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Humboldt 2192, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina


01 May 2011

First and foremost, I was DYING to eat at a tip top veg spot here in BA because I hadn't consumed a proper meal in two weeks and had been looking forward to Bio ever since I arrived. That being said, our meal was good but by no means exceptional. I started with the raw soup which was enjoyable but rather modest in size considering the price (21 pesos, $5USD). The ginger juice is rather peculiar as it reminded me quite a bit of gatorade... imagine a mildly gingery gatorade.. that's what it tasted like. Nothing terribly amazing and once again, pricey (30 pesos, $7.50USD). My main course was the quinoa risotto which had a rather nice flavor but there simply wasn't much to it nor was it inexpensive (44 pesos, $11USD). Some friends of mine tried the miso soup and said it was excellent. They also had the seitan curry which seemed to impress (keep in mind they're all meat eaters who had never visited a veg restaurant before thus held low expectations) however I've had much more complex and creative dishes. Again, it was by no means bad, it just wasn't memorable. We finished the evening with a brownie as well as some ginger ice cream. While the ice cream was lovely, the brownie was dry and flavorless not to mention a bit pricey. It's hard to imagine mucking up such a straight forward dessert. To be frank, I've had far more impressive meals at far less distinguished restaurants in both the states as well as Europe and they cost less this. Each meal was 100 pesos, or $25USD.

The service was hardly attentive nor was anyone terribly warm to us. When the bill came at the end they presented us with the wrong one, then overcharged us on the correct one. Also please note that only about half the menu is in English making it difficult to distinguish what is what. All in all I left disappointed and would not return. If it weren't so pricey I would be more inclined to let it slide but they seem to run on a platform of upscale vegetarian dining. This is hardly the case. While the presentation of the dishes was flattering, appearances are rather deceiving at Bio. Pass.

Three stars for food, two stars for everything else.

46 bis Quai de la Loire, Paris, France

seitan 666

06 Dec 2012

Great veggie market along the canal.. conveniently located close to a hostel I frequent when in Paris. Sweet! They have plenty of faux-meats, a small produce selection, small bakery, small everything really. Whatever bio/veggie goods you're looking for they probably have. Not cheap but what is in Paris, am I right??

1039 N Western Ave, Chicago, USA

Good, but nothing to write home about.

28 Dec 2008

So I used to live less than two blocks down the street from Bite. It's the quaint little restaurant attached to the Empty Bottle. Well, first of all, there weren't many restaurants within walking distance of my apartment that I cared to eat at. And believe me, I wanted to go out and eat. With that said, in the year I lived down the street I think I ate their twice. The first time....and the last time. haha It's not bad, by any means. The menus are absolutely darling and they usually have neat art on the walls, the food was good enough too. But I just never felt the desire to return. The menu lacks enough choices and it's borderline expensive for the portions you receive. Also, and this is a tad silly, but when the sun is setting at dinner time and comes shining down on their extremely reflective steel tables, it's nearly blinding. Nearly ruined my second time there. After that I said enough. From now on I'll go the extra mile to Sultan's or Handlebar. Sorry, guys.

525 Dempster St, Evanston, USA


28 Dec 2008

The Blind Faith Cafe has been my safe spot for going out to dinner with my meat-eating grandparents who both get the BBQ Seitan Sandwich EVERY time we go. The corn bread is terrific as are all the salads, the quesadillas, and blind faith burger. The desserts (both vegan and dairy) are well balanced and always fresh. My experiences with the wait staff have proved them to be patient and kind in the face of 80 year old grumpy seniors. This place is a winner. Well worth the trip up to Evanston (and very easy to get to if traveling by the El). My only complaint is how they became more expensive in the past year or two since the remodel. Great restaurant however getting pricey. Will be eating here for years to come.

9 Rue Jacques Coeur, Paris, France


12 Dec 2012

My lady and I stopped by one Sunday afternoon for brunch and found ourselves at a completely empty Ginger Cafe around 13:00. We were greeted by a friendly and charming man who I assume is the owner.. he guided us in English through the options that day and we both settled on the pumpkin soup.. then it take it from there. Although the restaurant is quiet inviting and the staff was terrific we both felt that the soup was quite bland and underwhelming. I was rather disappointed. There just wasn't anything to it. I realize this a common problem with a lot of pumpkin-centered dishes.. the taste just doesn't pop out. Well we weren't persuaded to try anything else and by the time we left the place was still empty which is always a bit strange.. being the only people in a restaurant. Regardless of the disappointing soup I'll be back the next time I'm in Paris and try something else. We may have just gotten a dud item. Fortunately they seem to be doing some other things well so I won't give up hope. Can't do 3.5 cows so I'll go with 4.

