels in a bowl for the night ... Mmm Mmm!!

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Best falafel in the world! Or at least DC - Edit

This is one of my favorite spots to eat in DC. Cheap, healthy, delicious, and vegetarian. What more could you want? The real highlight is instead of your standard falafel (pita, hummus, tomato, lettuce) you get a bar of at least 10 toppings to put in your pita, including different vegetables, sauces and mixes. Not to be missed! They now offer Belgian fries too!

Pros: Good value, Comfort food

Cons: Difficult to get to with public transpor

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Falafel Bliss - Edit

This is a total falafel experience in a cozy little shop. Don't forget to mash your falafel so you can squeeze on maximum mouthwatering toppings. You will be so happy you went. Outdoor tables and good people watching.

Pros: absloutely delicious toppings bar, friendly staff, outdoor tables

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Amsterdam Falafelshop,Washington DC - Edit

This place is great. Its on a similar sort of set up to the Maoz falafel franchise for anyone who has been there. Rock, say what kind of bread roll you want with your falafel, yes or no to chips (fries as people seem to call them in this country) and then serve yourself from the choice of salads (the baba ganush was great, the green stuff isn't coriander but chernobyl hot chilli). All is vegan except the coleslaw and 1 other thing.Very

Its in the bar and nightspot area of Adam's Morgan and is very popular.

Pros: Very vegan friendly, great value

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Best Falafel ever! - Edit

The. Best. Falafel sandwich. EVERRR!! There's a topping bar (98% vegan & 100% vegetarian), which is an ingenious idea! Plus you have a choice of white or whole wheat pita bread. The fries were awesome as well. And the customer service was great. I can't wait to get back to Washington, D.C. & get another one...or three! :)

Pros: Amazing falafel & fries, Inexpensive , Large spread toppings bar!

Cons: Must fight for street parking, Limited seating inside

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Fa la la la-laa - Edit

It is a dive. A srrrious dive. Brace your date, as they'll need to be a good sport. It is also delicious. A srrrious delicious. Brace your belly, you will likely overdo it.

They sell falafel sandwiches, decent potato frites (though lacking in Dutch frite sauces) and have a soda fountain that takes up a sixth of the dining room. Squeeze cheeks.

The falafel is well seasoned, moist, and cooked competently. It may or may not be your favorite falafel. but it's solid good falafel.

The toppings bar, however, is going to make the eyes pop out of your head and largely merits the 5 stars. You've spreads like hummus & baba g., various pickled things, beets, slaws, dressings, i could just keep going. Easily 40 items and you will run out of sandwich before you try half.

Keep an eye out for their mobile unit at area street faires--NOT TO BE MISSED, as i assure you, you will not find better fair fare.

Pros: toppings bar, frites, value

Cons: tiny dining room, location after dark

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Amazing topping bar - Edit

I was only in DC for 2 days, but i loved this place so much I ate there twice. I love the toppings bar where I can do it myself, since I like the toppings to be evenly distributed and mushed in. There were so many things to choose from, unlimited combinations of sauces and toppings. I love this place, and will definitiely go back every time im in DC

Pros: amazing food, unlimited combinations

Cons: none!!!

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Best Falafel - Edit

Small place, not fancy. Their entire menu is falafel sandwiches, fries, and brownies. This place is about doing something simple and doing it right.

The falafel is exceptionally flavorful. You choose a whole wheat or white pita, they fry the falafel in front of you, and then you take your sandwich and use the topping bar to fill it out. I wish the toppings were labeled, but most of them you can figure out. They have quite a lot of options, all of which are vegetarian. The fries are also fried on demand and are delicious. Their drink options are a little limited; I tend to stop at the nearby Yes market and pick up a drink.

The people are friendly. The food is cheap and filling. While it's fried, there's at least some nutritional value to be found here, especially if you choose the right toppings. And it's vegetarian. Why isn't every fast food place like this?
Updated from previous review on Wednesday July 06, 2011

Pros: Delicious, Cheap, Delicious and Cheap

Cons: They don't take credit cards, Limited drink options

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Funky-wonderful little outpost - Edit

What a discovery...a European/Israeli-style felafel bar with a delicious spectrum of toppings and sides. Everything about this place has spunk and personality. Highly recommended!

Pros: Unique menu, Tons of character, Dutch language touches

Cons: Noisy when crowded

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enjoyable - Edit

I really enjoy the falafel here, I just wish the space was larger with a few more table and chairs...

