Traditional, non-veg bakery cafe with vegan cake options such as carrot cake, rum sponge, and/or raspberry cake. Located next to Stephansdom. NOTE: Reported November 2023 to have limited vegan options – please send updates to HappyCow. Open Mon-Fri 07:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 08:00-22:00.

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First Review by marky_mark


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28 Nov 2023

No choice

The description here needs to change. They only offer carrot cake which is quite nice but there is no other choice.



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23 Nov 2023

Only carrot cake

Solo la tarta de zanahoria,

Pros: Tarta de zanahoria

Cons: Las chicas de la barra dices vegano y miran mal


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29 Aug 2023

Tasty carrot cake but not much choice

Such cool decorations, very fun for photos and exciting cafe experience. I had the vegan carrot cake which was quite tasty, not the most options here, when I came they only had one other option


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07 Aug 2023

C'mon Barbie, let's go party 💕

✨ Il posto ti catapulta indietro nel tempo. Emana un'aura retrò ricoperta di zucchero filato. È veramente da cartolina e ti fa venire voglia di entrare già solo per questo.

Una volta dentro, la vetrina piena di dolci ti porta alla tentazione 👀💕

🍰 Non ho voluto provare quella a forma di carota (non avevo letto le recensioni, ma probabilmente ho fatto bene a fare la mia scelta). Mi sono lasciata sedurre da quella cioccolatosa e infatti non sono stata delusa!

✨☁️ La consistenza era quella di una nuvola! Dolce, ma leggera, che si scioglieva ogni volta in bocca.

La consiglio a tutti gli amanti dei dolci!


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10 Jul 2023

Not great for vegans

Es gibt sehr oft nicht die veganen Kuchen. Cool, dass ein so traditionelles Café vegane Optionen anbietet! Leider auch schon gehäuft keine milchalternative vorhanden gewesen.
Der carrot-cake ist fein, wenn er denn verfügbar ist ✨
Für den Kuchen allein muss eins allerdings nicht extra hin.

Pros: Traditionell & vegan

Cons: Oft keine milchalternative vorhanden , Oft kein Veganer Kuchen da


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04 May 2023

It's something

I've been to several Aidas in the last few years. It carries a sentimental element for me, because it reminds me of my grandmother, and the stores still have that vintage touch to them. The vegan options are extremely limited, sadly. On the website I saw they apparently carry multiple, but all I've ever actually seen (across several locations) was a single one - the carrot cake. It's ok but not great, sometimes it was already a bit stale when I got it.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-04

Pros: Many locations across town, Vintage vibe

Cons: Single vegan option


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04 May 2023


The cake was dry and the service wasn’t good. The servers were really rude as they didn’t explain I had to sit and got angry I was waiting standing up. Plus they had 1 vegan option (cake) and the other things on the menu were seasonal. The place looked cute tho.

Pros: Cute restaurant.

Cons: Dry cake, Unfriendly staff


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06 Feb 2023


Completely traditional café (European café means: cake) serving clearly labeled vegan delicious cake(s) — in the total middle of tourist hotspot. High quality. Soy & almond milk, too. Obviously, not an animal rights environment but tourist service. Good coffee. Lately (2023): Vegan items not available any more except carrot cake coz "the factory did not deliver". Come on...

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-06


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29 Nov 2022

It was okay

Tasted the vegan carrot cake - a little dry, but okay. Nice interior and friendly staff!


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09 Nov 2022

Really good!!

Not fully vegan but has a few option in pastries as well as almond milk for coffees

Pros: A few options clearly written on the menu, Really nice staff


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18 Jun 2022

Vegan offering substandard

The carrot cake looked nice. The first one I was given must’ve been on the shelf for a week. I couldn’t get the fork through it. The replacement was only slightly more moist. For these prices you expect quality food. Aida really need to get their act together for the growing number of vegan customers.

Pros: Three vegan products, Clearly labeled

Cons: No savory products, Carrot cake dry, rubbery and inedible.


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02 Jun 2022

Great latte

The coffee options were great - I enjoyed my soy latte and the cute ambiance. The vegan carrot cake was very cute but not very tasty!


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13 May 2022

לטבעוני היה רק עוגת גזר

כשהגענו היה רק עוגת גזר :/


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25 Sep 2021

Only one & not so great cake

I do not recommend this place, the cake was not that good. I expected so much more. There are other places in the city with a great selection of vegan cakes.


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29 Aug 2021


When I first walked in I was so excited to see they have vegan cake! But the carrot cake I had was very dry and didn’t taste very fresh. I was a little sad since this was the last thing I ate in Vienna..


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31 Aug 2020

Warning, not friendly with vegan

5 vegan cake, olny 1 available.
Attention: if you chooose a vegan cake not avaible, they'll bring you the same cake not vegan without tell it. We discover it the next day.
5 tarte, seulement 1 disponible.
Attention: si vous commandez un gâteau qui n'est pas disponible les serveuses vous portent la même tarte non vegane sans vous le dire. Nous l'avons découvert le jour suivant en feuilletant le menu.
5 torte, solo 1 disponibile.
Attenzione: se ordinate una torta che non è disponibile vi porteranno la corrispettiva non vegan, senza dirvelo. L'abbiamo scoperto il giorno dopo sfogliando il menù.


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16 Aug 2020

Little disappointment

I was looking forward to Aida since the day I planned my trip to Vienna. Unfortunately, I feel mostly disappointed. We were waiting for staff for a long time and only one vegan cake available was carrot cake. It was good, but I wanted to try brownie or coconut cake. I hope one day I will have chance to try them. ☺️

Updated from previous review on 2020-08-16

Pros: retro interior, good atmosphere, friendly staff

Cons: only one vegan cake available, long waiting for staff


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12 Mar 2020

Kaffeehaus mit einigen veganen Optionen

Mittlerweile gibt es in den Aida-Filialen einige vegane Optionen- ich hatte neulich den veganen Karottenkuchen und fand ihn gut, er war auch größer als er auf dem Foto aussieht. Das Ambiente in den meisten Aida-Filialen ist typisch für Wiener Kaffeehäuser, die Filiale am Dom zB ist aber sehr touristisch.

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