Rua 1 de Dezembro 65, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Mixed feelings

10 Dec 2012

Honestly, I'm very underwhelmed by this place BUT it's really the only veggie market(s) in Lisbon so I can't hate too much. They have a good selection of faux-meats, some soy/veg cheeses, and many other bio/veg options. My problem is mostly with their cold case with pre-made sandwiches/tapas/etc. Boy oh boy are they TERRIBLE. ALL OF THEM! I tried 5 different items and each one was flavorless, doughy, and had strange textures. I mean, truly disappointing. Additionally, their small selection of produce is super hit or miss. One item will be perfect while the next is literally several days passed spoil. In all fairness, at least half of the tiny, cramped store is geared towards health items/vitamins/holistic healing so maybe the aim is towards that with the market as an afterthought. Anyway, I was thankful to have the market for some snacks as veggie food is Lisbon is a bit harder to come by than other EU cities buuut they have some improvements to make! A bigger store would be nice too.

620 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, USA

Awesome but slightly overpriced

04 Feb 2015

Really love the menu here but always seem to be disappointed with the portions which could stand to be a bit larger. But the quality and taste are spot on. Their bakery items are good, not great. Much prefer other spots like Peacefood for vegan/gluten free baked but it's decent if you're really in the mood.

1561 N Milwaukee, Chicago, USA

It's a deal, it's a steal.

28 Dec 2008

This place is awesome, plain and simple. I've eaten here for years and can't recall being disappointed once other than a poorly made vegan peanut butter chocolate shake. Sorry guys, but that was weak! However the rest is pretty amazing. I highly recommend the BBQ seitan burrito (vegan optional), the Jamaican jerk salad (vegan, unbelievable), or the black bean burger. The grilled cheese and tomato soup is pretty legit too. To top it off there's a great atmosphere, delightful wait staff, and fairly priced. I will be eating at Earwax for years to come. I love this place!

121 Moo 3, Viengtai, Mae hong son, Pai, Thailand


18 Feb 2011

Only having been open a month now, this is a truly great addition to the Pai repertoire. The menu is diverse yet balanced and is set in a quiet little courtyard which beams at night amongst cool lighting. The prices and portions are fair and still on the inexpensive-to-moderate side. The gentleman who runs it is incredibly warm and inviting. It's obvious he is passionate about the food they create. The tropical porridge is out of this world! It seems to be a favorite dish for many people. The carrot ginger soup was incredibly tasty however at the same time I felt like I was just eating juice with a spoon. By no means a horrible thing but it felt like there was something missing. Again, the taste and consistency was perfect...it lacked something chunky or substantial. My salad was fresh and delicious. The raw brownie was wonderful. My friends had some juices which were unique however a little strong for people that don't normally divulge in such outlets. They seemed to have expected something sweeter but in all fairness I think we gave free reign as to what was served. Point being, this place is all about quality. I wish I would have been able to try more. If you're in Pai, don't miss Rawesome!

Tambon Hai Ya, Thesaban Nakhon Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai ‎, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cheap but nothing to write home about

07 Feb 2011

All the dishes here are in the 25-30 baht range so quite inexpensive however the portions are small and it was nothing exceptional. I had the sweet vegetable stir fry...it wasn't bad by any means but nothing memorable. If you're in the neighborhood swing by and grab a bite but by no means a destination.

60 bd Voltaire, Paris, France

Solid veggie burger spot by Republique

06 Dec 2012

This is a solid burger spot over by Republique. The burgers themselves are tasty soft patties on a brioche bun then offered with a number of topping options.. they only had two left the day I went. Tried le basque which was nice but I think they forgot the cheddar cheese or there was very little on it. Truth be told, I thought 6 euros for the burger was a bit steep.. not outrageous but I wouldn't be willing to pay more for something like that. On the other hand, I thought the frites were fantastic and well priced at 2.50 euros. The right amount of crispiness and great flavor. Those were the highlight for me. The restaurant itself is small and modest.. there's a small basement area with seats in addition to a couple tables directly in front along the sidewalk. I'll be back next time I'm in Paris for the frites alone.. maybe a burger too.

