Serves meat, vegan options available. 3 Brothers offers several branches across Long Island. Has a separate and extensive vegan menu created by one of the sons, Jay, that features many choices, from pizza with vegan cheese & mock meats to burgers, hoagies, pasta, and other Italian entrees. Est. since 2007 previously at 212 N Long Beach Rd and moved here in 2017. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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08 Oct 2023

Best vegan pizza on LI

Lots of vegan options by the slice as well as calzones & rolls. This is definitely the most authentic vegan version of NY pizza that I’ve had. Mostly a takeout joint, it’s very tiny. But staff is knowledgeable and helpful. A must every time I visit the island !

Cons: Serves meat



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06 Jun 2023

Great food

My family ordered takeout for a luncheon after a funeral because the deceased was vegetarian and many of the family were vegetarian or vegan. Everyone (vegan and non-vegan) were really impressed by the food. We had trays of vegan calamari, penne ala vodka, eggplant rolatin, seitan parmigian, and Caesar salad. People couldn't believe how good the food was. It's really awesome to have a place on long island that does high quality vegan Italian food the right way!!

Pros: High quality vegan Italian food, Includes both vegan and non-vegan, Ability to cater for take out


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05 May 2023

Must have Vegan Pizza on Long Island

My fiancé and I love this place. All the vegan options are awesome. My current favorite is the vegan taco slice and the vegan chicken bacon ranch because I'm currently looking for protein heavier meals. Some times I go for the side of grilled seitan which has an awesome marinade to it (probably best option for vegan protein 💪🏾). 4 specialty vegan slices costing around 20-25 dollars is a steal. Sitting is limited but not a problem since most people eat and get out or just take out. If you're in the area and vegan this is a must do place.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-05

Pros: lots of Vegan Pizza Options, Side of grilled seitan for extra vegan protein


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22 Apr 2023

Crispy Cauliflower Pizza & Seitan Marsala are good!

I would definitely recommend the Crispy Cauliflower slice, and the seitan marsala entree. The pasta isn’t all that in my opinion but they have good vegan slices as well as desserts.

Pros: Vegan pizza options are great, Vegan and non-vegan options for entrees, Tasty vegan chocolate cake

Cons: Sometimes delivery can take a while, Vegan pasta dishes aren’t all that great


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22 Mar 2023

Great Italian Place for Vegans

They pretty much have a vegan version for everything, with some customization available too (nut cheese or Daiya).

There's a nearby pizza place that also has a bunch of vegan options but they seem to be under renovations at the moment.

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Good value for the price


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09 Nov 2022


Loved seeing so many vegan options! None of the places that are near me have vegan slices, so that was really nice to see.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Vegan gourmet slices


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20 Jul 2022

You never know if you’re getting vegan

This place makes a ton of mistakes. I’ve ordered vegan pizza and instead received regular. This seems to be a reoccurring issue. I had friend who ordered vegan pasta from here and she said it taste so good she wondered if it was actually vegan and I’m starting to believe it most likely wasn’t. They also don’t have the best hygiene I’ve seen a woman handle cash and pizza without washing her hands. Don’t trust this place.

Cons: Customer service , Wrong order, Hygiene


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29 Apr 2022

Best Vegan Pizza

I’ve been here many times and have tried many of their different Vegan pizzas and I have never been disappointed! Their pizza is amazing! The BBQ, Buffalo,oyster mushroom … I could go in and in. Don’t stop there … the pesto knots, fried Mac and cheese balls, eggplant parm sandwich … all vegan and all amazing! Order out or dine in (limited seating). Pay for parking in street or in lot.

Pros: Tom’s of Vegan options, Best Vegan Pizza


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07 Oct 2021

great vegan italian

I love the vegan options here! My fav is the plain cheese but the specialty pizzas are good too. I also recommend their mozzarella sticks and fettuccine alfredo, just make sure to specify if you want it vegan.

Pros: Tons of vegan options , Good food

Cons: really long wait times


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24 Apr 2021

The pizza on the bottom shelf are vegan , those on top are not

The pizza on the bottom shelf are vegan , those on top are not


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26 Jan 2021

Amazing Vegan Pizza!!

Honestly you can’t even tell it’s vegan — so delicious. The eggplant parm is easily my favorite that I have tried!!


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17 Jan 2021

Great vegan pizza in LI

When I’m craving a slice this is my go to spot. My favs are the backyard bbq and the spin dip, never disappoints.

Service can be so slow & ordering through uber eats has been iffy for me; one day my order was ready 5 min early but sometimes it wouldn’t even be in the oven when i get there.


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08 Oct 2020


Ordered for delivery, maybe the 30 minute drive had an effect on the Alfredo pasta sauce. It wasn’t creamy at all. The crispy cauliflower pizza was really good, but possibly over baked. All but three slices were super hard and crisp.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be better if eaten immediately.

Pros: Lots of options, Big pasta portion, Vegan desserts

Cons: Big pizza box for the size of the pizza , Slices not evenly cut or not cut at all


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27 Sep 2020

Deserves 5 stars!

The only reason I’m giving this place 4 stars is because the app won’t allow me 5. I’m newly transitioning to Veganism and this pizza is bomb! I had the grandma slice and a buffalo “chicken” slice and both were amazing. Even my best friend who isn’t vegan was impressed. They have so many options and vegan desserts as well. Will definitely be back here!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Reasonably priced


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25 Sep 2020

Many yummy options

Had the Bacon Ranch Pizza for dinner and the seitan parmigiana hero for lunch, both delicious.

