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Alice & Friends

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5812 N Broadway, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60660

Jan 2016 update: Loving Hut Chicago reverted back to using its original name Alice & Friends. Continues to operate a vegan kitchen serving Chinese and Asian cuisine. Open Mon 4:00pm-9:00pm, Wed-Fri 4:00pm-9:00pm, Sat 11:00am-9:30pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Chinese, Organic, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (24)

First Review by vegfor22yrs

First time and it was great! - Edit

Came to Alice & Friends for the first time on a rainy Friday evening with my husband. We ordered the spring rolls & a coconut soup with vegetables (cannot remember the name). Both were great. I ordered the Chow Mein and my husband ordered the Bi Bim Bop. I loved the Chow Mein! It had a light sweet sauce and lots of veggies. Oh, and we ordered carrot cake to go.

Atmosphere was calm and friendly. Will be one of the go to places for me as a new Vegan.

Pros: Friendly & knowledgable staff

Cons: Chow Mein may have been a little salty for me but

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Vegan Food at Its Best! - Edit

This evening my partner and I dined at Alice & Friends. We ordered the breaded shrimp, the homemade spring rolls, the agadashi tofu, and the Indonesian satay as appetizers. All four were delicious. Our entrées included the Kung Pao and Grace's Teriyaki. We enjoyed both considerably. Although we were absolutely satiated, we had to order a dessert- a piece of chocolate cake. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Additionally, we meet the couple who owns the restaurant. They were extremely gracious and kind, and we had a lovely conversation with them. This was our first visit to Alice & Friends, but it certainly will not be our last. We look forward to visiting Alice & Friends every time we visit the Windy City.

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My Chicago Home - Edit

Growing up near the city vegan this was always a main staple and now it has been for my kids. Love the giant Pho, the burger is delicious and inexpensive. German Apple cake? Yes please! And if you like carrot cake you'll love theirs. The Golden tofu which is the tofu skin dish is amazing and the salad dressings just a touch of sweet. This is one of my favorite LH locations and I've been to many! Staff is friendly and overworked so be kind vegans, practice what you preach.

Pros: Inexpensive, items kids will enjoy , delicious

Cons: slow service when busy

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Most Expensive Loving Hut to date - Edit

Loving hut is one of the best vegan restaurants out there, there food is delicious comfort food.
Now here are some huge draw backs for this loving hut.
The prices are the same as other loving huts, which make this loving hut no different. However the portions are much smaller. For 8 dollars you get a tiny veggie dog with the trimmings and no fries. Other loving huts you get two v dogs and fries for around 7 dollars.
I have bought serveral entrees and appetizers at one loving hut (the one in tampa) and spent only 34 dollars. I buy two meals and an "extra" fries and dumplings and I'm at 19 dollars.
The loving hut where I spent 34 dollars, I bought dumplings, spring rolls, fries with spicey sauce, pad thai, and veggie dogs and received huge portions of these, and something else because my boyfriend wanted two main meals. (can't remember).
The Chicago loving hut has many dessert options which is new to me. Also insanely expensive for a sliver of chocolate silk pie, which again was very good, but still pricy.
Another turn off was the lack of pictures on their menu. Due to their vauge names for things (a refusal to add traditionally meat names to their dishes, instead of saying "beef" it's wheat meat or something, which is fine and something I could get behind)I had no idea what was going on, so I wussed out and got the very TINY veggie burger. Like, palm of your hand with very thin patty tiny. Nothing like the Denny's burger, by comparasion. It came with no fries. It was 8 dollars.
We ordered up at the cashier, which is different..so basically we had no waiter, that's fine, probably a cost saving move, which I unfortunately did not see reflected in the food prices.
There we saw the menus that had some pictures of the food, when it was too late. Oh well.
This loving hut has had the best interior so far, very clean and neat with its own flair.
The best thing there was no master tv there, they turned it off! Wow that was the first time I saw that happen! At least I didn't have to be embarrassed by that when I took my mom out to eat,

Pros: No Master tv, Tasty Food, Very nice interior

Cons: tiny portions, no picture menu, expensive

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New Favorite! - Edit

We have lived less than a block away from this restaurant for 5 years and just tried it for the first time. Wow, were we surprised! We've been vegetarians for 4 years, but just decided to try being vegan. It has been a real challenge finding places to eat out and it's refreshing to have so many choices at a place right in my neighborhood. We carried out, our food was ready within 15-20 minutes. We ordered the Thai Curry & Momma's Love, both were really great. Made with fresh veggies and all organic products, we couldn't have asked for a better meal. In addition, all their take out containers were recyclable, even the plastic! We will definitely be ordering from them in the near future!