116 Maneenoparat Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Warm atmosphere, average food

13 Feb 2011

No hype here, very average spot. While the people and actual restaurant are cozy and warm, their food is lacking. The pumpkin soup I had was flavorless and oily. I couldn't even recognize it as pumpkin. Our hummus platter was unimpressive despite the focaccia bread. For 125 baht the serving we received was incredibly small, consisting of a tiny cup of hummus and a few raw vegetables. The flavor was good but a poor deal, without a doubt. The sandwiches were tasty but again, expensive for what they were. I realize the proceeds benefit a good cause but this spot is simply nothing write home about. 2 stars for the food, 4 stars for ambiance and well meaning.

San Diego, Calles de los Puntales 37-01, Cartagena, Colombia


10 Feb 2015

All of the reviews seem to be pretty spot on here. It's an inexpensive, basic option for Cartagena which doesn't have much in the way of solely vegetarian fare. But for 8000 pesos (about $3.50), it's a good deal and I had it twice while in town. Just don't go in expecting much and you'll do fine. They also have a small assortment of pastries, breads, and random stuff like mushroom empanadas (not that awesome), and deep fried corn balls (think hush puppies) that also aren't much to write home about. Decent health food store attached too. I bought a small bottle of bee pollen for 9000 pesos.

Moo 3 T. Wiang Tai, Pai, Thailand

Cute but not exceptional

18 Feb 2011

I ordered a spicy Thai tofu salad which was a bit strong even for me (and I enjoy my spice!)...yet still enjoyable and full of tofu. The stir fry I ordered was rather bland and unimpressive. Some friends told me they serve a great breakfast? Also lots of wheatgrass if you're into that. The ambiance is very cute with many of the "chairs" around the tables being swings which I thought was a nice touch. However, they charge for wifi whereas most cafes and restaurants are free and they also charge 30 baht to do a book exchange. That's the first time I've seen that one. Honestly, not terribly impressed. Witching Well and Rawsome are far better at comparably priced.

next to the Veracruz church in downtown, Antiqua, Medellin, Colombia

What a deal!

13 Feb 2015

Incredible deal for $8500 COP.. you get a soup, rice, whatever 2 entrees they have that day, a small little salad, a small little dessert (think rice pudding) and a glass of whatever juice they have. Additional things like empanadas, huge fried potato ball things, cookies, etc available for around $1500 COP each which is also a great deal. Not gonna be the best meal you've ever had but healthy and tasty and cheap! Ate here everyday I was in Medellin. Sit by the window and watch the sketchiness unfold on the street. One of their staff even spoke English which was helpful. Recommended!!!

2311 W North Ave, Chicago, USA

Dun dun, Seitaaaaaaan!

28 Dec 2008

This a great Wicker Park spot if you don't feel like eating at Earwax or Sultan's. I've enjoyed every dish I've ever tried (my favorite probably being the BBQ seitan sandwich) and all of the sides are pretty amazing too. In addition, they have a well stocked bar of great micro-brews and lovely outdoor seating when it's warm enough. The service is generally decent/good but I've also been a bit bummed out a couple times with the wait staff after receiving attitude. Their demographic is generally young, hip, and yep, people that like bikes. Handlebar is a good spot and worth trying out at least once. FYI, it fills up quickly and can be a wait. Also it's been known to get noisy and cramped.

V. ker. Október 6. str. 19, Budapest, Hungary

great falafel sandwich but rude staff

06 Dec 2012

Great place to get a falafel sandwich for under $3 but one of the guys here was quite rude to me for reasons unknown.. maybe he was having a bad day? No idea what happened but boy did I catch some attitude. Well it is what it is. Next time I'll hit a different location and just do take out. Four stars for food, 1 for staff. Three overall.

5 Ratchamanka Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand


28 Jan 2013

Not sure what the fuss is about. Had the kao soi which was utterly flavorless. Good portion for 70b but it was terribly watered down. I've had fantastic kao soi in Chiang Mai and this PALES in comparison. Nice folks there and lots of juice options but the food was disappointing. I get the impression most folks go for their sandwiches which looked far less impotent than my Thai dish. Oh well.

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