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Raw food cafe and juice bar, all-vegan except for honey. Sells organic produce, raw chocolate and desserts, raw vegan ice cream and snacks. Also a colonic hydrotherapy clinic. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by ggwyn


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16 Sep 2023

Good Food- very crowded cafe

We were there for a late breakfast. The Cafe was already full and to the Lunch time a big group of people joined 🥴
The food was good, we had the waffles and Pancakes. Sadly the atmosphere was really stressful…



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15 Sep 2023

Cozy, bright, cheerful, and Delicious

I've been to Alchemy 4 or 5 times and absolutely love this place. The food is amazing, healthy, and comforting. Their pizzas and nut cheese are my favourite things but I've tried several dishes and theyee all delicious. Definitely recommend this place.

Pros: Food, Ambience , Staff


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31 Aug 2023

Organic & fantastic

We did not know what to order since everything sounds so delicious...
And it was!
My boy ordered zucchini zoodles (which I normally don't like) but did not want them since they were cold (raw vegan), so I switched for my burger & they were fantastic.
The wedges that sided the burger as well as the dip were also great (I did not get the chance to try the burger 😂).
My wife had the "best bowl in Bali" & we've been here for several months now.

Pros: Organic, Super nice restaurant, Environmentally friendly


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29 Aug 2023

Amazing food - good quantity

The food was amazing, the quantities were big.
Original dishes, nice change from usual dishes in vegan restaurants.


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22 Jul 2023

A model concept for all vegan shop

Visited Alchemy in June. This is 2nd time we visited this shop. They also open other shop in Bali and Tokyo. Good luck for the business. The food/drink and service is perfect


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20 Jul 2023

Amazing food

The intro to this place says raw food cafe and, although there are lots of raw food options on the menu, there are also a lot of cooked options as well. For people, like myself, who aren’t keen on the raw food scene, don’t let the intro put you off going here. The Shakshouka with the vegan fried egg was so good and packed full of flavour. It was probably the best vegan fried egg I’ve ever had! The açai bowl, cookies and truffle were all amazing as well!


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05 Jun 2023

should b listed as vegan

all vegan except for honey (but the menu explains why they offer honey, the benefits, and how it’s ethically sourced) cozy spot to stay for a while , lots of creative food options ! build your own salad bar, homemade desserts in window, friendly staff, lots of cleansing smoothie options! All options are clearly labeled (raw, honey , gf etc)

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-05


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31 May 2023

Very good!

All was very good, restaurant, salad bar, smoothie bowl bar, coffe, sweets, sitting upstairs, shop with goodies downstairs. All very good 😍


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24 May 2023

Vegan heaven!

We lived in a villa in one of the rice fields behind Alchemy and were so lucky that this was our nearest restaurant with lots of healthy vegan options and a daily fresh juice delivery for each day of my cleanse.

We wanted to try everything because the choice was great and the restaurant itself was a hub for wellness in a lovely location, away from central Ubud but still walkable - the walk was slightly uphill but pleasant.

Pros: Beautiful fresh flavours, Lots of healthy choices, Daily juice delivery

Cons: Expensive, Honey


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20 May 2023


Fluffy waffle - great
Mungbean crepe with Sunnyside up 'egg' - great
Vanilla cheesecake with passion fruit - amazing

Nice little shop with healthy tasty snacks too. We got a lot of the protein balls for hikes and travel days. A little bougie. Felt kinda americanized.


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20 Mar 2023

Just wow

Just wandered into this restaurant and was completely marvelled. Lovely interior, nice staff and a HUGE variety. It’s made almost cooked up to 40° Celsius ( don’t know then Fahrenheit).
We had the burger, tuna sandwich, jackfruit wrap and the zoodles. Compared to the prize the portions were very huge and satisfied completely ☺️

Pros: Many vegan options, Almost all is gluten free , They have beegan as a separat


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06 Mar 2023

An Ubud Institution

Created by a good person who has staff that are happy and welcoming. Alchemy continues to set the standard of raw and semi raw food in the Ubud community. A good focus on flavor and nutrition, there is a range of options available for all palates. Personal faves include the smoothie bowl breakfast bar, salad bar, soup bar and their variety of ice creams.

Pros: Food is great. Hardly a poor choice on the menu. , Easy location, in and out. , Be curious and try the options.

Cons: None to mind


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23 Feb 2023

Little too much people, but the food is still worth it

Delicious breakfast, waffles with chocolate sauce. How did they do the eggwhite on the breakfast plate?

Pros: Delicious foods and drinks , Big menu, A little shop in the lovely restaurant

Cons: A little bit to hot in there


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13 Feb 2023

Delicious food

Completely vegan menu. Lots of raw options.