Pros: Fresh & Fast, Nice Staff, Good Prices

Cons: None

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Flavorful - Edit

I went here with my husband. The inside is bright and a little over the top. My husband got the BBQ Himalayan skewers, which he really liked. I got the Royal Pho. It was so yummy! I wasn't a fan of the "beef" in it, but that is mostly because fake beef grosses me out. It had a "chicken" in it, too, which was really good. It was served in a huge bowl and I had enough leftover for a second meal. I would definitely get this again.

Pros: Yummy

Cons: Interior is over the top

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Good Food - Edit

While there are places in Chicago that I prefer to the Loving Hut, their food is pretty good and the prices are reasonable. The staff is also very friendly. The fried TVP in many dishes is very good, and the drumsticks are delicious. I think the sauces are a bit bland, and was disappointed in the green tea cheesecake, but other than that I would definitely go back.
I have not had the pho at this location, but have eaten it a couple of times in Atlanta, and if it's the same then it's delicious!

Pros: Large, varied menu, Fair Prices, Friendly Staff

Cons: Some food is a bit bland

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Great! - Edit

Good food not very expensive. Just found out they deliver yay! My friend and I had green tea shake, iced chai latte, spring rolls, home run ball, and mama's love. Mama's Love was my favorite. Will definitely go back!

Pros: good value

Cons: no table service

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Light and lovely - Edit

This was my first visit back since this was Alice & Friends. Love the new bright, clean atmosphere. The food was delicious--I had the Bi Bim Bob, a Korean rice dish. Also shared steamed dumplings and "Lady Fingers" appetizers. Both delicious. The two gentlemen on that day [owners? not sure] were so delightful and talked with us about other Loving Huts opening close to our home.
They also offer inexpensive "special sandwiches" for a dollar for Monday's lunch, and a Korean BBQ sandwich [I think for $3] for Wednesday lunch. They do this to enable all to eat healthy, and avoid visiting places like the golden arches.
A very nice place to go for casual dining. If I lived close by I would be a regular for sure! As it stands, I'll just have to be a regular on my visits to Chicago. =)

Pros: Healthy & delicious, Inexpensive, Bright space

Cons: Slightly limited hours, --, --

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Funky and very good food - Edit

Loving Hut is such a great place, everyone is so kind and gentle. I had the kung pao whatever the meat analog is called. I guess it's similar to a wheat gluten, but more airy and delicate. It was well done, but simple and affordable. I also had the green tea cheesecake! If you like green tea, you have to try it. It's sad that I'm so far away, I wish they had more locations in Chicago!

Looking forward to trying more of their menu soon!

Pros: Inexpensive, Great food, Interesting desserts

Cons: weird tv propaganda

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i like it - Edit

the restaurant is good i think. there are delicious foods, pretty waiters and beautiful atmosphere. but they are able to make different foods. I sometimes go there and i be pleased. especially you can eat it's desserts.

Pros: satiety, good foods, delicious desserts

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Yum! - Edit

The food is great and the staff is nice. I highly recommend the Spicy BBQ and the spring rolls. The Runaway Potato stew Yakisoba and the Himalayan Spirit are all good, too. I don't think you could really go wrong here. Oh and the drinks: sweet cinnamon and ginger tea is good both warm and cold and the Iced Chai Latte is fantastic.

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Cute place! - Edit

I had the love letter from earth salad and the dol sot bi bim bop and loved both!! You must try it. The place was cute and small but the food was great. :)

Pros: Excellent Food, Healthy Cuisine, Friendly staff

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Cute and interesting! - Edit

My husband and I visited last month and look foward to visiting again. He had the veggie burger (homemade!) and I had a chick'n rice dish. We split a piece of the vegan chocolate cake. Welcoming environment! Be sure to try the soy jerkey. It's tasty!