Pros: Delicious


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08 Aug 2020

Great menu

When I first tried this place, I absolutely loved it. In fact I blame a 10 pound weight gain on ordering from here a few too many times!

For the last few months, though, meals have been inconsistent: Dried-our pizza tops when I order a full, fresh vegan pie, skimpy on the homemade vegan cheese, etc. Also there is no delivery person - they have tried to hire one, but for whatever reason they aren’t able to keep someone on staff there. Some healthy, fresh Italian meals such as pasta with fresh veggies and garlic would be a nice addition. I’ve tried to order it but get mixed results.

I’m going to keep supporting them and hope the consistency of meals returns. It’s great to have them in the neighborhood so fingers crossed!

Pros: Great vegan menu, Vegan desserts, Friendly service

Cons: Take out/limited seating, Food quality inconsistent


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06 Aug 2020

Amazing specialty pizzas

We tried 3 of their specialty pizzas, as well as the fried oreos and everything was amazing

Pros: Lots of vegan as well as meat options

Cons: There was no menu


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22 Jul 2020

Great specialty slices

I’ve tried almost all of their vegan specialty slices and they never fail. The Taco and the Crispy Cauliflower are my personal favorites. Their desserts are pretty good as well!


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20 Oct 2019

FULL vegan menu

Any dish can be made vegan!! So awesome!! The grandma pie is absolutely amazing!! Chicken parm hero is very good! We also had a few pasta dishes, they were all very flavorful.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Pizza by the slice available


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06 Oct 2019

Needle in a haystack.

I live in Suffolk where decent food goes to die. Compound that issue with eating vegan food, and that only makes it worse. This made it all better and is so very worth the hour-long trip. The sauce is edible and not a sugary mess. I don’t know what sorcery they use to make their vegan ricotta, but it’s magical. MAGICAL,
I tell you. The Seitan meatballs are the perfect texture, if not quite the “real thing.” (Cuz, obvi it’s not the real thing and that’s fine. It’s close enough!) I’m looking very forward to the treats I bought to go home with and eat all week - vegan slices, eggplant rollatini, and the raspberry cheesecake! I will definitely be back.

Pros: EVERYTHING on menu can be made vegan! EVERYTHING., Did I mention EVERYTHING has a vegan option? , The food is out of this world!

Cons: Lasagna and ravioli were sold out. I almost cried, No bathrooms. , Small seating area. Designed for takeout.


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11 Jun 2019


Makes great vegan specialty pies

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Expensive but worth it


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11 May 2019

My Favorite Pizza Place Ever!!! 🍕

I can't even explain to you how much I love this place. I've tried all kinds of different slices, dinners and desserts and loved them all! They're definitely expensive but so worth it

Pros: Full Vegan Menu , Excellent Food , Polite Staff

Cons: Expensive , Serves animal products


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05 Jan 2019

Delicious vegan food

Awesome options. Great taste. Good for mixed crowd. The price is sorta high but the quality is too. The have occasional off days but no one can be perfect. When they're on they're on!


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04 Nov 2018

Best vegan fettuccine alfredo

I LOVED everything I ate here at my inaugural visit. The place is super small, just a few seats so stick to takeout or off hours if you want one of the two tables. I had the storytime slice and vegan fettuccine alfredo. omg! My hubby had the vegan eggplant parmesan hero which he normally eats non-vegan and he loved it. We were too full for the deep fried oreos... next time!

Pros: tons of delicious vegan options

Cons: pay for parking ( nominal), no public bathroom, small space


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26 Feb 2018

3 Brothers of Rockville Center is BACK! THANK GOD!

As a vegetarian, I was a cheese addict, so going vegan was a little difficult. BUT this place REALLY helped. Oh my god, their food is fantastic. Their vegan grandma slices, amazing. There eggplant hero and eggplant parm, amazing. I love their food so much, even though they just reopened about a month or so ago, I've already become a regular customer. Highly recommend.

Updated from previous review on 2018-02-26

Pros: Full vegan menu (delicious), Awesome staff (so cool), Fun area (so much to explore)

Cons: Theyre not fully vegan so I cant give them 5 stars, Not a lot of seating, A bit pricey


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09 Aug 2013

Go to the RVC branch

The Nassau branch of 3 Brothers is by far the better of the two.

I tried the Farmingdale branch first and found the pizza dissappointing. The whole wheat crust was soggy, and the green veggies over cooked. I almost didn't return.

At the Nassau branch a friend and I split a combo Bianca and Margheritta pie and asked for the whole wheat crust pie to be well done and crisp. It was absolutely delicious. the Margheritta was redolent of garlic, with delicous tomato sauce and generous Daiya cheese. The Bianca with its cashew ricotta was a revelation. And the decor was much nicer than Farmingdale too. I plan to go back often and can't wait to come in for the weekend brunch.

Pros: Big, varied menu selection, Not just pizza

Cons: Expect to wait a bit for your food., Not cheap...but worth it.


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05 Aug 2013

nice suprise

The surprise was that I was just expecting vegan pizza, but upon request, our table was given the "vegan menu" with four pages of creative Italian vegan comfort food. I had the crab cakes appetizer and an large arugula salad. I also sampled the vegan lasagna, oyster mushroom calamari, and rollatini. My dining partners were all impressed with their meals and everyone was too full to sample the death by chocolate vegan dessert. Our server was very friendly and attentive and made good suggestions regarding the menu.

Pros: Italian comfort food, large portions, friendly staff

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