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2920 University Ave, San Diego, USA


09 May 2012

A friend and I tried both of their daily soups and we ordered an entree to share. One soup was a miso broth that was delicious, if slightly underseasoned, and the other a creamy yam/cauliflower soup, which was very tasty. The entree was a beet burger (also delicious) and a mushroom/macadamia enchildada wrapped in collard green leaves that was my favorite. We also shared a dessert of raw chocolate cheesecake.
Casa de Luz's parking is limited (It's in North Park, what do you expect) but the food is worth the walk. The food is 100% organic, thus the prices are high (20$ for an entree and soup). The staff is friendly, the building is spacious, Casa de Luz is definitely a winner.

1401 El Camino Real, Oceanside, USA

Excellent produce

26 Mar 2012

I came here once a few weeks ago and I was impressed by the quality and selection of the organic produce. A lot of it is local, and inexpensive. Their selection of vegan grocery is limited, but they have an extensive gluten-free grocery.

365 W Broadway, Jackson, USA

Good juice, decent veg selection

13 Aug 2012

On a recent trip to Jackson I stopped into JH Organics. I ordered a green juice and the hummus/nan plate. The juice was fantastic, hardly tasting at all of the spinach in it, the hummus and nan of a large portion and tasty.
JH offers juices, smoothies and vegan treats, lunches, breakfasts, as well as gluten-free items, although the menu is quite limited.
The barista was very friendly and served my order to me quickly. The store itself was not crowded at all and parking was easy to find.

267 Van Buren St, Eugene, USA

Awesome food, Friendly staff

03 Mar 2012

On a recent trip to Eugene I made a point to visit this food cart because of the amazing reviews I read on this site. It totally lived up to the hype! My mom ordered the Vegan Gyro, which came with lettuce, tomato, chili sauce, and cucumber. She said it was fantastic, although a bit messy and spicy. I ordered the Falafal pita, with came with similar ingredients as well as a meditteranean relish, which was really spicy as well, but still flavorful and filling. Both orders were relatively inexpensive for vegan food, about 12$ for the both of us I think. The woman that takes your order is incredibly nice and she loves talking to her customers. This food cart is definitely worth visiting.

2009 S Coast Highway, Oceanside, USA

A personal favorite

26 Mar 2012

I love Cream of the Crop! Although the store and selection is a bit limited, the produce quality is fantastic and often local and organic. The sandwiches are fantastic, and they have an extensive vegan grocery selection.

2965 5th Ave, San Diego, USA

A favorite in San Diego

09 May 2012

I've been to Evolution at least 6 times and their food never fails to impress me. I've ordered the Mushroom Swiss, the South of the Border, the regular Burger, the Bacon Cheeseburger, etc, and all were delicious and large. The housemade patty is fantastic. The service is slow compared to fast food chains but well worth the wait and justified. The prices are reasonable (average 6$ for a burger) and the staff are friendly. I've tried several of the housemade snacks and they are all delicious and filled with whole ingredients. The only thing I would change about this place is the parking, while there is parking down the street the lot next to the restaurant is small and often crammed. If you're hungry and anywhere near balboa park, come to Evolution. It's well worth the trip.

2855 NW Grant Ave, Corvallis, USA

Good selection, friendly staff

10 Mar 2012

I stopped into the First Alternative Co-op on a recent trip to Corvallis. I cannot compare it to any other natural grocers in Corvallis, but I can say that the selection is great, the prices are decent (for the quality of goods they are selling) and it has a deli-veg bar, which is a definite plus. The quality of their produce is fantastic, and the staff is super nice and helpful.

524 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, USA

A bit of a disappointment

18 Mar 2012

Because of the wonderful reviews below I chose to eat lunch at the Hill Street Cafe while passing through Oceanside. I ordered the Vegan Burrito, which was filled with tofu, peppers, rice, cilantro, chipotle sauce, and other veg. It came with rice and beans for a total of 9$. The burrito was a bit small and quite soggy, and had an overwhelming soy sauce/chipotle sauce taste, which totally overrode the other elements of the burrito. The side of rice was undercooked, but the beans were good. On the plus side, the staff was very friendly and the cafe wasn't hard to find or park at.
Because this was my first visit, I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt and return and try other vegan options on the menu. But this experience was not the greatest first impression.

1563 Monroe St, Corvallis, USA

Decent food, cool ambiance

03 Mar 2012

My mom and I stopped at Interzone during a recent trip to Corvallis. She ordered "The Avocado" which was a vegetarian sandwich consisting of an egg, avocado, lettuce, tomato, black olives, and condiments. My mom said it was good, but messy. I ordered the veggie sandwich, which is vegan. It had a great overall flavor, the hummus on it was tasty, as well as the vegetables. There isn't a whole lot to choose from for a vegan, but they do offer an assortment of pastries, vegetarian options, coffee, and they do have wifi. The service was a bit slow for what we ordered, but I believe it was qualified because the food was good. The cafe has a cool feel to it, they're always playing good tunes. The price was moderate for what we ordered, maybe 15$ for two sandwiches and a natural soda.

1155 S Highway 89, Jackson, USA

A typical independent health foods store

13 Aug 2012

Jackson Whole Grocer has a fairly extensive selection, offering a variety of bulk bin products (nuts, raw treats, seeds, grains, legumes, etc.) These products are quite costly in comparison to Smith's, but this is to be expected. I am not denouncing independent ownership of a store, but nearly everything (produce, deli offerings, shelf items) is slightly overpriced.
That being said, Jackson Whole Grocer is definitely the saving grace for those of us in surrounding small towns.
The Grocer offers a decent gluten-free and vegan selection of bars, canned goods, frozen, and shelf-stable items.
They also carry a great selection of produce, with organic items available.

