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2638 Elm St, Dallas, USA

amazing nachos but false advertising

13 Oct 2012

Beware the Anvil Pub. The waitress told us they haven't carried soy chicken for at least 1 year. So you can get vegan nachos and chili and pizza only, which were tasty. The nachos were way better than those at Spiral Diner. Scary but nice bouncers at the door.

5 Mott St, New York City, USA

How much do I love this place?

17 Jul 2016

Best vegan dim sum in the world. Is that a fair assessment? The bbq meat is alone worth the trip.

618 H St NW, Washington, USA

American style Chinese comfort food

03 Mar 2016

About as American style as you can get. Gruff service, just like any Chinatown. Delicious, junky, stick to your ribs but with a twist. Complete vegetarian menu with mock meats. The mock chicken and beef are vegan. Alas no shrimp.

808 Britannia Rd W, Mississauga, Canada

Yummy, charming surprise!

03 Sep 2011

We throroughly enjoyed the food at Cholan. The Hara Bara Kebab was spicy, crunchy and delicious, topped with a roasted cashew and tamarind chutney. I had the Soya Curry with paratha which was like a rich deep Indian spicy vegetable stew, while my partner had the Kothu Roti, which was a heaping plate of chopped roti stir fried with spices, vegetable, and TVP chunks. Simply scrumptious. The chef even came out to greet us and ask us about our food. Really nice, class act. Great prices. Highly recommended.

C/Hospital 74, Barcelona, Spain

Fun, funky, delicious...but the service is awful!

14 Aug 2011

Excellent value, great prices - we had the plata del dia, the moussaka, which was absolutely delicious and filling. But, the place was as hot as an oven, and the service -- so bad...I hope this was an off day. Seriously, it's a good thing we had tapas (at Mosquito) before coming to Juicy Jones or else we would have walked out.

1668 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, USA

Yummy vegan surprise!!

23 Feb 2012

My husband and I were thoroughly blown away by the food at Pine Garden. The vegetarian menu is, in fact, fully vegan, so we went hog wild and ordered two apps and three mains. The cold sesame noodles were authentic and delicious, and the spare ribs were spicy and chewy with a lovely fragrance. We then enjoyed crispy orange beef which was toothsome and so flavorful. Mixed veggies in a garlic and scallion sauce was simple and fresh. However, the star of the evening, bar none, was the twice cooked pork. The faux pork was chewy and spongy with a nice light flavor, but the sauce was unbelievably good - so authentic like the way I remember from NYC Chinatown. These dishes were so good they brought tears of nostalgia to my eyes.

Pine Garden is one of the few truly satisfying, non-granola vegan culinary experiences we can have in South Florida (unless you cook at home). The fact that you can have a completely vegan menu so that you do not have to look at the choices you are unable to eat, is a huge plus for me. The food is wonderful, NYC style Chinese food, great taste and hugely flavorful. It is without a doubt one of the best vegan Chinese restaurants in the US (and thankfully, one that does not blast Supreme Master propaganda (not that there is anything wrong with that - please dont hurt me). If they had vegan shrimps and lobster sauce, they would be number one in my book. Alas.

504 Adelaide St W, Toronto, Canada

Funky fun, perfect nabe greasy spoon

15 Jan 2012

This is the perfect neighborhood greasy spoon. Don't expect fancy feasting. Although not exclusively vegan, they have more vegan choices than some fully vegan restaurants. I have a penchant for vegan interpretations of diner food, and Sadie's delivers in spades. The breakfast burrito is ridiculously good and filling. The BBQ plate is awesome, and you can get a veggie burger with vegan bacon and cheese with a plate of fries to die for. The only thing that is not great are the buckwheat pancakes, but the friendly service and great ambience makes this our go to place in th neighborhood. Highly recommended, but not fancy, so bring your tattoos and leave your mink at home.

4029 Crutcher St, Dallas, USA

humble delicious little hole in the wall

06 Jul 2014

It looks like one of those sketchy neighborhood dives dotting the Dallas landscape. But don't judge a book by its proverbial cover. Surrounded by prayer beads, heart sutra and nunchucks, you'll be transported into a Buddhist inspired Chinese feast that's well priced and generously apportioned. We loved the roti chanai, Kung pao chick'in and the spicy cha cha. Best in the city. Can't wait to return and try everything else on their extensive menu. Service is homey and gracious and the tap water is mint infused, which is a nice extra caring touch.

