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3G Vegetarian Restaurant

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3424 Cambie St, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5Z 2W8

Dim sum, Chinese and Thai food place in Cambie Village area. Uses Sheese vegan cheese and vegan faux meats in some dishes. Est. 2009 and became all vegan in 2011. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Thai, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (39)

First Review by christine_bean
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We Love 3G - Edit

When you have a vegan craving 3G is the best place for it.

Pros: Chinese Food, Every thing on the menu is amazing, Can't go wrong

Cons: It's in Vancouver and we are in Victoria

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3 Times the Awesome - Edit

We call when we are at the border and pick up after we cross. We eat it in the car. It is an oasis on the journey north to Vancouver. Don't miss out :)

Pros: cheap, delicious, easy to find

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Worst Experience Ever - Edit

SO I love supporting Vegan restaurants and I feel so bad for my experience here.
I came in by myself and ordered udon. The contents of my Udon dish consisted of hot flavourless water, under cooked udon noodles a half of a tomato and a small piece of mushroom- that was all! I have up loaded a picture here to show you. The dish was only $7.50 and on the menu looked very tasty. It was nothing like the picture and when I asked the waitress about this in broken English replied Udon- its Udon. I wont go into all the details but she was extremely rude as was another Chinese man that came over. I felt horrible and ashamed as they were so rude and even told me to call the police if I didnt like it! 0 stars for service

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It's not the worst. - Edit

Most of my friends like this place because they have alcohol. But the food is so so. There are far better places to eat at in Vancouver, but if you are eating here get the drum sticks. They are dope.

Pros: fast, alcohol

Cons: not the best food.

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Used to be great for dim sums - Edit

We have been disappointed the last few times with food quality and service is not as good when the owners are not in... We have not been back in a while.

3G has the best vegan dim sums in Vancouver. They are open 365 days a year, rain or shine. The owners also serve so the service is attentive and friendly. We go to 3G for weekend dim sums. The food is usually delicious (except a one-off) . Try the deep fried bean curd rolls in black bean sauce (dim sum menu) or satay sauce (main menu), they are delicious. Also noteworthy the taro fried rice and the sweet and sour "pork". Heavy on soy and sauces but it's all vegan and it tastes delicious as a treat...
Updated from previous review on Wednesday July 11, 2012

Updated from previous review on Monday October 05, 2015

Pros: vegan dim sums, friendly owners

Cons: Gluten free knowledge

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NO NO NO - Edit

If you want greasy fake food then this is your place! Processed, fried "meat" products? I'm sorry, vegans deserve better! There is great vegan options in Vancouver, don't waste time or money at this one.

Pros: good location

Cons: not fresh, processed fake meat, greasy

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Not impressed - Edit

The food was mediocre at best. Greasy and unexciting. The main reason why I won't go back there is that the place is unclean. My (metal) chopsticks were visibly greasy and I actually went to the washroom to wash them so I could eat. Also, I saw the guy just rinse the dirty chopsticks (no soap) and put them on a mat to dry. There was even something floating in my water cup.

Cons: unclean

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Great Chinese vegetarian food - Edit

We have travelled the world and enjoyed many vegetarian meals. I personally enjoy the Chinese style fake meat dishes, especially sweet and sour pork. This restaurant had one of the best sweet and sour chicken dishes I have tasted. The fake meat was perfectly cooked, battered but not doughy, chewy and not soggy. The sweet and sour sauce was not overdone and not too sickly sweet or overbearing. We also ordered the vegetables with lotus root and Japanese yam. Cooked to perfection and delicious sauce. The only disappointment was the hot and sour soup with noodles.

We will be going back for lunch tomorrow.

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Pretty good! - Edit

I don't eat fake meats very often but when I do I would definitely come here as it was surprisingly tasty. I wouldn't go regularly as it's not the healthiest but definitely would go again!!