145 N Glenwood St, Jackson, USA

A Jackson jem

13 Aug 2012

I was at the Lotus Cafe yesterday and was very impressed by the depth of their offerings. Gluten-free pizza crusts with the optional daiya cheeze was my choice (along with kale, eggplant, onion) and although small, the toppings and crust were tasty. I also ordered a strawberry-chocolate smoothie that was delicious.
The Lotus Cafe serves a variety of the omnivore favorites made vegan and vegetarian, including mexican (burritos and tacos) and oriental (kimchi soups, etc.). All sandwiches and pizzas can be ordered on house made gluten-free or whole wheat breads and crusts.
While clearly an establishment catering to the vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian, the Lotus cafe provides grass-fed meats to omnivores, making it a no-brainer choice for hosting less open minded relatives or friends.
The Lotus Cafe isn't too expensive, either. The pizza and smoothie I ordered were under 20$, together. Not too shabby.
Check out the Lotus Cafe!
(On a side note, the Lotus Cafe offers additional seating in the lounge.)

765 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, USA

Good vegan fare

26 Mar 2012

I ordered the lentil veggie soup (vegan) and the vegan chocolate-peanut butter cupcake. The soup was okay, possibly a bit underseasoned, but the veggies were tasty and the soup itself was warm and filling. I was very impressed with the cupcake. It was enormous, and only 4$. The frosting was almost cloyingly sweet but the cake was moist and delicious. I'm definitely returning for more!

1239 SW Jefferson St, Portland, USA

Check this place out!

10 Mar 2012

I ordered the Blissful Fried Rice and my mom ordered the Sweet and Sour Divine. The fried rice was kinda typical, but still really tasty- with HUGE portions for the price of the vegan food. I'd give it an 8/10. The sweet and sour divine was indeed divine- it consisted of soy protein, vegetables, and fruit with a sauce. Both portions were large, and the prices were very reasonable, about 9$ for each plate of food. The meals included a broth soup starter with vegetables that was also tasty.

1080 San Marcos Blvd Ste 176, San Marcos, USA

Decent food, neat setting

10 Mar 2012

I've eaten here twice. The first time I ordered the vegan chili, which I believe was 6 or 7 dollars. It was pretty spicy and filling, but the side of toast for dipping was burnt and the portion was small. The second time I ordered the falafal wrap, which was excellent, except I learned after eating it that the sauce was not vegan. I'm not a strict vegan so it didn't really bother me, but to those vegans that wish to eat here, order the falafal without the sauce and it will be vegan. The falafal was filling, although the portion was a bit small. The veggies are fresh and the falafal is tasty and hot. The atmosphere of this cafe is awesome, very comfortable and chill. The staff is friendly and accomadating as well.

5664 Mission Center Rd 401, San Diego, USA

Awesome vegan treats!

13 Mar 2012

I went to Paradise Yogurt for the first time today and I was moderately impressed. I ordered the soy chocolate yogurt (small) and it was 3 dollars for a nice amount of yogurt. The yogurt itself was tasty, and VEGAN, so I'm definitely coming back here! My friend had the tropical punch sorbet which was also vegan, I had a taste and it was awesome as well. Paradise Yogurt is worth checking out for quality vegan yogurt.

7420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste 115, San Diego, USA

Good food, Nice staff, High prices

09 May 2012

My friends and I came here once searching for a vegan-friendly restaurant. I ordered the vegan burger(7.50) and mango smoothie, one of my friends ordered the falafal(7.50) pita, and my other friend ordered the meatball sandwich(7.35). I really liked the burger, although it was expensive for a store-bought patty. The veggies were fresh, but the service was a bit slow. The mango smoothie was good as well. I tasted the falafal, and it was hot and tasty, but it was not served on a pita, it was served on a tortilla. False advertising. The portions are moderately generous, but the prices are really high. Picasso's also sells groceries, which are also exorbantly priced. However, some items sold here are hard to find, and it's in a convenient location.
All in all, if you're looking for tasty vegan food, come here. But expect to pay a lot for it.
Updated from previous review on Saturday March 10, 2012

925 NW Davis St, Portland, USA

Excellent food, check it out!

10 Mar 2012

I'm vegan, but I do not generally eat raw foods besides fruits and salad. That being said, I was really impressed by Prasad. I ordered the 'Love Pasta,' which was zucchini noodles tossed in basil pumpkinseed pesto, sundried tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and topped with cashew ricotta. The meal was delicious and filling, the atmosphere nice (although small) and the people were really friendly. Plus, the meal was decently priced for what I ordered.

624 E Burnside, Portland, USA

Good vegan pizza

10 Mar 2012

I ordered the "Bad Reputation," (daiya mozzarella 'cheese' with mushrooms, onions, and black olives), as well as the "Spiral Tap" (carmelized onions spread, house marinara sauce and nutritional yeast). Both were really tasty, espiecally the Spiral Tap, which was excellent considering the sparse toppings. Both slices were 7$, definitely a bargain considering the huge slices and being vegan. Parking is a bit hard to find, but totally worth it. The setting is cool, the people are nice, if you're in Portland, come here!

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