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300 E 12th St, New York City, USA

One of my favourite restaurants in NYC

04 Feb 2012

I went here for dinner with my boyfriend on a whim after it was recommended to us by the sales guy at the Docs store and I'm so glad I did. I had the best chili I've ever had here. My boyfriend still occasionally mentions how much he enjoyed his food here and they were really great at substituting things to make his meal lower carb. I hadn't originally planned to go to Angelica Kitchen while I was visiting NYC because "healthy vegan food" didn't sound like something I'd like. I was wrong. This wound up being one of my favourite meals from my trip.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Yummy food!

04 Feb 2012

The food here was good albeit expensive. The service and atmosphere was also good. I had a chestnut soup, the seitan scallopini and cheesecake for dessert. I absolutely loved the soup and cheesecake, but I thought the seitan was too soft and mushy. Which was a shame because the sauce it was in was delicious. While I'd happily eat here again but I probably wouldn't get any of their seitan dishes. Overall tho, it was pretty great and I'll be back next time I'm visiting NYC.

Lausitser Platz 12, Berlin, Germany

Ok but not the best for vegans.

05 Sep 2011

While the menu was all vegetarian, options for vegans were quite limited. I got an eggplant dish and my brother got some sort of seitan curry-stirfry (both dishes were vegan).

The food came with this amazing garlic bread. It was absolutely delicious.

Both dishes were beautifully presented and were quite generous portions, but had the same problem: they were a bit bland. Not so bland I couldn't eat it, but just disappointing. Especially after the garlic bread.

Perhaps Cafe V is good for vegetarians but for vegans, I think it's best to go to Viasko or somewhere else. Which is a shame, because that garlic bread is really good.

516 E 6th St, New York City, USA

best ice cream ever?

04 Feb 2012

I'm kinda embarrassed to admit how many times I went here during a one week trip to NYC. Lula's has the best ice cream. There's plenty of flavours to choose from including soft serve. Oh and their sundaes... the coconut whipped cream is amazing. I'm drooling just thinking about it!

326 Adelaide W, Toronto, Canada

Yummy thai food w/ no hidden ingredients!

04 May 2012

I've been to Khao San Road a few times now and each time it was delicious and the servers were knowledgeable about what could be made vegan. On my latest visit, they had a new separate vegan menu that I was offered! Needless to say there's plenty of vegan options including two kinds of pad thai, red curry and green curry. Unfortunately while there's a lot of vegan mains, there's only one app and one dessert on the vegan menu (although the garlic tofu is amazing). Another problem is it's extremely busy so be prepared to wait especially during peak periods. Also, they don't take reservations so there's no way around the waiting and it can be hard to get in with a larger group.

191 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton, Canada

The best vegan sweets.

09 Sep 2012

I love Sestres. Their desserts are small but rich and delicious without being too sweet. Everything I've had is delicious, but the Leela's bites are my favourite. They also make savoury puff pastry pockets. They have a soy meat one and a spinach and tofu.

I only wish they were in Toronto so I could eat them more often!

13355 Bernauer Strasse, Mauer Park, Flea Market, Berlin, Germany

The mighty sun day burger!

05 Sep 2011

As I fought through the crowds at the flea market, I told myself this must be the best burger in the world to be worth this. It was. It's been over a week and I still find myself dreaming of it.

1522 1st Ave, New York City, USA

Delicious sammiches!

04 Feb 2012

I went to V-Note for lunch and had the southern seitan sammich and it was amazing. I still dream about it. My (non-vegan) boyfriend had the curried unchicken salad which he thoroughly enjoyed. I actually wound up liking V-Note way more than Blossom.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany


05 Sep 2011

I love Veganz. I had a chai latte and (at least) one slice of cake for breakfast almost every morning while I was visiting Berlin and I was never disappointed. My favourites were the vanilla-speculoos cake and the chocolate/vanilla one with cherries in it. The service was always very friendly and the staff spoke excellent English. I thought that the prices, while not cheap, were quite reasonable given the quality of the food & drinks. The soft serve ice cream was also fantastic! They had a bunch of sandwiches and savory items to choose from each day as well. I tried one of their bagels with fake cheese and it was great. My (omnivore) brother tried one of their bagels with mock deli meat and enjoyed it enough to get one almost everyday. I can't think of anything bad about this place other than that now I'm going to have to research moving to Berlin just so I can eat at Veganz everyday. In all seriousness though, Veganz has delicious food, wonderful staff, is reasonably priced and is all vegan. I can't think of how it could get any better.

16 Bancroft Ave, Toronto, Canada

Inexpensive and delicious!

04 Feb 2012

Harvest Noon just opened this week in the GSU. It's an extension of Hot Yam. When I went there were two soup options + a salad and some bread. All were vegan but I believe things aren't always going to be all vegan so you need to ask (but there'll always be vegan options). They also had muffins and tea and coffee. There's soy, almond and cow's milk available. I had a large bowl of sunchoke soup, a kale salad and two slices of focaccia bread. It was hearty and delicious and only costed 5$! They also have smaller portions available for those looking for a lighter meal. One thing to note: altho they're open at 10am, lunch doesn't start until 11:30, before that it's just baked goods and coffee/tea.
Updated from previous review on Friday February 03, 2012

238 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Delicious crepes!