Pros: all vegan, good fake meats

Cons: oily

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I can eat dim sum again! - Edit

Now that I have become a vegetarian, going to dim sum is not the same anymore. I can only eat 1 or 2 dishes at normal dim sum places... after strategically picking out all the meat pieces.

I tried 3G out last week. The food is alright, it's passable for dim sum. I ordered the BBQ Pork Bun, which is pretty good. I remember I also ordered the 'pork' siu mai... which I did not think was very good - it was just mushrooms and water chestnuts, it was too mushy.

This place is ok... but I feel I need to find a better place for vegetarian dim sum that my parents would approve of.

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Don't Eat Here! - Edit

I wanted to try this place and took my family there for my birthday. The menu is all fake meat which I personally detest and when I asked if any dishes were gluten free the staff didn't know if it was or not. I think they should know whether or not their food contains certain ingredients, no? We went ahead and ordered the dishes that the server said were soy based "meats" and it was gross. Everyone got the runs after eating there. I have a feeling their kitchen is not very clean. Definitely wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

Pros: All vegan

Cons: dirty, too much fake meat, unknowledgeable staff

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Great choice for newbie Veg heads and wannabes too - Edit

I found this restaurant on this website and thought I would try it out because of the great reviews. Let me just say that everyone was right! Those drumsticks were amazing! They give you so much and it eerily tasted (and texture-wise felt like) pork! I actually had to stop eating them because of that ha ha ha but my brother--in-law (not veggy) LOVED them and said it would be perfect for anyone trying out veg-life. I also tried the "ribs", which again were eerily-like the real thing but tasted amazing. I loved the cozy, homestyle character of the restaurant. I still can't believe that EVERYTHING on that menu was vegan! I asked a few times just to make sure he he. I can't wait to eat there again and bring all my meat-head friends along :) Highly recommended!

Pros: Delicious food - everything is vegan, Great value for great portions, Comfy atmosphere and friendly staff

Cons: Older decor (but that's super minor)

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Worth Going for the Dim Sum - Edit

I recently tried 3G while visiting Vancouver, as I have never had vegan dim sum. There are so many dim sum options, it was hard to choose, and this restaurant is worth trying to sample some new things. Some dim sum we tried were quite good, and some were so-so. I was nervous about the shrimp dumplings, but was pleasantly surprised to find I really liked them. I also thought the bbq pork bun was quite good. I did not really care for the steamed bean curd roll, and the chicken with ginger bun was okay but nothing special. In addition to dim sum, we sampled the lunch sweet and sour chicken, which was very good. I think if I went back I would try a couple more dim sum, but get less of that and more of the other dishes. I think it is different at dinner, but for lunch they give smaller, less expensive portions for even the non dim-sum dishes so multiple items can be tried and shared. This is a great way to try new things. The service was very good as well.

Pros: Large vegan dim sum menu, Small inexpensive portions for sampling

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fantastic! - Edit

It's a real treat for a vegan to be able to partake in dim sum which is traditionally so meat oriented. Everything on then menu we tried was awesome. And their 'drumsticks' need to be tried by everyone. Very innovative. :)

Pros: relaxed atmosphere, extensive menu

Cons: limited seating

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Amazing! - Edit

I have visited this place several times and enjoy it everytime. You HAVE to get the drumsticks, they are so good, will satisty any craving you have for salty delicious "chicken wings" and come with an awesome sauce to dip in, we always need more it's so good. The sweet and sour pork is another must-have! So good, I can't replicate it! We also usually order the chowmein which is a great accompainment to any of the saucy dishes.

The owners are super friendly and the female cook will come out wearing a "save the seals" shirt etc. she's so cute. They are definitely in the business of customer satisfaction and vegan awareness!

Pros: Good variety, Helpful, friendly staff, Good location

Cons: Menu is a bit "lost in translation"

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Favourite Vegan restaurant on the west coast. - Edit

ThreeG is the best. The sweet and sour pork patties are amazing and so is everything else. The dim sum menu is super fun and delicious. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is cute.

