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July 2011

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Enjoy this quick and refreshing raw appetizer sent in by our member Madeleine H: Courgette Carpaccio
Find more original VEG recipes in our kitchen, or share one of yours!

guest blog

Publish your stories share your passion with like-minded folk. Exchange tips on food, travel, and life. We'd love to hear from you! - guest write for Veggie Blog

Veggie Fest

Get ready for Veggie Fest 2011 Chicago/Naperville, a weekend of great family fun at one of the biggest veg festivals in North America. There will be a huge international vegetarian food court, exciting food demos, live music, experts speaking on vegetarianism, spirituality, and healthy living (August 13 & 14). Find more events or add one in the Veggie Calendar, like Sacramento VegFest and Animal Rights Convention.

Your Community Bulletin
Announcements by HC members - share yours

Community Bulletin

*Glen Smith composes songs to inspire and encourage people to recognize the right of animals to live freely.
*Loretta Westbrook's Heart Journey invites readers to go veg with amazing stories.
* Bruce Burger recommends San Marcos Guatemala as a great place to kayak and learn Spanish. It's on the shores of volcanic lake Atitlan and has a plethora of veg friendly restaurants & healing centers.

Cow Friendly Eats

Pura Vida

Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro is Las Vegas' hot new all-vegan restaurant created by Chef Mayra. Specializes in creative and delicious Caribbean fusion cuisine.


Otarian in London, UK, provides vegetarian fast food with low carbon footprint. Features a wide range of meals inspired by a fusion of flavors from Asia & the West.

Loving Hut

Toronto's Loving Hut restaurants welcomes all to enjoy healthy plant-based food with a variety of tastes, from Vietnamese & Chinese dishes to Western desserts.


Kingsland in Canberra, Australia, presents attractive recipes with affordable prices. Features a range of soymeat dishes in addition to ice cream desserts.

Alive! Cuisine

Alive! Cuisine and The Farm at San Benito in Lipa City, Philippines, offers health and wellness holiday retreats. Get 30%OFF specials through September.


Chill in Tempe, Arizona, is home to the Chill-Beri frozen soy, a delicate and creamy vegan frozen treat!

Healthy Living Marketplace

Total Vegan Shop

Total Vegan Shop vitamins, minerals, supplements

Amy's Kitchen

Amy's Kitchen Light & Lean meals

Rivenrock Gardens

Rivenrock Gardens edible cactus

News and Noteworthy

Raw vegan grandmother of seven is PETA's "Sexiest Vegetarian over 50."

The go-to vegan chef Tal Ronnen says make it vegan but make it delicious.

Vegan cyclist competes in Tour de France race.

Vegetarian diet can be healthy for children.

Vegan food cart vendor achieves profitability.

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