19 Apr 2009

About once a month, me and my boyfriend (who usually doesn't eat anything but meat and pie) go and get crepes and a salad.
We get a sweet crepe with every fruit they have (plus Nutella for him and melted chocolate chips and hazelnuts for me) and ice cream on top (the pistachio is my favourite). The salad is actually a mix of about 5 different salads: all of which are very good especially the quinoa.
Hibiscus is fairly small which means sometimes it can fill up fast leaving no where to sit and sometimes food can take a while to come (although most times I've been this hasn't been a problem).
The crepes can get expensive if you get ice cream with them but it's definitely worth it.

703 Center St, Lewiston, USA

Favourite cafe!

05 Jan 2013

The Orange Cat is wonderful. It serves delicious vegan muffins, scones and cookies (try the peanut butter chocolate chip). They also have sammiches and soups! They don't advertise themselves as vegan on their signage or anything like that so I was a bit confused at first as to what is vegan - but all the food is. They have dairy and nondairy milk (I think they charge extra for soy but its so affordable it hardly matters). They use Torani syrups -- not all of which are vegan btw. But lots are. They also have tons of flavoured coffee that is great as well! I love the Red Velvet Cake one. Both the food and drinks are wonderful. I really like taking my not-so-vegan-friendly friends here and watching them devour the muffins without realizing its vegan!

The staff are super friendly and they seem to have a lot of regulars. They also have lots of outdoor seating for the summer.

My only complaint is I don't think they have wifi. Or at least anytime I've been it hasn't been up.

120 St. Paul St, St Catharines, Canada

Finally! An all vegan restaurant in Niagara!

21 Feb 2012

Bit of backstory: I grew up in Niagara. As a kid I often felt like the only vegetarian. I eventually went vegan and moved to Toronto. It's been five years and I still live in Toronto but sometimes I go back to Niagara to visit my friends and family who've stayed behind. I've started to notice that vegan food, once unthinkable in Niagara, has slowly become (dare I say it?)... popular. I see signs for vegan ice cream, lots of once "specialty" items like earth balance and non-dairy yogurt in grocery stores and the restaurant close to my dad's house has a separate vegan menu! And finally, Niagara has it's first all vegan restaurant.

And it is glorious.

It's a bit hard to find cos they don't have any large signage, but once you go inside you'll see it's a gorgeous space, clean and well kept, with exposed brick. The menu is small, but has a good variety of choices. Prices are fair and the service is great.

I ordered the broccoli-potato-daiya patty with a side salad. It comes on a bun with lettuce, tomato and a cheesy(?) sauce on top. My only complaint was it was a bit mushy so it was falling apart as I tried to eat it. But it tasted fantastic. My (omni/rarely eat vegan/went to culinary school) friends got a soup and the sammich of the day and both thoroughly enjoyed their meals and declared they would happily eat here again!

I decided to get a treat to bring back home for myself and my younger vegan sister (not to brag about how awesome my sister is but she's only 17 and has already been vegan for over 2 years). And THEY HAVE CROISSANTS. AND CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS.

In case the all caps didn't make it obvious, this is kinda a big deal.

The vegan croissant is an elusive treat that I like to think appears as a guiding light to vegans in distress. Once while exhausted and near the verge of passing out in Copenhagen, unable to find a place with soy milk for my coffee, I happened upon the fabled vegan croissant.

This croissant was even better. It's rich and flaky and -buttery-. Oh and the chocolate one is just perfect, sweet but not too sweet. Just thinking about it is making me want to go get another one right now. :)

NYC Red Bank, Red Bank, USA

A++, would eat again

04 Feb 2012

I had the BBQ Korean sammich and also got a pumpkin pie doughnut and a cashew cheese and seitan tart.

The sammich was absolutely amazing. It was full of seitan, sauteed greens and kimchi!

I really liked the doughnut too altho I feel like the pumpkin pie filling was a bit dense and it maybe could've been improved if there was less filling and maybe some whipped topping? Perhaps this is just because I'm not a huge pumpkin fan to begin with tho.

Finally the seitan & cashew cheese tart, I stashed it in my bag for a later snack and promptly forgot about it until the next day, somehow this tart managed to maintain its deliciousness. The crust was flaky and fantastic and the filling was delicious. I've never been a big fan of cashew cheese but boy was this good.

2188 Queen St E, Toronto, Canada

Best vegan bakery in Toronto!

13 Sep 2012

I love Tori's. I'll happily bike out there despite several closer spots just cos it's so perfect.

1. It's really cute. It has a nice atmosphere, plenty of seating and is tastefully decorated.
2. Wonderful staff. Everyone is so friendly and happy to help even when you're indecisive and have a hard time picking from all their baked goods!
3. Really yummy sweets. They have a nice selection of baked goods including the usual suspects like cookies, brownies and cupcakes and harder to find things: butter tarts, lemon tarts, donuts.
4. Savoury items! Tori's has the best savoury scones and biscuits. Their scones are so fluffy and moist and rich and wonderful. And they come in flavours like mushroom & thyme and cheddar daiya & broccoli. They also have sammiches like a blt (with coconut bacon) and a grilled veg.

It can be a little pricey but seems to be roughly the same amount as other vegan bakeries in Toronto. Overall, I'd highly recommend it.

417 Bloor St W, Toronto, Canada

Good vegan topping selection.

01 Feb 2012

Yoyo's seems to be one of the better fronoyo places in Toronto for vegans. There's two non-dairy options each day. Unfortunately there's no soy flavours, it's all water based so only fruity flavours. The fruity flavours aren't bad (tho they can be a bit too sweet) but I'd really love if they had a soy vanilla or soy chocolate. But all the vegan toppings are clearly marked and there's a large selection of them including cookie dough! I'd say this is more of a 3 1/2 cow review, but I'll round up.

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