Pros: excellent food, reasonable prices, great staff

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Ok food - Edit

I ordered the Yam and Potato Tempura. I know it’s not very healthy since it was fried, but it tasted decent. I didn’t care for the sauce, but the tempura was nice. I liked the yam more than the potato and would just order them next time instead of the blend.

For my entree, I had Chili Tofu with Sesame Sauce and rice. The rice costs extra and was not a large amount for the price. The serving of tofu was very large, and I didn’t even finish half of it. I would think it would work best to serve two people with a vegetable side.

I enjoyed the flavor of the tofu. The chili wasn’t too spicy; it was just the right amount of heat. I liked the sauce. It went especially well with the tempura.

Overall average Asain, but not the best. I would go back.

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Not very good - Edit

The place was not conveniently located. Which is fine, but not when you get there and the place feels dirty and isolated. The food was "eh" and the utensils and plates were dirty. Not a good feeling when you're trusting the food to be prepared in a hygenic way. The food felt very processed and was not that good. Certainly wouldn't recommend it to others.

Cons: Dirty, Bad location, Average food

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Not Great! - Edit

The food was all "faux meat" stuff. No one at our table liked the food and we waited a long time.

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drschoen 26 May 2013 - there are MANY non-faux-meat options on the menu and it's a small operation so if you're in a rush (not good for the digestion) it's not the place for you.

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Vegetarian Oriental Food - Edit

Small restaurant located in a great neighbourhood. Service is OK but the food is delicious - and it's all vegetarian/vegan.

Pros: Chicken Drumsticks (Veggie), Well Priced, Location

Cons: Service, Dessert Selection

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UnHappyCow - Edit

For my wife's birthday we decided to try a new vegan restaurant. 3G seemed promising given that it's well, vegan, and has some good reviews. Unfortunately, it really wasn't our type of vegan fare. Personally, and not to be nasty, the food was very low quality. I'll qualify that by saying, if you're into deep fried, strongly salted and fake-meat, protein-centric fare, this might be the place for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for good vegetables and interesting flavors 3G, in my opinion, probably won't be a good stop. It definitely was not for us. In fact, what little fried food we had was so oily my wife, who enjoys a strong stomach, was atypically ill after eating at 3G. And the veggies were uninspired and bland.

The server also brought an incorrect appetizer which in itself wasn't a huge deal but it did add to the overall "bummer" of having picked this place for our celebration.

The server was very nice though and the rice was good.

In conclusion, we feel Vancouver offers more authentic, tasty vegan and vegetarian fare at better prices and we'd recommend checking out some of these nice restaurants.

Pros: Clean, Friendly service, Good Location

Cons: Way too Oily, Greasy, Few Vegetable Options, Expensive (for what you get)

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drschoen 26 May 2013 - sorry you didn't have a good experience. I eat there at least once a week and have always found the food light, delicious, NOT greasy and actually very 'settling' in my stomach.

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If near by, but wouldn't go out of my way - Edit

I have sort of indifferent feelings about this place and I'm not really sure why. The food was actually pretty good. The fake meats are some of the best I've had. So if you're into fake meats, give them a try. I've been there a few times and while it's good, I'm never really excited to eat there. I don't know why. The service is fine. Nothing great, but nothing horrible either. I had one of their soups and it was horrible though. Truly horrible. I rarely waste food, but I couldn't take more than one spoonful. The other downside is, it was FREEZING in there. Maybe it's just me, but I like to be able to take off my jacket when I eat.

So I say, if you happen to be hungry and within a block or two of it. Give it a try, but wear a jacket! The food is good. I can't place my disinterest.

Pros: Good fake meats

Cons: Freezing cold, Bad soup

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drschoen 09 Feb 2013 - If you arrive right after they open, you're right, it will be a little chilly in the restaurant. They're not wealthy and don't heat it 24 hrs a day. I've never had more than a couple of their soups, but I think their won ton soup is one of the best I've ever had anywhere.

