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Kalenic pijaca lokal 34, Belgrade, Serbia

Are you sure you did not misplace the decimal poin

29 Apr 2012

A fully stocked health food shop with exorbitant prices. It is located in the Kalenic marketplace. has pretty much everything you can imagine. Just be sure not to get a seizure and a heart attack when you pay the bill.

Dudu Odaları Sokak 8, Istanbul, Turkey

Holy spicy food, batman!

28 Apr 2012

You better take your GPS with you to find this one, because none of the streets are marked with signs.

The stand is unmarked and easy to miss. Orbay quit and he doesn't work there anymore, but the food stall is up and running and the food is just f****** awesome.

For 5 euros we bought a whole package that could easy stuff 3 people. The dish is extremly spicy, consider that the spicy sauce - dressing feels sweet and saucy compared to the dish itself. You get plenty of wraps and salad with it.

It's in the dead center of the city, 550m from Taksim square. Open throughout most of the day and night.

Go stuff your self silly with seriously tasty and spicy food whenever your touristing around istanbul.

Ihlamurdere Cad. sair Veysi sok. 4/b Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

Attentiong seeking read my review first

30 Apr 2012

I think this review will be a much bigger critique of the vegan kolektiv of istanbul and happy cow reviewers in general than of the place itself.

Shall we start with the "restaurant" first, then?

It is a tiny tiny place well of the beaten path, and quite the distance from the center of the city. It is more like a place a hairdresser would use for his tiny barbershop then where you'd expect to go to eat.

The food lacks almost any and all spices. The drinks are wishy washy at best. The rations are laughable... seriously? the vegan burger is smaller than a burger at mcdeath's. we ordered three dishes for the three of us, and when they arrived i think we should have ordered all three for EACH of us.

but maybe it's better, because it tastes so bland you wouldn't like to eat much of it anyways.

BUT the staff is super friendly and helpful. They even gave us tips on how to improve our domestic soymilk.

Still , that leaves little in the wake of the fact that we left hungry and unsatisfied and ten euros shorter.

Which may not be much in istanbul, but it certainly is money that will get you stuffed via local food.

And then, to highlight this inglorious event, they have no bathroom. No toilet. No handwashy. No pee pee. WTF?



People who rate this place FIVE stars? Seriously? Wtf is wrong with you? Do you people EAT , at all? Have you ever been to a place where you go when you're hungry, and leave when you're happy and stuffed? If you're the kind of person who prefers high quality food in regular-person quantitities, you might want to reconsider believing all the other reviewers who rated this place with five stars.

Michelsberg 15, Wiesbaden, Germany

Dont believe the other reviews!!!

16 Sep 2015

Let's start with the good stuff:

The location of the place is alright. It's in downtown Wiesbaden, pedestrian area. There is not much on the menu, but it looks tempting (simple meals: pizza, burger, doner, salad, potato, fries...). You can sit both inside and outside. The chef (worker?) who works there was super hospitable and friendly. That's about it for the good news, let's see the bitter aftertaste of having lunch there:

* The atmosphere inside is not cozy. At all. The refrigerators housing the soft drinks and beers are very loud, and the music keeps getting turned on, and off, adding to the cacophony. The tables are neutral, with no decoration - proving that this is a fast food place, not a Haut cuisine restaurant.

* No toilet. in 2015? For real?

* There IS wifi internet, but the customers are not allowed to use it. In 2015? For real? Adding to the annoyance was the ?boss? - ?owner?, who was sitting next to us, playing loud videos on his cellphone.

* Food: the doner was more a pita then a doner, very small portions, no decoration vegetables on the plate. The doner meat was very tasty but sadly, half cold. The burger was not better either. The "meat" itself was very small. For a 9 euro, specialty of the house, definetely too small.


Folks, only if a place serves vegan food only, that does not mean it has to be this expensive, or that we have to worship it and give it five stars all around!

Somebody mentioned that they stock 250 *different* kinds of beer - are you kidding me?! Who wrote that?

