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Apple Cobbler Vegan
Apple Sauce Raw
Apple Streudel Vegan
Avocado Berry Salad Raw
Banana Berry Smoothie Raw
Banana Fritters in Coconut Batter Vegan
Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream Vegan
Berries Drink Raw
Cinnamon Apple Smoothie Vegan
Cranberry Pear Sauce Vegan
Freezer Fruit Treats Raw
Fresh Cranberry Sauce Vegan
Fruit and Jam Custard Vegan
Fruit Dessert Vegan
Fruit Medley Raw
Jackfruit Chili Vegan
Malty-Maca Mango Coconut Smoothie Raw
Mango Salad Raw
Melon Smoothie Raw
Mixed Berry Popcicle Vegan
Morning Fruit Salad Vegan
Orange and Lemon Marmalade Vegan
Peach Cobbler Vegan
Peaches and Cream Vegan
Pina Colada Popcicle Vegan
Pineapple Express Raw
Potato & Dried Fruit Casserole Vegan
Rasberry-Mango-Coconut Crumble Vegan
Rich Apple Crisp Vegan
Simple Strawberry Bowl Vegan
Strawberry Banana Bliss Vegan
Strawberry Smoothie Vegan
Strawberry Sorbet from The Perch Vegan
Watermelon Fizzies Raw
Winter Apple and Oat Vegan

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