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Friendly Staff and Good Food - Edit

The place is entirely vegan and the staff are really friendly. I like the bean curd skin roll with broccoli and mushrooms, and the sweet and sour chicken, and the crispy pancake appetizer.

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Great food - Edit

The food was as delicious as described by the other reviewers. Lots of choices of mock meat with different sauces and flavours. We had the spinach soup, sweet & sour pork and the Portuguese baked vegetables. Delicious sauce. The owner took lots of time talking to us and explaining the food. Overall a great experience; will try to go back whenever we visit Vancouver now.

Pros: Fantastic food, Relatively central, Nice owners

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Worthwhile - Edit

Tonight was my second time at 3G. I had a bowl of corn and tofu soup to take the chill off. Main course was pan fried eggplants with 'chicken' over brown rice. Being spoiled as I am with the Vietnamese and Chinese Veg places 3G doesn't exactly knock my socks off; but it is a worthwhile experience just the same. The dish was a bit too oily but it tasted good. Perhaps a little something with some crunch... water chestnut, snap peas, bok choy, etc would have set the dish apart.

The owner was very sweet and kind. But they really ought to consider updating the interior. Right now it's sort of a 1980'ish day glo, rainbow bright theme that is out of place on the otherwise "hip" Cambie St.

A couple of minor changes could make 3G excellent.

Pros: Dependable Quality, inexpensive

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Seriously Amazing. - Edit

We drove up from Bellingham for some vegan food therapy and found ourselves blissing from the moment we walked through the door. Staff (such that it was but it we were the only patrons so it was awesomely intimate) - so courteous and kind. Prices - we ordered from the richly varied dim sum menu, for the portions we received the prices were commensurate. Food - ohhhhhh, WOW. I can't stop talking about the wonton soup, hours later... sweet & sour mock pork was something to treasure... daikon cakes were the best I've ever had... really, everything we ordered (and we ordered a LOT) was a treasure to the palate.

We have visited many vegetarian restaurants in and around Vancouver and 3G may be our new favorite. It just barely beats out the rival restaurant on Fraser, but it does win.

Eat here and leave merry!

Pros: Flavor, Selection/Variety, Atmosphere & Service

Cons: Parking

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One of the Best in Vancouver - Edit

I usually go to 3G once a week, and have never left disappointed!

The atmosphere is quiet and casual, the restaurant is clean and bright, and the staff are always helpful, and sure to tell me what is Vegan and what isn't.

The pan fried veggie Gyoza is delicious, and I highly recommend the taro and pine nut fried rice, and I could eat the sweet and sour "pork" but the truck full.

I suggest starting a meal off with one of their sumptuous soups; the won-ton was spectacular, but the others are definitely not lacking.

I can't say enough good things about 3G, definitely one of my favorite Vancouver vegan friendly restaurants.

Pros: Great Food, Friendly Staff, Relaxed Atmosphere

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Great food! - Edit

To be honest we didn't expect much from this place until we tasted their food. We loved the sweet and sour pork and it was delicious! We would love to try their dessert but we were full. May be next time!

PS. If 4G cellphone comes out, they will have to open another restaurant call 4G! lol

Pros: Tasty food, Reasonable price, Good portions

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kira.wang 28 Dec 2011 - could u tell me how much will cost there?

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the best veggie resto in Van + allday dimsum!!! - Edit

I was so sick and tired of the bad service and mediocre food at all of the veggie places in Vancouver - until 3G arrived. such great food, sweet service, and clean bathrooms!

Kind of silly name, but turns out it stands for something good - Graciousness, Gratefulness and Generosity.
This fits to a tee. or should I say G times 3.

I have been many times now and have never had anything but a good time.
Its clean and not over lit like some places. the staff is very attentive and great with suggestions.
The daikon cakes (from the all day dim sum menu!) are the most comfortng tasty items ever.
the sweet and sour faux chicken, incredible.
and if you are dragging a meat eater along, you must order the drumsticks. unbeliveable really.

this is the closest i have come to lotus pond in victoria and i am so glad they are here in Vancouver.

