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646 Richmond St, London, Canada


19 Feb 2012

We were hestitant on trying VegOut, thinking it would be a "fly by night" type of business....we were so wrong!
When we got there, there was only one other couple eating. So I thought, is this an indication of what we're in for? With some doubt, we sat down and looked over the relatively small menu. (Don't be fooled by that though.)
As for the food. From the beet drink that we had, to the raw zucchini wrap appetizer, to the falafel collard wrap main dish and followed by the oreo "cheese" cake...EVERY single bite was delicious! My family had other items and agreed that it was the best vegan restaurant meal we have ate! The food is amazing!!!
By the time we were part way through our meal, the restaurant was quite busy, and the waitress (only one), was still smiling and did not seem overwhelmed or frazzled. She still took the time for little things such as fillig our water glasses without us even asking. She answered ALL our menu questions and was VERY knowledgeable. She went above and beyond excellent service!
We were pleasantly suprised by this small little place. I can honestly say that it is the BEST vegan restaurant we have ever ate at, and we've ate at some good ones in different cities near and far. I would highly recommend it.
I hope that someday they are able to expand in size, to accomodate more, so I would suggest making reservations to guarantee a table.
The prices are bit on the higher end, BUT for the quality of a great vegan meal, it was well worth it.
VegOut is now our first choice when eating out.
Updated from previous review on Saturday February 18, 2012
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 19, 2012

1000 Upper Gage Ave, Hamilton, Canada


07 Mar 2012

I use to adore Goodness Me because of the "unique" grocery items that I thought were hard to locate elsewhere. I'am a Vegan, and have discovered that doing abit of research and a few extra minutes of driving are worth so much more than to continue my shopping at Goodness Me. Plain and simple, their prices are absolutely HORRIBLE!!! What does it say, when I can go to Whole Foods or Organic Garage and purchase the EXACT same items for a fraction of their costs?!? A few examples are personal products: I can purchase some items from Goodness Me and from one of the other mentioned stores, and spend easily $15.00 more on the exact same items at Goodness ME. Food...same applies. This is just an example on purchasing a couple items, imagine the cost difference if I had a few bags of groceries/shopping needs?!?
I think it's a shame that they are the only ones near by representing alternative lifestyle choices. Anyone that might think about venturing into a healthy lifestyle, vegetarian, vegan, or whichever, may think it's too expensive if they learned from shopping at Goodness Me. If they had prices that were more compariable with other such like places in other cities I would love to continue my shopping there, but I know it will likely fall on deaf ears. Unfortuneate. I have just become fed up with seeing sooo many items for sooo much cheaper elsewhere. I don't understand why they think it's ok to raise costs so much more than others and be ok with that. Possibly because they have the market for that area?
Updated from previous review on Wednesday March 07, 2012

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