Pros: excellet food, good value

Cons: space small

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Food's great open late - Edit

Decent falafel but really good toppings bar with a lot of options mostly vegan which you get too put on yourself as much as you can fit into your pita. So good and if you have fries don't be a sucker and get the ketchup go with Peanut Saus the perfect condiment for frites. Their food is really filling really good and open late and their daily special (or whatever it's called) is always there and you don't have to get a soda you can get fruit nectar which goes great with a regular falafel and small frites and it will fill you up and even I the big eat will sometimes be taking food home.

Pros: great toppings bar, peanut saus, friendly staff

Cons: falafel is good but not great, sometimes hard to get a table as a group, they don't always have fried eggplant

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Best Falafel ever - Edit

Hit up Amsterdam after a Caps game this past weekend.

By far the best falafel I have ever tasted. Went with three other people, two of which are non vegetarians, and had never had a falafel before. Everyone enjoyed their as much as I did.

Staff went out of their way to explain which toppings were vegan and what ingredients they contained.

Can't wait to go back to D.C. so we can eat there again. Definitely a must try.

Pros: awesome falafels, friendly staff, cheap

Cons: limited seating

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I Love This Place! - Edit

This place only serves a couple of items, but if you like falafel and fries, this is the place to get them. The toppings are excellent...especially the roasted eggplant and tahini sauce.
It's open late also, which is nice.

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Tasty & Fast - Edit

Only recently discovered this falafel shop. The fries are tasty, the toppings are excellent. I really like how they fry the fries right when you order them & make the falafels up when you've ordered instead of the stuff sitting in warming trays.

Pros: 100% Veggie (just not 100% vegan), Food cooked fresh when ordered

Cons: Limited Seating

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Best Falafel and Fries in Town - Edit

If you're in need of a quick and simple bite, check out the Amsterdam Falafelshop. As someone else pointed out, it's just falfel and fries, a.k.a., frites (and some non-vegan brownies) and a top-your-own bar with mostly vegan toppings. The falafels are cooked fresh and are spiced just right. The frites are hot and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The person working the fryer will ask if you want salt, but there are also alternate seasonings for your frites. Sometimes a small wheat and a small frites, which is how I place my order, is too much for me.

I'm glad I live in the area, as there is hardly any seating in the restaurant. It's easiest for me to get my falafel to go and eat it at home. If you find yourself heading to the Falafelshop a lot, get a frequent diner card--if you get eight falafels, your ninth is free.

And yes, you must pay in cash, although there is an ATM near the soda machine.

Pros: Inexpensive, Good food

Cons: Very little seating, Cash only

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Yummy and cheap - Edit

I went here with three friends when I was in DC last summer. I had mentioned falfael as we waited for the metro train to take us from MD (where we were staying) to Dupont Circle (where we were going to hang out) and one of my friends literally asked me "What's falfael" and I was like "Whatttt!? You've never had falfael. We have to go get some now." So we went, and he wasn't disapointed at all. None of us were. The vegan friendlyness of the place was awesome, and I'll definetly go again when I am in DC.

Pros: vegan friendly, open late, yummy

Cons: confusion at topping bar

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Cheap eats! - Edit

Eater beware, your eyes may be bigger than your pita! At this local favorite in Adams Morgan, bring cash, as there is no other payment accepted! This place is all vegetarian, and almost all vegan, except for a couple of the toppings! Where else can you be assured that the frier is vegan? Why, right here, where the falafel and french fries are cooked right before your eyes to golden perfection. Don't be misled into thinking you'd like a regular sized pita, as the small is plenty, once you properly fill with a tasty selection of the more than a dozen veg toppings! But beware, you must fill up, as there are no repeaters allowed at the toppings bar! When it says hot, it's really hot (the hot sauce). Toppings include cucumber salad (2 types), tomato salad, garbanzo bean salad, cauliflower and carrot, hot sauce, garlic sauce, beets, baba ganouj, cumin onions, hot peppers, hummus, pickled cabbage, tahini and garlic cream. Choose the whole wheat pita for a healthier choice. The fries are classic but fresh and tasty, and you can choose from peanut sauce and ketchup for topping them off. A definite veg favorite in the area, stop in and get some falafel! Oh, and they only serve falafel, fries and non-vegan brownies. But, this place is fabulously tasty! Stop in! Open until 2 or 3 am on the weekends, midnight during the rest of the week!

Pros: Falafel, Toppings, Fries

Cons: Cash only, Not 100% vegan

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