Go before they close due to lack of customers, so hard to keep a veggie place going, but it would be criminal for this new restaurant to perish.


Pros: eats!, service, bathroom

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Wow! - Edit

A bunch of my friends and I went here the other week, and they were awesome! Very very friendly, the food was delicious and unique (and I'm not even vegetarian! Just alot of my friends are) one friend that came is a strict vegan, and they even made some things special for her omitting such things as honey from sauces, etc. Fantastic all around! Fairly priced.

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ReneeB 22 Feb 2013 - Amendment - I've tried lots of other places too, (Bo Kong, etc) and they by far had the best service and food. Lots of variety.

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Awful - Edit

It was truly bad especially compared to the other options, like Bo Kong, in Vancouver. My husband and I went there for an early dinner one night about a month ago. The food was mediocre while eating it, but shortly thereafter I began feeling sick which lasted throughout the night. My husband then got horribly sick and was up throwing up half the night. Never again will we go near that place - I don't know how you mess up vegan food (I imagine the sauces were left out too long), but they managed to.

On top of that, the servers wouldn't leave us alone. Kept telling us things and we were trying to have some 'us' time.

Cons: make us sick, average (at best) food, nosy service

3 Responses

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axelboot 22 Feb 2013 - I am really surprised. I and my spouse have eaten here well over a dozen times in the last three months.
Everything is always tasty, well presented and terrific service.

Getting sick and vomiting? It seems unlikely to be the food from here responsible; I would suggest it had to be something eaten earlier because one doesn't vomit that quickly as the result of food poisoning ( ie right there during the meal), it takes usually more than one hour. Consult a physician, ask them about this incident.

Anyhow, I would encourage anyone who has read this post to still eat at 3G's..
Nope, I don't own any shares in the place either!!
Just, there are really rather few really good veggie places in Vancouver,
I want this one, my favourite, to stick around for years!!

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tcassels 22 Feb 2013 - My husband was the one who was sick-sick and it was the right time after (we went for dinner around 6pm and he started throwing up at 2am). The simply not feeling well was me and that was echoed by another friend who tried to eat there. Trust me - as a vegan, I'm always looking for good places, but this is one we'll avoid from now on!!!

I'm glad it's worked out well for you though!

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Veggie Man 22 Feb 2013 - I don't mean to cast doubt on your review. I'm sure you did get sick, but from your description of events, the jury is out on whether the food at 3G was responsible. You say you got sick shortly after eating there. This is plausible, because the incubation period can be as short as 30 mins. However, the incubation period for most foodborne illness is hours or even days. You might have gotten sick from something you ate 24 to 48 hours previously, so it's pretty hard to pinpoint exactly what made you sick. Also, if the sauces were to blame, then surely everyone who ate there that night would have become sick, and I haven't been able to find a single other report of food poisoning connected with this restaurant.

By the way, I have no vested interest in 3G. In fact, I have never even been there! I just think it's not so simple to point fingers at businesses when it comes to things like food poisoning, which is a very serious allegation.

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My All-time Favourite - Edit

I go to 3G at least once (sometimes twice) every weekend for lunch-time dim sum. It's just fantastic food, so fresh and beautifully presented. The staff always has a smile and service is great. A great place to bring a group of people, and certainly appropriate for non-vegans also who like Chinese/Asian cuisine.

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

Cons: none

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Absolutely the BEST!! So tasty, so friendly!! - Edit

Yes, I am about to gush. This new Chinese-Thai style 100% veggie is SO wonderful. I've eaten there twice in two weeks. We had our one year wedding anniversary dinner, and were so well treated.

We ate tonight a delicious eggplant and BBQ sauce dish, as well as one other, and these two sufficed as portions are generous.

Must mention how terrific the service is, and how welcoming they are.
I haven't felt so appreciated as a customer in a long time.

You MUST eat here ASAP!!

Pros: Great tasty food, Awesome service, Excellent value for $

Cons: NONE, Really, zippo!!

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