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Via Etnea, 734, Catania, Italy


14 Jul 2014

We only managed to go there once during our stay in Catania but if I could, I'd go back straight away! All those vegan snacks we tried were incredibly tasty and at a good price. Not to mention the ice cream..*yum*
There was also freshly pressed orange juice as well as organic fizzy drinks which are hard to find in the area. Thanks!

Schloßtr. 3, Rheinsberg, Germany

Smallest health food shop ever

09 Feb 2012

This shop is really the smallest health food shop I have ever seen. It's a small extra room integrated into a phamacy. The description above points out most things in their stocks of interest for vegans. I got some veggie spreads, olive soap and vegan biscuits (strange mix, I know). Unfortunately, they don't do tofu/seitan/etc or fresh produce but it's a start. This is probably the only place in Rheinsberg to offer a somewhat noteable range of vegan products.

Rataskaevu 8, Harju, Tallinn, Estonia

Good choice in Tallinn

12 Jan 2011

I went there once during my visit to Tallinn some 2,5 years ago - back then, and apparently still today, it was nearly the only place to get good vegan food in this city or country even. I remember the prices being quite high and thus I wasn't surprised it wasn't crowded with people, it was mainly tourists, really. The staff was friendly, however, and spoke decent English.
I ordered a dahl with spinach and some other things I have forgotten - it was tasty but so spicy I couldn't finish it.
I did enjoy the atmosphere and would probably go there again to try out one of their other dishes.

Zossener Strasse 16, Berlin, Germany

Great vegan weekend brunch

23 Jun 2014

I have eaten here many times as my partner used to work in the area. The quality of the food is on and off but always at a very low price. The service is special - friendly most of the time but sometimes weird. Once a friend of ours found a whole plastic bag (!) in his curry and all he was told was "These things happen" - no reimbbursement, complimentary drink, nothing....

Last weekend we tried their vegan weekend brunch for the first time and were delighted. It costs 6,50€ all you can eat only and was very tasty, well spiced and freshly prepared. Also the vegan mango lassi tasted superb.
The only downside was that the owner (?) kept gossiping about customers he had had recently and about the restaurant next door (TUTTI). Maybe he is gossiping about us right now..

I do like their effort to do more and more vegan things, though, and hope they will continue to do so in the future.

106 Laisvės al., Kaunas, Lithuania

Not bad but not many vegan options

12 Feb 2010

Arbatine is a nice playe to sit down and watch the people passing by on Laisves aleja. Unfortunately there are hardly any vegan options, at least there weren't when I was there (2008).
The staff spoke hardly any English so I had to communicate in Lithuanian...
For vegetarians it might be a nice place to eat at, however. Food might include some sort of quiche or other simple dishes. There is also a range of salads, tea etc.
On the contrary to Morku Selsmas, not far from Arbatine, it's all about "healthy living", not about animal rights (they wouldn't allow displaying animal rights flyers).

Bread Street , Penzance, Cornwall, UK, Penzance, England

Not all organic and not all so friendly

01 Oct 2013

The range of products in this shop is good, you will get nearly everything you need here. We stocked up on our food pile before setting off to the Scilly Islands here and among other things bought a packet of Moroccan style cous cous which at closer look at the B&B later on turned out not to be organic at all! There was no sign of an organic label or anything like that and the ingredients were all convetional including sugar and other things we certainly didn't want to have in our food (it wasn't even vegan..).
I'm not sure how te law works in the UK with things like that but I would expect an Organic or Health Food shop to sell exclusively ORGANIC items.

Also, when we got there, soaking wet at quarter to six, the staff were already letting down the shutters and made us feel quite uncomfortable for coming in "so late" to do our shopping (they gave us looks and didn't smile or anything, in fact they didn't say anything at all).

I must say I expected more from this place given that the Archie Brown's café, which was closed already unfortunately, has got such a good reputation.

12 Mill Road, Cambridge, England

Great choice, stressless shopping

19 Feb 2013

I love this shop - they have a wide range of products, also many raw things, vegan stuff, homemade things such as halwa sweetened with grape juice only, homemade hummus, super tasty homemade vegan cake.. The people you meet there are relaxed and happy and it makes you happy shopping there. I wish I could come more often.

Drontheimerstr. 1b, Berlin, Germany

Best-priced vegan snacks in Berlin

24 Aug 2013

I have been there once only as I don't come to this area a lot but would certainly go to Attis Cafe again.
I didn't go there on a Thursday but they still had some vegan things to choose from. There was vegan pizza and vegan hot dog out of which I chose the latter as I wasn't too hungry. The hot dog was nothing special (I don't suppose hot dogs are designed to be anything special) but good for a quick snack. I also ordered a Bionade and a piece of tasty vegan carrot cake. Together, those three items cost just around 5€ and where thus absolutely well-priced.
The owner was very friendly, too.
I hope Attis Cafe will turn all veg* soon.

