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12 Pan Rd, Silom, Bangkok, Thailand

Ok food, friendly service

05 Oct 2015

The food was ok. You can choose a bunch things to be put in a plate with rice. The kind of stuff your mother might cook, if she were Thai. Nothing amazing. The flavors were sometimes too plain, other times too strong, for my taste at least. There were also mock meats, some on sticks, that you could buy to eat plain. Owner is super friendly, his English is limited but he tries hard. It's a small hole in the wall type of place, no door and no air conditioning. The prices aren't written anywhere but it's pretty cheap so I didn't worry about it.

69 South Sathorn Rd, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand

Pretty good food, not worth the price

09 Oct 2015

They add 10% service and 7% VAT too already inflated prices. It is a spacious and fancily decorated space, which lots of servers standing around waiting to refill your water. They all speak English well.

They have a vegetarian section in their menu, and say they can also make other dishes, like papaya salad or pad Thai, vegetarian. I got the tofu with cashews dish. It was too salty, too sour, and too spicy for my taste. They included a complementary miangkam, for which they explained how to make the leaves into a cup shape and fill it with the miscellaneous options, which was fun but too sweet for me. The food is fancier than what you get on the street, but I prefer the simple but yummy stuff I get for much less.

41 Carmine St, New York City, USA

My favorite restaurant

11 Jan 2013

This is my favorite restaurant in the city, and the best of the Blossom chain. For appetizers, get the trumpet mushroom scallops or chickpea fritters. For entree, get the risotto or flatbread pizza. Not everything is good -- for example, the seitan dishes are only ok, and the desserts were all disappointing. But there's so much deliciousness here, you have to come try it.

The decor is very upscale and fancy, and it is rather on the pricey end.

18 Silom Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Terrible. Inedible.

07 Oct 2015

I ordered a kiwi cooler. It tasted like chlorine. I ordered the okra mushroom lotus seed dish. Blech, awful, I couldn't eat it. I paid the overpriced 235 baht and left without eating.

They have wifi, you can ask for the password.

Ave Norte 5, Antigua, Guatemala

Good pepian, good atmosphere

06 Jan 2013

This restaurant has three locations, the one given here, and around the corner two more just across the street from one another, all with identical menus:

5a. Avenida Norte No. 5 - (502) 7832-2696
3a. Calle Poniente No. 7 - (502) 7832-0507
5a. Avenida Norte No. 12 - (502) 7832-0507

We ate at two of them. There are only two vegetarian options (both vegan), the pepian and the grilled vegetables. But they are both good. The ambiance is also good. Their cafe de olla was really amazing (and vegan).

There was some concern that the tamale might have some meat base -- perhaps just a general fear that most do -- but the waiter swore that was not the case. It's easy to get paranoid about such things.

204-208 Soi Yaowarat 8, Charoen Krung Rd Soi 14, Khet Samphantawongse, Bangkok, Thailand

Yummy and cheap

06 Oct 2015

I really liked this place. The food was simple, it wouldn't be considered amazing by the standards of living in China or Taiwan. But it was really tasty. I tried three entrees and liked them all. I'll definitely go back. Dishes were cheap, 30 or 40 baht. They didn't speak much English, but they did speak some Mandarin and I was able to get by. When I asked if I could order food to go, they said no.

5 Eve Street, Belize City, Belize


06 Jan 2013

The first review had it right. The food is tasty, especially the chow mein. Recommend. We ate there, and then came back again the next day. No where else we ate in Belize was as good.

The place is very inexpensive. The choices are carb-heavy. The decor is simple, not fancy. Having children take your order is adorable too. One time we tried to come but they closed at 4:30pm.

444 Phayathai Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

I love this place!

04 Oct 2015

I've eaten here so many times and love it. Maybe my favorite place for vegetarian Thai food in Bangkok. It's not fancy, but so tasty, and filling. And just 50 baht for two choices with rice.

To find it, go to the Food Island area on the 6th floor. It's a food court with stalls all around the sides. You'll have to go to the cash counter and put money on a card that you'll use to pay. When you're done, go to the cash counter to get reimbursed any amount you didn't spend. The vegetarian stalk is number C. 07 (there's a number to the left of the name of each stand, as written in the signs overhead, and they are in numerical order).