Also, we would have loved to tried the almond milk based vegan cakes - but after the main meals, that were average at best, yet very expensice by fast food standards, we did not feel like spending FIVE euros on a piece of cake.

So, once again, super friendly staff, and a place that could have a lot of potential, but I have a feeling it's Vegan not because of ethics, but because of trying to cash in on veganism being popular right now in Germany.

Cumhuriyet Cad. 4/8, Akatlar, Besiktas Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Here we go again

30 Apr 2012

I reviewed this place once already but the text dissapeared? oh nevermind. I don't mind trashing it once again.

This place is supposedly the sister-act of the world famous SAF London. Well, maybe both TWO pages of the menu of it. The rest is not vegan to say the least. They are not a stand alone SAF, they seem to be working together with some other completely non-Saf-like restaurant. or snack bar.

The food is very well decorated and arranged, and it's of high quality. Sadly the portions are minimal and the prices are jacked up.

I guess this is a place for the people who come out of the posh gym it belongs to for a quick healthy snack. You know, bio, organic, rawfood, fair trade, and other fancy labels. Nevermind I would actually like to E A T.

Dont waste your time and money on this one.
Updated from previous review on Monday April 30, 2012

Strahinjica bana 52, Belgrade, Serbia

Does what it says on the thin (if you can afford..

29 Apr 2012

The juices are great but the prices are steep. During summer you are much better off buying a watermellon and eating it on a bench in one of the nearby parks, but if Elixir is all you can muster, well, at least you'll get a premium juice at a premium price.

Hauptstraße 46, Großmugl, Grossmugl, Austria

A *proper* restaurant

29 Apr 2012

This is a proper restaurant, whether you're vegan or not. Not for the rawfoodist nutcases!!! The menu is world class. The rations are huuuge. The prices or very fair considering austria. The drinks are just amazing (whether it's coffee with coco milk or just huge pots of hot tea). The food needs not to be described, it needs to be experienced. It's a shame it's do far away from Wien, but that's maybe an advantage as well.

Take all your friends with you. They will be eternally grateful.

Hilandarska 24, Belgrade, Serbia

Yes another health food shop

29 Apr 2012

The google map readout is wrong. It is not located on Slavija. It is somewhere between Svetogorska and 29th november street.

They make a bunch of their own sandwiches and stuff. Is very well stocked. The prices are outrageous.

2 Dimonaktos St, Nicosia, Cyprus

vegan oasis in cyprus

18 Jun 2014

Sadly Inga has no competition when it comes to food in Cyprus. The good news is, her food is great, prices are very reasonable (compared to complete meals in cyprus - at inga's you get couvert, the meal and a salad; also you may drink as much cold water as you like, for free - and you will need it in cyprus weather), and the meal quality is top notch. Everpresent and always smiling, Inga lights up the kitchen of her cozy little restautant, just for a moment letting you forget the horrible food habits and menus of greek cypriots.

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 48, Belgrade, Serbia

Shame on belgrade if this is all it has to offer

29 Apr 2012

This is a small small place on the Boulevard. Has some seating. The drinks are custom-juiced but expensive. there are some vegan dishes like small sandwiches but they are very small and expensive.

I'm sure it's just fine for the health food raw foodists fish eating trendy "vegetarians", though.

Wessenbergstr. 35, Konstanz, Germany

A wonderful surprise!

20 Dec 2015

Don't let this tiny, almost hole-in-a-wall place fool you - the food is excellent, and it is vegan, too!

Not all of it, though. Which is quite a let down. Seitan is included in most meals. The meals are first class and the portions are proper!

Inexpensive, compared to other Bodensee options. (otherwise, medium priced)

Try the bureks and the pide!

Tynska ulicka 6, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

crazy food

29 Apr 2012

This place was a bit difficult to find even with gps navigation.

The dishes are very exotic and wonderfully prepared and served. The custom drinks are a must to try.

There arent that many vegan options. But the few that are available would be a shame to miss because of this!

