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2 Dock Sq, Kennebunkport, USA

Very Flexible

The staff here are very flexible. Most of the dishes can be easily made vegetarian and they even let my wife piece together her own dish from ingredients in the menu. Food was delicious.

259 Main St, Ogunquit, USA

Good Veg Option in Ogunquit

My wife and I ate hear while vacationing in Ogunquit. There aren't many veg options in the small town, so it was great to find this sushi place. The menu has a number of veg options, but we just asked for a chef's choice vegan platter and were not disappointed. Everything was nicely arranged and fresh, and the chef even brought out a few sweet potato sticks for our baby.

2 Park Plaza, Boston, USA

Tasty and Friendly

The food is nothing fancy, but it is well prepared and tastes good. The staff were very aware of food contamination issues, which was refreshing. Since everything is assembled in front of you, you can observe the whole process.

As soon as the cashier heard "nut allergy" he made a special notation on the ticket AND spoke to the fellow preparing our meal. The guy wiped down the counter, removed his gloves, washed his hands, and put on a fresh pair of gloves before touching the food. Granted, the space was not decontaminated, but you're not going to get better than that in a restaurant.

Summer St and Atlantic Ave, Boston, USA

Convenient and Friendly

This truck is really convenient if you ever find yourself near South Station. They open early (0730, trying for 0700 soon) and lines are usually short if you aren't there during peak time.

In the morning, I often stop by for a muffin, which is always vegan. Lunch sandwiches can be vegan, but make sure you ask, since some of them default to adding cheese.

One thing that is slightly annoying is that they seem to run out of stuff towards the end of a meal rush. They do get resupplied and will supposedly announce on twitter when that happens, but it's a bummer to head out to get a snack and find out they are out of fries.

57 South St, Jamaica Plain, USA

Well Stocked CoOp

We are visiting Boston for a month and wanted to find a grocery store that we could support. The Harvest Co-Op fits the bill as well as anything we were able to find in Santa Monica, CA. They are a CoOp with two locations (this is just for the JP location).

There was a great selection of fruits, veggies, and bulk grains and beans with a good sprinkling of vegan cookies and such throughout the store. They do have a deli section, but I would still call them vegan-friendly for carrying vegan substitutes and animal-cruelty-free soaps and other toiletries.

31 Saint James Ave, Boston, USA

Yummy Take Out

Laffa is mostly a take-out place, but has a few seats. There is a small menu of hot foods (falafel, soup, etc) and then a long bar of salads you can add to your order. The salads aren't labeled, but the staff know exactly what is in each of them, so you can give your dietary restrictions and they will point out which ones are OK.

The food was fast, tasty, and reasonably priced.

487 Cambridge St, Allston, USA

Pure Pizza Joint

I took an omni friend and my 3-year old to Peace o' Pie on a Wednesday night for dinner. It was great. Other people have described the food pretty well, so I'll keep it short.

Me: great pizza, reheats well the next day, kick-ass ginger beer (Maine Root?)
Omni: interesting pizza, but isn't ready to switch from dairy to daiya
Kid: yummy bread sticks, food took a little too long

It was surprisingly busy for a wednesday night, so we had to wait a while for our food. It would not have been so bad if they'd brought the breadsticks out sooner, but there was only one cook and everything was on a first-in, first-out queue.

1136 19th St NW, Washington, USA

Great Lounge

I was looking for something a bit nicer than casual dining, but not at the cloth napkin level. Science Club fits the bill perfectly.

I went for happy hour and got $4 beers along with the house veggie burger and fries. The burger was great. It seemed to be a falafel-inspired creation, but with more than just chickpeas going on inside. The fries were served with a vegan aioli that seemed to also be house made. It wasn't as strong on the garlic as I would have liked, but given that it seemed to be a popular dating spot, this was probably done on purpose.

I didn't stay for the DJ, but the music they were playing was great. It was interesting enough to just listen to, but the bartender made sure it was always quiet enough to talk.

47 Palmer St, Cambridge, USA

Great Casual Eats

Went there for lunch and was very pleased. It is an order-here and pickup-there sort of place, but the food was excellent and very vegan-friendly. Vegan menu items are clearly marked as such and most items can be made vegan by substituting Teese or their custom tofu-mash for the cheese in the dish.

I tried a half-and-half personal pizza with tofu-mash on one side and cheddar Teese on the other. The tofu was superior, but the Teese gave the Mexican combo just a little bit more flavor that made it great. One small pizza and drink is enough for lunch, but they've also got salads and soups.