There are other stands in the food court with vegetarian options. For example, there's an Indian stand, and Smashed Burger has a vegetarian burger. But I have not tried them.

one block from railway staion, Lopburi, Thailand

Worst Thai food I've had in Thailand

03 Oct 2015

They have a vegetarian section to their menu. I ordered mushrooms and tofu with holy basil for 60 baht. It was a collection of random vegetables (like baby corn, carrots, bell peppers, string beans, not especially mushroomy) barely cooked with tofu that didn't taste fresh (and rubbery). Probably healthy and all but not tasty. The waiter was suggesting noodle dishes, maybe that's the way to go.

6a Avenida Sur, Unit 7, Antigua, Guatemala

Many tasty options, beautiful garden

11 Jan 2013

The food was really good. The menu has a vegetarian section and other vegetarian options in other parts of the menu. Most were vegan or could be made vegan. I especially recommend the amazing portobella sandwich, so delicious we both ordered a second (it's really small though, you may *have* to order a second). The lentil stew was fine but boring. The chili relleno was tasty. The garden we ate in was really beautiful. It was lovely.

190 Newton Barrack's Rd, Belize City, Belize

Standard Indian food

06 Jan 2013

I was happy with the food here, just like any US Indian restaurant, with standard US prices.

36 Thanon Charoen Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand

Blah food

11 Oct 2015

The place was very busy so I had hopes. But the two dishes I got were rather tasteless and blah. Thumbs down.

Central Food Hall, 7th floor, Central World Shopping Mall, 494 Rajdamri Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Odd flavors, hard to find

04 Oct 2015

I had a lot of trouble finding this place! On the 7th floor of the Central World shopping center, look for the Flavour Foodcourt. It's not a restaurant, it's a food court area in which you're given a card when you enter and you pay for everything put on the card when you leave. I had to go through a grocery area to get to it. Talalask isn't written anywhere visible, to find the place go to the left corner of the food court, to the left of the windows overlooking the park. They have a yellow sign with a Chinese character near the register which means they're veg, and some menu items have ingredients like veg meat.

I had the Gaeng Aom, the Spagetties Khi Mao and the Kra Pro Pla Pad Sha. They were pretty good, but had somewhat unusual flavors, the flavour profile want balanced right. The second tasted mostly of anise, the third had much too much peppercorn, the first I'm not sure what it had too much of. I also had the sausages, which were just plain mock meat, that was fine. The exception was the Pad Thai, which was delicious. Most dishes were about 80 baht.

So generally I wasn't thrilled with the food, but it's not bad.

Updated from previous review on Sunday October 04, 2015

Updated from previous review on Sunday October 04, 2015

Shop FK14, Pier 21 Food Court, 5th Fl, Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, Sukhumvit Soi 19, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Hit and miss

18 Nov 2015

The first time I tried this place, I choose three options with rice for 40 baht. Did not like any of them. Didn't finish the food.

I went back, however, and other choices I made weren't bad. It might have been bad luck the first time. It's not amazing food or anything, but it's cheap enough that it's worth taking your chances.

44 F, 96-502 Ploenchit Road, Lumpinee, Patumwan, Bangkok, Thailand

Some choices are better than others

29 Sep 2015

At this food court, first go to one of the round desks and buy a card for 100 baht. They will reimburse you for whatever you didn't spend. Use this card to pay at the Vegetarian food stand -- I didn't know any of this and gave them cash and they took it, but that was the wrong way.

I first went on Sunday around 3pm and the Vegetarian Food stall (along with many others) was closed.

The food was alright. I tried five options. Two were tasty (but not fancy, simple and tasty). I tried what I think was batter-fried mushrooms, although it was almost entirely batter with the occasional tidbit of mushroom, not a fan. I also tried something that looked like mock meat, but it was hard, like eating chips, and not much flavor. So, you point to what you want and take your chances. I asked the person working there what she recommended, and she just said it's all good.

But it was cheap (35 baht for two choices with rice), and tasty enough, I'd come again.

On a weekday around noon it was very crowded. I was able to find a seat, but it took quite a bit of wandering.

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