Pros: Neat environment, Great food, Easy to find

Cons: White Bread buns for veggie burgers, One bathroom for woman's room, Small portions

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Very Cute and Very Good! - Edit

This place is very cute and the presentation of the food is beautiful. I had the Unchicken Thai Curry and it was really good...especially the Unchicken part. Pretty much everything on the menu is Vegan with the exception of the Unduck (just Vegetarian).

1 Response

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SynthVegan 04 Jun 2009 - Alice and Friends is now fully Vegan, they removed the UnDuck from the menu. ;)

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I miss it when I'm not in Chicago - Edit

I visit Chicago often and going to this place is always the first thing on my list to do when I get there. I love this place so much. The food is so good! Every dish I have tried is delicious. You never feel unwelcome by any of the staff here, they always are so friendly. I don't have a single complaint about it, except that it isn't right next door to my bf's apartment because it's my favorite restaurant in Chicago!

Pros: Great food, Nice staff, friendl atmosphere

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Reviewer Avatar

one of the best vegetarian restaurant in Chicago - Edit

This is my favorite veggie restaurant in Chicago. They're mostly pan-asian. The faux meat is so good. Even my non-vegetarian friends were very satisfied. Wonton soup is just the right one. The vegan cherry cheesecake was like real.

Pros: great food, friendly atmosphere

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To the below reviewer - Edit

My name is Raira, the waitress at Alice and Friends whom you have mentioned below. Only after reading your review, I have realized that I totally misunderstood what you had inquired about at that time. I am not a native English speaker and that might be the reason why I did not understand the word "nuked". I thought you were inquiring about "cooked" versus "raw"; therefore, I have said that some of the food is always cooked(nuked). Certainly, the dish you had ordered (Dolsot Bibimbob) is never ever related to any nuked food and maybe that's why you have enjoyed the dish so much. Thanks for enjoying our dish and I want to express deep and sincere apology for causing your concern. In addition, I want to apologize to our hard-working Alice and Friends staffs and our loving family-like regular customers for causing any concerns. Thanks so much for bringing this up so I can have a chance to explain.

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The food was great, but.... - Edit

Everything seemed bi-polar about this place. The waitress was friendly and rude. Helpful and dispondant. Quite strange if you ask me.

The first dish I got was clearly microwaved. I haven't intentionally used a microwave in 10 years now. Food nuked is obvious for me, especially because of the texture. I asked the waitress to make sure all food wasn't nuked. She told me she would have to look into this as some of the food is always nuked. I did tell her that time was not an issue with us, yet she insisted the it had to be nuked if that dish called for it.

Then she disappeared for a few minutes and verified that everything we ordered was now Microwave free. For the rest of the trip she was friendly, yet without giving us refills on water until the very end.
The only other thing that was negative was the cake. It just wasn't as sweet or good as it looked!!!

As for the food that was microwave free, it was simply some of the best food in the world. Only "Little Africa" in Grand Rapids Michigan is better. I would love to eat at this place again sometime soon.
I'll just be sure to clarify that everything is "NUKE FREE"
Overall is was a 4 "happy cow" experience.


Cons: Microwave, Wait Staff

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What fun! - Edit

I went with my girlfriend to Alice and Friends the other night and we had a llovely time. The place is very cozy, the staff is super friendly, and the food was really good. The only comment I have to make is that I did not realize that their menu was going to be asian food, and so that took me by surprise. But if that's what you're in the mood for, then Alice and Friends cannot be beat!

Pros: Extremely friendly, Comfy atmosphere, Really good food

Cons: There, Are, None

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Yummy! - Edit

This is my very favorite veggie restaurant in the world! The food is in a league of its own. The atmosphere is simple and unpretentious. As the other reviewer mentioned, there is this spiritual group thing going on, but it not pushed on to you. The video is always playing and it is definitley odd but seems harmless. The smoked duck is crazy-great. I also love the teriyaki un-chicken. The only negative thing about the food is their tendency to use iceberg lettuce in the side salads. They definitley are coming at vegetarianism from the compassion angle rather than the health angle (not that there's anything wrong with that). All in all, this place is a treasure. All of my carnivore friends love it, too.

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