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1595 W Highway 89A, Sedona, USA

Excellent food, nice place

02 Aug 2012

I had the "Sedona 2012 Wrap" - excellent - nice combo of ingredients and flavor. My wife had the "Veggie Burger" - also excellent. Good clean water, good sized portions, nice people. Oh... and the chocolate... great stuff! We got some for dessert to go, but it was so good we ate it before we got out of the door. :-)

363 Main St, Jerome, USA

Good... and surprising

02 Aug 2012

We had the "Las Comadres Chile Relleno" plate with verde sauce. Very tasty. The only odd thing was the crunchy "fried chicken-like" batter. It was not what I expected, but did not kill the dish. For dessert, we had the Avocado pie. We like avocados anyway, so we gave it a try. WOW, it is really good! It is almost like a key lime pie, but maybe even better, since the lime flavor is smoothed out with the avocado.

1722 D Saint Michael's Dr, Santa Fe, USA

Really tasty food

02 Aug 2012

The food we had was very good. We had a salad and bread-less sandwich (can not remember the specifics - we were traveling). The flavors were great, and the service friendly. I recommend it to anyone...

711 E Blacklidge Dr, Tucson, USA

Good food, nice place

01 Aug 2012

We had the dinner buffet, and it was very good. Plenty of choices, whatever your taste. Usually, I am not a big fan of Indian food, but their food is good with a lot less of the heavy curry, or fried stuff. A good value, too!

916 S Cooper, Memphis, USA

Just plain weird

07 Aug 2012

We had veg/tofu spring rolls that looking like they were rolled by an amateur (I roll them better at home). But the strangest thing was the dipping sauce... it tasted like peanut butter and jelly (did they have Elvis in the kitchen or what?). The entree we ordered was "Spicy All Kind Vegetable And Bean Curd". Well, it was not spicy, and the vegetables were not so kind... I was not expecting to get pickled baby corn, and the sauce was heavy and odd-flavored.

500 W Village Pl Ste 1017, Smyrna, USA

Overall... Just Okay

26 Sep 2012

We had the fresh basil rolls, and they were good. The coconut soup was OK, less flavor than other Thai restaurants in the area. The Tofu Gingerine was too salty, so they made us the dish again with less salt, but still a bit too salty, but at least edible this time... Still just okay.

14 S Beaver St, Flagstaff, USA

Not very tasty...

02 Aug 2012

I had a mushroom/swiss veggie burger and it was OK. The coffee was not very good, and a little bitter. My wife had the veggie soup/stew and it was terrible. It tasted like they ran hot water over vegetables (sort of like how the Three Stooges would make chicken soup by poured hot water through a chicken). It was also loaded with way too much oregano. The salad was not how it was ordered (missing tomato, cucumber, avocado, etc.).

4077 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, USA

Really good Vegan options

18 Feb 2014

They have some specific Vegan options on the menu including Vegan Pho! (soup if you did not know...) Very nice, clean place with friendly, helpful staff.

542 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, USA

Not great beans...

18 Feb 2014

I had the vegetarian red beans, my wife had the limas..
Red beans were OK, but should have been better (tasted like doctored up form a can). The limas were worse, must have been frozen or canned...

142 N Cortez, Prescott, USA

Mostly good, but limited menu

02 Aug 2012

I had the Veggie/Tofu sandwich. They marinate it and grill it, which gives it a nice flavor. My wife had a salad (since she has to eat wheat-free, she had few options). Everything was pretty good, but not great.

3600 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, USA

Killer sweets...

18 Feb 2014

Really good variety to choose from. Items clearly marked for Vegan, Gluten-Free, etc. Reasonable prices. Nice people.

4017 St. Claude St, New Orleans, USA

Great Vegan food!

18 Feb 2014

They opened recently, but I have already been there twice. The food is fresh and has a lot of flavor. Friendly and courteous. Try the "Bowl o' Food" and the Sweet Potato Tots...

245 E Congress St, Tucson, USA


01 Aug 2012

You would think a coffee shop would make good coffee... but if you went here, you would be wrong. I tried their "blend" and it was too bitter to drink. I talked to the person that made it, and she tried to explain that it was strong... I LOVE strong coffee (living in New Orleans is good for strong, smooth coffee - just skip the Chicory), but this stuff was BITTER. She made me a single origin roast, and it was better but still very bitter... barely drinkable. It reminds me of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

We also had the oatmeal, which was OK, but a bit soft (overcooked), and they were skimpy with it, too. They only had almond and soy milk (no rice milk).

606 W Cypress St, San Antonio, USA

Good food, cool place

02 Aug 2012

I had the vegan bacon cheese burger - it was really good. My wife had the vegan BLT on gluten free bread - it was good, too. The only problem was something had gluten... probably the veggie bacon. The fresh cut french fries are good, too. The band that was playing was pretty good, just a little "twangy" for my taste (of course, we were in Texas).

24 Pell St, New York City, USA

Just Awesome!

26 Sep 2012

We were a little hesitant to eat here after reading some of the reviews... We are REALLY glad we tried it! We chose all steamed Dim Sum, therefore nothing was fried nor greasy. Everything was great. Some of the best Dim Sum ever, and we have had it all over the country. Just ask which ones are steamed when you order, and you can not go wrong.

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