I had the jackfruit tuna sandwich, a slice of raw pizza and the sourbucha. Main meals are filling and very flavorsome.

I also tried the waffles with ice cream.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-13

Pros: Raw and gluten free, Completely vegan menu


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15 Jan 2023

Fantastic vegan desserts

Alchemy offers a diverse menu of mostly vegan food (except those with honey), and there’s a good chance that most people would find something to enjoy. Raw cuisine is a specialty here and the raw pizzas are recommendable. Personally, I think where they shine most brightly is with their desserts, which are top notch, some bordering on magical.

Vegans just need to pay close attention to which items have honey (they’re labeled with a honeycomb graphic on the menu, for “beegan,” but it’s small so can be easy to miss among the other similar graphics).

Service is sweet and accommodating.

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24 Dec 2022

Create your salad and your ice cream

We went for the full 'make your own' experience be raiding the salad bar and making our own soft serve. It was all very good and delicious. The atmosphere is chill. They clearly mark honey options (we've noticed in Bali honey is often still in vegan-marked dishes :/)

Pros: The soft serve with cookie!


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07 Dec 2022

My fave

We went here a few times as they had a shop as well as the restaurant, the shop was great as it had really nice kimchi which we always stocked up on. We ate at the restaurant once and it was pretty good. The staff are all really warming and friendly. The food was tastey but it’s not the sort of place you would go if you like unhealthy food as it’s all health or raw based mostly. They do have a fridge full of sweet snacks where you can get really nice chocolates. It’s pretty expensive tho.

Pros: Lovely staff, Lovely vibe , Tastey food

Cons: Bit pricey


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29 Oct 2022

Incredible breakfast

Everything we had at Alchemy was stellar, and the Champion Breakfast Plate had the most amazing combination of flavors. Chill vibe. Nice little store too.


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22 Oct 2022

Excellent food and environment.

I had the breakfast sampler it’s crazy how they had a vegan egg tasting like a real one. Now that’s alchemy for real.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-22

Pros: Great taste

Cons: None


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30 Sep 2022

Pretty good, but desserts too sweet

Been here a few times - the drinks are good, but pricey. I was recommended the snickers dessert which was overly sweet with competing tastes. Salads and vege dishes were good. I recently heard that they're now stocking Malaika gluten free breads which is great news - these aren't your usual banana flour breads, they are fermented pumpkin and fermented coconut breads - really tasty, low-carb and delicious!


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28 Sep 2022

Amazing place!

Many vegan healthy options for food and desserts, and many healthy drinks

Pros: Lots of vegan options for food, desserts, drinks, Super healthy and good quality, Amazing atmosphere and kind staff


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27 Sep 2022

The best vegan food we had.

Amazing place with hundreds of options for vegans


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27 Sep 2022

Food was delicious

Smokey burger was really good, poke bowl was nice and fresh. But the star of the show was the cheese board, was amazing! Compared to some of the other restaurants in town it is a little expensive but would still recommend you try


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22 Sep 2022


A nice restaurant with a health shop attached to it.
Customers are only expats, food is overall good. Been there many times and food can be very inconsistent when it comes to taste and presentation (one day the burger had a bun, the other it didn't, without explanation).
Quite expensive.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-22

Cons: Pricey


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20 Aug 2022

Beautiful cafe with delicious vegan food

Amazing atmosphere, great food (large menu) and a cute gift shop.


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20 Jul 2022

Pure Awesomeness

The best breakfast bar I ever tried. Delicious raw vegan yoghurt + organic fruits + delicious toppings. Wow ! It's so good I go there EVERY DAY for my breakfast.
The best salad bar I ever tried. Varied, flavourful, fresh, personalised.
Every item on the menu is absolute heaven to me. Feels like really high vibes!

Excellent smoothies and juices, amazing chocolates and tarts.
Fast and very kind service. Best in class.

My favorite café in the world and I travelled A LOT!

Updated from previous review on 2015-06-15

Pros: Breakfast Bar is Beyond Awesome, Salad Bar is Very Awesome, Smoothies, Juices and Desserts are WOW

Cons: The terrace is on a noisy road


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19 Jul 2022


I prefer my food cooked to be honest. Saying that, our party of vegans and carnivores were pleasantly surprised at what finally turned up on our plates. I had a fake egg and was impressed by the look and texture. The chocolate cake was also unbelievably dense and rich.
The whole hippy atmosphere is a bit of a turnoff though.

Pros: Impressive food

Cons: Lack of alcohol, Hippyish atmosphere

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