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Family-owned hummus shop. Makes hummus fresh daily. Serves classic hummus and masabaha (spicy) hummus. Menu only includes hummus, pita, onions, and drinks. The one dairy item is labaneh, which a sour milk-based spread. Expect long lines on the weekend. May close early if hummus runs out. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-4:00pm.

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22 Reviews

First Review by DirkG


Points +72

29 Apr 2023

Best hummus in town

Best hummus I tried here so far! Try the triple combi: hummus, some kind of spicy hummus and foul, it’s amazing!



Points +318

02 Mar 2023

Köstlicher Hummus

Sehr nette Bedienung, top Essen, vergleichsweise preiswert.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-28

Cons: Ein bisschen hektisch


Points +28

10 Jul 2020

Delicious hummus!!!

Love this place!!!


Points +22

22 May 2020

Best hummus you'll ever eat

Go for the masabaha

Pros: Mostly vegan, Great price for what you get


Points +776

31 Dec 2019

Amazing hummus

The hummus and falafel are amazing! Get the triple plate so you can taste the 3 vegan ones!
Cheap and cheerful and extremely fresh


Points +74

25 Jul 2019

I was somehow hoping for more

It was bissy and felt a bit stressed, probably because it's so popular. The hummus itself was fine, I was not blown away as I was expected. We tried the warm hummus, not a fan at all but the original hummus was better and did the job. Not the best hummus for me in Tel Aviv.


Points +6531

14 Jun 2019

Decent hummus restaurant

Can’t say this hummus is number one for me, but, you know, it’s subjective. Anyway it’s fresh and tasty, service is friendly and fast, the place is clean and there’s enough seats indoors and outdoors.
Also I found “pol” - baked beans - kinda tasteless.
Don’t forget to mention that you are vegan to not to get an egg with your hummus plate.

Pros: Fresh decent hummus, Cheap

Cons: Not 100% vegan , Jerusalem hummus is still the best for me :)


Points +58

06 May 2019

Delicious Hummus 😍

Had some really good hummus there!

Pros: Good Food, Fast Service, Quite cheap


Points +181

02 May 2019

Delicous hummus!

One of the best hummus places in Tel Aviv! When I was there it was very noisy and busy, but I guess that’s part of the experience as well.


Points +156

20 Apr 2019

Probably the best humus in Israel

An amazing humus, served either with chickpeas or ful. A popular option is the "triangle" (Meshulash in Hebrew) a trio of them all - highly recommended.

Pros: An amazing humus, Great price, Very fast service


Points +12462

31 Mar 2019

Some of the world's BEST Hummus

I am a massive hummus fan, and this place has some of the world's best hummus! Do not miss this place if you want to know why people feel that Tel Aviv has some of the world's best hummus. Light, creamy and spectacular!


Points +988

04 Nov 2018

One of Israel's oldest and most famous humus restaurants

The Msabbaha is the most famous dish here and it is highly recommended! (it is a variation of hummus).
Ali Karawan (the founder), started to sell hummus on the streets of Jaffa and in 1959 opened his first restaurant. He passed away in 2017 when he was 85 years ago.
2 branches are located in Shivtei Israel street, the third one is located on the dolphin street, about 10min walk (next to the sea).

Bonus: Piece Of Cake is located next by! A vegan-friendly bakery offering many pastries, cakes etc.

Pros: Cheap (20NIS per a plate), Tasty, Piece Of Cake is next door


Points +110

23 Sep 2018

Yes yes yes

Excellent hummus and so cheap!


Points +58

09 Jun 2018

Must eat here. Really. You must.

If you come here make sure to order "Masabaha". DO NOT ask for "hummus", (its not the same).


Points +3789

15 May 2018

Super hummus

This place is fast-paced, but friendly. You sit at tables with others, all eating their food quickly. I had the cold hummus, which comes with a bowl of lemon sauce, a pile of really good pita bread, and a bunch of nice white onion slices (good for dipping). The hummus was incredibly good. I was very hungry when I went in, and very full when I left. All for 20 ILS. This place warrants all the high praise it gets.

Pros: great hummus, inexpensive

Cons: kind of loud, fast paced -- not a place to hang out

The London Vegan

Points +2045

03 Apr 2018

amazing hummus, felafel and pita and v cheap

This was a great place - atmosphere was proper middle eastern and full of locals. Prices are great, everything labelled in Hebrew. I had hummus, falafel and pita and it was only 25 shekels. But - I asked for it to eat in but they did it to take away - which is fine, just a language barrier thing - but the amount of plastic waste was unbelievable - for that there was 2 plastic containers and 2 lids and an incredible 3 plastic bags!!!! Please please ask for it in or ask for no bags!! Aghh!!


Points +17

28 Dec 2017

Great hummus

I love Hummus, thank god i don't live in Tel Aviv because I would go to this place almost every day. I read so many good things about this place, but only when I went there I understood why the hummus is so famous. Besides the food that is amazing, the service is fast, the staff really nice and flexible, and the place convivial. We went there in the morning and it was not as busy.

Pros: Hummus, Price, Staff


Points +214

24 Jan 2017

Perfect on so many levels

Yaffo Hummus is very different from Jerusalem or Northern Israel.
It's a matter of if you love it or not.
I love this place because it's open early and also on the weekends,service is fast and food is fresh and satisfying.
As a real Hummus Junky this is a Mecca for Hummus One of the best in the world.
You should order fries,salad,lemonade and falafel with your Hummus for the full on experience.
A heaven for hungry Vegans and Hummus lovers.

Pros: Fast and delicious, open early and on weekends, Full vegan meal

Cons: They close when Hummus is finished, They might seat others next to you, You'll get addicted guaranteed


Points +467

28 Nov 2016

God soo amazing!

Just incredible and awesome hummus that creates some deem good spirits inside of you! Like flying on a good food, just take a minute and gave it a try, worth 100%!!!

Prices are really really nicee!!! :)


Points +52

23 Jul 2016

Abu Hassan

Fantastic Msabaha - I would not be too wrong if I would say that it is "the best". It is kind of a legend.

For some people, the negatives would be that at rush hours you might find yourself sharing the table with others, and you can't sit for hours - people are waiting for their turn. But it is really not that bad.


Points +36

08 Nov 2015

worth it

yep it's the best but not only one in TLV, there mind be more veggies there, if you are vegan it 's not super safe because there might be same eggs in it


Points +19

22 Oct 2014

Best Hummus In The World

Believe me, ive tried a loooot of hummus all over ther world but Abu Hassan's is just orgasmic pleasure

Pros: Cheap, Taste, Best Mesabeha In The Planet

Cons: The Line

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