Citrus Kale Salad

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Citrus Kale Salad


1 bunch of fresh dark leaf kale, organic when available
1/4 cup freshly squeezed juice of a grapefruit
1/4 cup freshly squeezed juice of blood orange or regular orange
dash of fresh juice of lemon
1 handful of hemp nut
optional: black pepper to taste


Wash and dry kale leaves, and shred by hand into salad pieces.

In a large salad bowl, place kale leaves, and add grapefruit and orange juice. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice. Toss.

Sprinkle hemp nut over the salad. Lightly pepper to taste (optional). Serve with main course.

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  • vegetarian
Posted on 12 / 03 / 2013 report abuse
Kale comes in different varieties, and the one I use for this recipe is the dark curly leafy type, as shown in the photo. Kale requires some chewing, but it's really tasty in this salad. The citrus dressing works well, and the hemp nuts add a delicious nutty flavor. I re-created this recipe at home after having tried it at a restaurant.

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