There is music some nights, but that is treated differently from the restaurant. Not exactly sure how it works, so check their schedule to make sure you get a night with or without music according to your preference.

55 South St, Jamaica Plain, USA

Great Vegan Options!

We stopped in to Fiore for coffee and hoped we'd be able to find a vegan muffin or something to snack on. Instead, we found a whole section of the menu entitled "Vegan Sandwiches," which were very delicious. The bakery case (even one hour before closing on a Sunday night) was filled with cookies, cupcakes, and pastries that were all vegan.

You still need to ask, not all the baked goods were vegan, but there were plenty of options, both savory and sweet. They also use vegan gluten-free bread on request for the sandwiches, which is rare, but wonderful.

2108 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, USA

Good food, better beer

This place serves vegan versions of traditional pub food alongside the meat- and dairy-based versions. Food was well prepared and tasty, heavy on the fried and wheat/soy fake meats. The beer section was excellent.

4715 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, USA

Great Casual Dining

Lotus Vegan is a great place for casual vegan-thai (with the requisite breakfast food). It's small, but has a little bit of sidewalk seating if you need more open space. The food was tasty and they easily accommodated my wife's peanut allergy. We were there with three kids under three in the middle of the afternoon and they were very flexible with arranging seating, providing high chairs and booster seats, and not minding the occasional scream from a teething toddler.

1 Lawson Ln, Burlington, USA

Vegan Options with Sad Cows

The menu here is very well marked with vegan and gluten-free icons, but mostly consists of non-veg items. You can substitute tofu for the eggs in any of the scrambles or omelets, and there is a vegan french toast.

I put Magnolia in the category of compromise restaurants. They've got something for everyone, but are not particularly veg-friendly. They do, however, serve mostly locally produced products, which is a slight plus in my book.

581 Moody St, Waltham, USA

Great Buffet

We went there for brunch with two vegans, two omnis, and one baby and everyone enjoyed themselves. The two omnis tried the more familiar parts of the buffet (beans, noodles) and skipped some of the less familiar (cabbage with tempeh). The baby enjoyed chomping on a green bean, and we vegans sampled pretty much everything between us.

This isn't your standard "all you can eat" buffet overflowing with different dishes. You pay by the pound ($8/pound when we were there) and there is lots of variety, but not a lot of choices: you can fill all your basic needs (starch, protein, greens, etc), but you may only have one or two choices in some categories. The food was all tasty and well prepared.

1047 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, USA

great lunch buffet

We have been hearing about Rahel's for years and finally got a chance to try it today. This was our first time eating Ethiopian food, so I cannot comment on authenticity, but it was damned good vegan food. All the dishes were naturally vegan (no faux-anything), constantly replenished, and delicious. The choices were heavy on lentils and varied in spiciness from not at all to somewhat.

On a whim, I ordered a glass of Besso (drink made from barley). It was sweet and creamy and just the thing if I ate a little too much spice at once.

Cannot wait to get back there for dinner sometime.

133 Bank St, Burlington, USA

Expensive but Tasty

A few people have said this is "real" Chinese food. I am not sure what they meant, since it is very different from most West Coast Chinese food I have had, but it was good and a few steps above most Chinese restaurants you find in New England.

For someplace labeled veg-friendly, the dinner specials were very disappointing. I almost asked our waiter to stop, since hearing all those meat dishes described in detail made me uncomfortable.

We had to repeatedly specify "no egg" with each dish we ordered to transform it from vegetarian to vegan. While I would have been much happier if the waiter had caught on and just said "no egg in anything, right?" at least the dishes were veganizable. Even the fried dishes could be made with an alternate, vegan batter.

The atmosphere is certainly on the fancier side, which was very nice, actually. A reservation is strongly recommended. We were there on a Thursday night and almost didn't get a table. One thing that surprised me is that they do take-out (not sure about delivery), which would be a good option to avoid the reservation business.

114 N Market St, Inglewood, USA

Friendly and Delicious

Food: The food was wonderful. I got the enchilada pie and was delightfully surprised at how much was on my plate that wasn't casserole (which was excellent in and of itself). For dessert, the raw key lime pie could not be beat.

Atmosphere: Everyone (customers and staff alike) was friendly and enjoying themselves. The restaurant was very nicely decorated, with a small lounge by the window for waiting or digesting after the meal. They had some animal rights literature as well as just general interest magazine and community events information. It was a pleasant spot to spend an afternoon.

2009 R St NW, Washington, USA

Great Eats

This is a great spot for a quick bite of healthy food. The service is very friendly and the food is delicious. They also have a wide selection of tea, as you would expect from the name.

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