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4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

Must Go Back Again!

10 Apr 2010

My partner and I sat in the back outdoor area and it was fabulous. The atmosphere alone made this restaurant a favourite (the indoor area was also very nice). It was my first visit to a vegan resataurant and I was not disappointed. The food was great, everything was reasonably fast considering how busy this place was (there was a line-up to be seated but we got in quickly) but we arrived starving so it seemed like forever. Any minor complaints were a matter of personal taste. The price was good for all the food we got.

655 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada

Could Be More Vegan Friendly

10 Apr 2010

Everything at Commensal is clearly marked and they have some really tasty vegan options. I really wish they had more. Great place for vegetarians, though. The buffet and weight style is great for picking out what you want and how much. Desserts are great and many vegan options. Everything looks fresh, clean and is well tended by staff. Unfortunately, its pretty expensive, even if you don;t eat a lot. I've been there a few times and would definitely go back.

646 Richmond St, London, Canada

Needs Improvement

10 Apr 2010

The food ranges from so-so to really good, depending on what you order. I would recommend trying the wings (spicy!) and the spanokopita. Smoothies and lemonade are always delicious. I hear good things about the fish and chips, too! Entrees are a little slow coming out so don't arrive famished :)

The consistent problem is the service and I'm not the only one who has expressed this concern. There is a general coldness and sometimes attitude from the servers. I'm sure they are all nice people but that is not coming across. I hope this aspect improves so that everyone can really enjoy the veg out experience.

2115 St-Denis, Montreal, Canada

Cheap and Delicious

10 Apr 2010

The atmosphere is a little shabby but you won't mind once you're eating the delicious food. I've never had veggie pork but it is fabulous. When my partner and I were there they had a really cheap lunch buffet that seemed too good to be true. The service was also great, so friendly and prompt! They spoke little english (probably more fluent in mandarin and french!) but their sincerity still came through. Missing that place now that I'm back in Ontario.

344 Dundas, London, Canada

Always a Favourite

10 Apr 2010

I have been going to Zen Gardens for years and am always very pleased. The food is delicious and arrives quickly. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The decor and atmosphere is really impressive (although the chairs feel a bit stiff). All the dishes can be changed to suit your personal preferences and vegan items are clearly marked. The extensive menu means there is something for everyone. Some favourites include pan fried dumplings, thai steak, pineapple veggie chicken fried rice, kung po soy chicken and teriyaki mushroom cutlets. My only complaint would be that the combination dinner only comes with oolong tea, it would be nice to pick your own tea.

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