Max-Brauer-Allee 277, Hamburg, Germany


26 Mar 2016

Vegans avoid.

Not much vegan on offer, and from the many many cakes they have, only the cupcakes are vegan. Well whoopty*****doo! Still, I prefer to support "veg" places so we ordered a chai latte. Which turned out to be a hot small paper cup of 90 cent edeka soymilk with a 5c "chai" filter bag. Yeeyyy....

You know, dear hipsters, even mcdonalds makes a proper chai latte for the same price, and even murder king offers vegan burgers in deutschland. So, no deal, bad place, fake ass hipsters welcome, everybody else avoid. Too expensive and nothing good to write about.

Möllingstr 19, Kiel, Germany

oh yeah!

26 Mar 2016

zen döner - döner with everything!

I cant begin to explain how big the vegan portion in this place is. It's easily more than twice the size of anything else vegan in europe. For 5 euros! Knock yourself out!

Also, there is a lot of other vegan delicacies.

Friendly staff, too bad I cant understand his turkish-deutsch.

Palmoticeva 5, Belgrade, Serbia

it just wont stay dead

20 Aug 2012

Like Futurama, this tiny hole-in
-the-wall turned vegetarian restaurant keeps resurrecting itself. But unlike Futurama, it is never awesome.

They still charge 7 euroes per kilo of food. If you are from anywhere BUT serbia, you might think that's cheap; but trust me, if you happen to be living here, that's quite a lot of money to pay for deep fried vegetables and other soupy-vegetably things. The samosas and desserts arent on the cheap side either. At least the samosas are tiny but tasty, while the sweets are just too damn sweet (for my taste - if you're a sugar craving junk food vegan, you'll be thrilled). The "main" dishes - like fried soy, rice and curries are ok.

Folks, if you're coming to visit belgrade from abroad, you should also consider the few serbian vegan dishes that can be found almost anywhere (posni prebranac, pecurke na zaru).

Last but not least, this is really a *tiny* place, and if you show up later in the evening, there will be hardly any food left, but you will still get charged premium for those heated up leftovers. All in all, my main objection is pricing, and my minor objection are working hours.

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

The #1 reason to visit Budapest

29 Apr 2012

What else do you need to know? May be difficult to find if you don't have a GPS with you. Parking sucks. But that's about it.

The food is killer, the prices are cheap, the menu is just huge. Watch out there may be honey in some dishes.

It's run by some whatever cult of sungazers i guess... But at least they can cook. And raw foodists can f*** ***.

The dishes are hungarian vegan specialties. So you wont be getting the cookie cutter generic vegan food. They have their own vegan cake factory, some cakes sweetened by xylitol and agave. They are their top products... knock your block off.

Szent Mihaly Utca 1, Szeged, Hungary

hare krishna, hare hare, hare krishna, krisha hare

26 Aug 2013

This place is simply best left avoided.


Yes, it is sad that Szeged has no other "strictly" vegetarian options (but since these folks arent vegan either, then who cares), and yes it is baby's first restaurant so one might forgive some small errors, but the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts so just let this one pass and go eat some greasy tofu at a chinese place instead (as sad as that might sound).

Even sadder is that these people have obviously never been to a regular restaurant or else they would have some basic knowledge of restaurant manners and etiquette.

Or that, that they dare not even mention the great and only hare krishna on their website when clearly everything is subversively geared towards converting the heathens. Dear me.

Avoid this place, they dont deserve your money, and you deserve better. And mind you, they certainly are not "inexpensive" either.

Leibnizstrasse 62, Charlotteburg-Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Just amazing!

07 May 2015

Wow does this place really exist? In Ku'dam of all places? And almost everything on the menu is vegan and the prices are, compared to the neighbourhood, dirt cheap! (ten euros for main course + meal. hint: for a couple it's more than enough to take two starters and a main dish. The plates are huge.)

The service is outstanding. The staff is lovely. The place is too dark, but cozy. The food is amazing. And there are hardly any guests, ever, so please help them and eat here!

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