Winterfeldtstr. 37, Nollendorplatz U-bahn, Berlin-Schaneberg, Berlin, Germany

Very tasty food and friendly people!

26 Oct 2009

We tried out Baharat-Falafel yesterday and were more than pleased. We had a "Bagdadteller" for two which cost 12€ - not too cheap but the food was great and we were full afterwards (We told them we wanted a vegan version of the dish). The staff was very friendly. They recommended the fresh "Gute Laune" juice - a mix of banana, orange, pineapple and carrot for 2€. We tried it and loved it!
A friend had a falafel sandwich which was very good as well.
It doesn't say on the menu what is vegan and what isn't but just ask and you will be helped :)

Vilniaus g. 41, Vilnius, Lithuania

Nice but could be better

18 Oct 2009

I've been to Balti Dramblai twice. I think the atmosphere is nice, the prices are okay as well. The first time I had samosas filled with a bolognese style sauce which was very delicious. The second time I tried out the falafel because some reviews here say they are so good. I didn't like them very much, though. Maybe it's the - as I find - large amount of oriental spices that were strange to my taste, I don't know.
The service was always very friendly though.
Unfortunately, there is not a single vegan desert. I even had to explain to the (still friendly) staff what vegan means once. Not even hot chocolate with soy milk.

59 Baldslow Rd, Hastings, England

Comfortable accommodation in Hastings

13 Mar 2012

We stayd at Bay Tree House for three nights and really enjoyed it. The all vegan breakfast had a lot to choose from with lots of fruit and nuts and rice and oat milk and bread and all sorts of muesli etc. Our room was very comfortable, our hosts super-friendly and helpful. Would go back any time.

Drahtgasse 3, Vienna, Austria

Delicious food and great service

23 Nov 2009

I've eaten out at Bio Bar several times and was never disappointed. The food was always delicious and diversified.
Yes, the prices are a bit high but you get really good quality organic food plus great service.
Yesterday I had the Toscana bruschetta with vegan cheese which were really good. There is a lot of mock meat dishes on the menu but also a good range of dishes for those who don't want meat substitute.
Then there are several mostly vegan cakes, all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails, juices.
I really recommend Bio Bar if it's ok for you to spend more than 10€ on a good meal.

Carl Ritter Strasse 15, Quedlinburg, Germany


09 Feb 2012

This shop is run by a friendly young man who recommended some really good products by local companies to us. The shop has mainly packed goods on offer, unfortunately no soya yogurt, but good organic juices and beer. Welcoming atmosphere.

Alexanderstr.16-22, Eisenach, Germany

Organic food in Eisenach

22 Oct 2010

It seems this is the only organic shop in the whole of Eisenach. The lady working there was very helpful - even though she didn't tell us about the veggie-friendly restaurant around the corner ;) Considering the size of Eisenach, there really is a wide range of (vegan) products in this shop - we even got rice ice cream.
The shopping atmosphere is very good aswell.

Zwaetzengasse 15, Jena, Germany

A big choice of organic vegan food in Jena

22 Oct 2010

There was no vegetarian place open the day we spent in Jena so we got some nice food, veggies and things and prepared a nice meal with it in the only hostel in town.
Before we cycled on to Gera, we got enough to eat for a long and exhausting day tour in this shop. They are well-stocked. We especially appreciated the wide fresh fruit section. The people working there were very friendly aswell.

Biberstrasse 22, Vienna, Austria

Great for lunch

21 Jun 2010

What a shame I only just now came to try Grener Baum a few days before I leave Vienna. When I was there, I got a carrot and potato strudel along with a small exotic salad and a creamy mushroom soup, altogether for 7,50€.
The staff were all very friendly so despite the sitting area being in the shop it was enjoyable having lunch there.
Unfortunately, there was no vegan cake (I've been told by friends that there used to be), hopefully that will change again.

Bornaische Strasse 42, Leipzig, Germany

Affordable ice cream

19 Jun 2012

There were three types of soya ice cream (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) and some vegan sorbets. The soya ice cream tasted good but wasn't super exciting. Unfortunately, there was no vegan soft ice cream there. Staff was friendly, prices low.

7 Ulitsa Pestelya, St Petersburg, Russia

Tasty food and friendly people : )

05 Feb 2010

I really enjoyed the food at Cafe Botanika. Everything was fresh and tasty and I had a big choice of vegan dishes. I ordered Borshch and a falafel wrap with mint sauce and had tea - everything was cozy and nice. Only the prices were a bit high I found (paid around 18€ for everything), but that's just St. Petersburg I guess. Would definitely go there again.

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