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18 Merrion Row, Dublin, Ireland

Pretty good food, big bowls

We only had a bowl each of the soup of the day (it was dal) and it came with giant slices of bread. It was more than enough for a lunch, and at 4.95 euro, it wasn't a bad price, especially in Dublin. The other foods looked good, but a platter is 10 euro, so way too much for a lunch. Try one of their 'traditional Indian' desserts for an interesting flavour. It's nice to be in a veg place. Some dairy used.

73 Great Georges Street, Dublin, Ireland

Decent value, good food, bad service

Juice has a 3 course set menu for 15 euro. The starter course can be glass of wine or beer, but the wine doesn't taste great, so skip it. The food was good and it is a very good value in Dublin. We had the sushi starter, the corn fritters and shared the tiramisu. The food's not the best and they could stand to up their game, but the value is good. I think the set menu is good all night from open to close. The one waitress wasn't all that good, it was more like we were a bother, but don't let that stop you from supporting a totally veggie restaurant.

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France


There's not a lot more to say. The food was excellent and innovative. It looks very 'trendy' inside, which is really good for a vegan place - modern, minimalist, but not cold. They have about 6 tables in their windowed front, and these were full by 6:30, so do reserve a table, and then there are lots of tables inside the restaurant proper.
The menu is only in French, and the waitress may not be able to help you too much. So, make sure your smartphone translator app is on because you don't want to miss a thing. If it's still there when you go, get the Cajun dish. Yummy, and so full of flavour. It's really smart food there. Innovative.

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

Good food, not central...

I agree with all the reviewers that this buffet is very tasty, and when we were there it was packed, but there was always plenty of every dish. My issue was that it is hard to find, and is at least a 30 minute walk from the south part of the city. We had a hard time finding any bus or tram that went that way and the maps are useless. It's also expensive, and in Stockholm that means crazy expensive. But if you know these issues going in, you'll be fine.
The tea and coffee are included in the buffet price, but not other drinks or dessert. You can reserve a table, and I'd recommend that if you are going for dinner. Then, you can ask for specific directions, too!

40 Wall St, Asheville, USA

Not nearly as good as it used to be

I've held this place in the holy grail category of veggie restaurants for about 15 years. My hubby and I just went back there again (June 2013) with my parents and had those same high hopes. Dashed, they were, dashed. Unfortunately, the food isn't up to par. Small portions on huge plates, which makes it look even more like they've hit a wall. We had some strange 'vegan chorizo' thing, and the vegetables with it were steamed badly and had (no kidding) no sauce, dressing or anything. It's like they don't care. We tried dessert, mainly because we were still hungry. The chocolate beet cake was good, but incredibly dense. The funniest thing, or worst depending on your outlook, is that they charged $2 for a tablespoon of vegan ice cream. Seriously, a tablespoon size. (Save your money and go to The Hop for vegan ice cream.)
We did find out the ex-head chef left to go to Plant, and clearly took the interest and excitement with them. Most likely won't be going back until we find they've got a new chef with some chutzpah and when they lower their prices below extortion-level.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Get the Onion Soup

I don't remember much else about this restaurant except the 'French' Onion Soup. As a vegetarian for 20 years, I haven't had it for 20 years, so this was such a treat. It even came with the requisite croutons and melted (vegan) cheese. Delish. Probably could have done without the main course, but we both got one - it was too much food and we were stuffed.
It is expensive, but if you just get the soup, and then maybe move on to share a main course, you'll be fine. Excellent bread, too!
It's tiny, so unless you're the first through the door, you'll need to reserve. As it was we were first in and still needed to vacate our table by 8pm (that was fine though- glad to see them very busy). And yes, it's completely vegan.

165 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA

Save up!!

Can't fault the food, it's good, really. But holy moly, is it expensive. Hubby and I shared a tiny vegan cheese appetizer ($11), a main course and we had three $4 beers. This came, with tax and tip, to $52. Now, I know they're going for fine dining, so sure, charge a lot. But, it keeps normal, veg*ns from going more often, and instead caters for the rich. Shame, because I'd like to eat there more often.
As an example, we've eaten in loads of other restaurants in Asheville with a starter, main and drinks and our bill is around $20-25 including tax and generous tip.
I'd have given 4 cows if it wasn't so expensive - the food is worth 4, but they lose a cow on price.

147 1st Ave E, Hendersonville, USA

Animal advocacy, puppies, beer, music - all in one

This place is fantastic. All of their beers are vegan and Joe brews some out of this world beers! They only serve vegan foods - as locally sourced as possible. They hold games days, adoption events, there's live music and it's a great place to be. Stop in, say hello, bring your own dog and relax.

Medborgarplatsen 1-3, Stockholm, Sweden

Good prices, very good food

This little cafe in a shopping centre is very good. Very friendly staff who speak English. There are two menu prices, I think. A 45SEK level with wraps, and a 95SEK (I think) that is the meal. Hubby had the chili, which was big and filling. I stuck to the halloumi wrap, which was great both times!
Good value for money, central, very nice loose tea and directly across the street from the metro.

20 Executive Park Rd, Hilton Head Island, USA

Finally, a veg-knowledgeable place on HHI

There are at least 5 veg/vegan items on the menu, and their soup of the day is listed as always veg*n. Interesting food options, not just mushroom risotto. The chef understands how tastes work, and uses that to create. I had something called Hippie Loaf, and while the name was a little condescending, it tasted great. Hubby had wild mushroom crepes and raved.

If you are vegan, make sure the 'accompaniments' are also vegan, as I doubt the mashed potatoes are, for example. (The meat eaters enjoyed their food too - don't get ticked off about that statement: I know that it can be nearly impossible to make both omni and vegi happy in one place, especially in a veg black hole like this area.)

I didn't notice any vegan desserts, but I would think that a phone call before to request one would be welcomed, as would an on-the-spot request - I have a feeling the chef could make it happen!
The Studio was lovely, with great service, quite a formal atmosphere, but with a laid back vibe. (We arrived in shorts and were welcomed the same as the lady in a long black dress.) It is very expensive, but if you want a special occasion meal, this is it.

37 Panton Street, London, England

Not as good as it should be

I've been to this particular Woodlands many years ago, and remember it being very good. We went again last night and were under-whelmed at pretty much everything. The service was surly, which is highly unusual in Indian restaurants. The food was 'good', but not very good - a little sloppy. I had a Dosa that was overhanging the plate, burnt in some places, soggy in others. We ordered a special type of salad and got just sliced onions and cucumbers, not what we ordered (my partner didn't want to say anything so we didn't). I really wish I had better things to say about this, but with the sheer number of other veg restaurants, including Indian, this doesn't cut it any more.

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