800 E Arapaho Ste 120, Richardson, USA

charming. delicious

12 Oct 2012

You'd be hard pressed to find a more gracious host than the couple running this restaurant. The food is awesome - try the vegan fish in brown sauce and the double cooked pork. Great prices and huge portions. A winner. Just ignore the dreary cafeteria like decor.

3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, USA

Charming but bad service

05 Oct 2012

I hate the idea of writing anything bad about the Wynn and Encore restaurants because its great to have the opportunity to do vegan in high style. I am at the Society for breakfast. The service is awful. Food amazing but carefully measured portions. Gorgeous presentation but they could do better.

Hong Kong Market, 9780 Walnut St, Dallas, USA

Very pleasant D-licious surprise

16 Sep 2012

I have just moved to DFW, and while running around shopping for my new place, I decided to take a detour up to North Dallas and try this place. The reviews and description do not do this place justice. It is a cute, cafeteria-like (in appearance and decor) and inviting place. The owner is charming and gracious, friendly and warm. The prices are reasonable and the food is delicious. I had a bowl of pho - very authentic yummy taste and spice with tofu and TVP as the protein. I had the veggie rolls for an appetizer, with a delicious, thick, unctuous peanut sauce. The restaurant is located in the rear of a food court, attached to an Asian grocery with a huge selection of vegan faux-meats. I can't wait to come back next weekend for dinner.

2330 Royal Ln Ste 900, Dallas, USA

Pleasant surprise

16 Sep 2012

Everything about this place should have been bad - it is in a sketchy neighborhood, in an uninspiring strip mall, with tacky decor and a dreary looking buffet table. So, if I had driven off (which was my first impulse), I would have missed a wonderful, delicious, interesting meal. As many of you know from my previous reviews, I hate to serve myself, but I made an exception because I had just arrived in Dallas and wanted to be part of the "buffet" scene, which appears to be a big deal here. New Start Veggie Garden is an "Asian" restaurant, but the primary influence of the cook (who is Mexican) is largely Korean (the background of the owners, I was told). Today's buffet included two soups that were (thankfully) undersalted. The pumpkin soup was velvety and lovely, with a real taste of pumpkin. The eggless bi-bim-bap was lovely and aromatic. The sauteed eggplant and potato noodles were delicious, and the sushi and wrap were yummy. The chef prepared tacos, which were not very Korean, but very yummy. The only thing that did not work for me was the chicken dish - the chef obviously does not know how to cook TVP (she needs rehydrate TVP with something flavorful like vegetarian broth, and to squeeze out the excess liquid after rehydrating them!!). I did not eat the dessert because I read that there might be honey in the food, and I was (admittedly) too lazy to ask. All in all, for about ten dollars for lunch, you leave sated and happy. The restaurant also has a nice little vegan grocery and nutrient store with good prices. I'll go back, but maybe on a less dreary and rainy day.

1025 W University Ave, Gainesville, USA

OMG! Thought I died and went to ice cream heaven

07 Jan 2012

Cute little shop that has a wonderful little collection of ice creams, at least ten of which are vegan. We tried them all, but we were determined to have a milk shake. I had one made with s'mores ice cream, while my husband had one made with peach cobbler. Don't even ask about how orgiastically delicious they were. My only complaint - the food is labor intensive, so it makes no sense having only one person tending the shop. Either update the equipment or hire one other person to man the shop. Otherwise, worth the trip for sure!

25 SE 6th Ave, Delray Beach, USA

Junk for my vegan trunk!

23 Feb 2012

This is a place to die for. At last, a real casual pizza joint that I can enjoy! We had calzones stuffed with BBQ tofu, peppers and onions and loaded with gooey Daiya cheese. Who could ask for anything more?

Well one word of warning: If you are a strict vegan like me, make sure you tell the waiter to remind the cook NOT TO SPRINKLE PARMESAN CHEESE on your pizza, sandwich or calzone. The manager graciously didn't charge us for one of our calzones, because we had to wait so long (and we did say that we were strict vegans when we ordered dinner), which was very classy.

They have many vegan topping options including tofu and tempeh (but not TVP or seitan). We are looking forward to returning for the pizzas, which look awesome.

c/Carders, 46, Barcelona, Spain

Cozy neighborhood place, dim sum tapas, yum but $$

14 Aug 2011

We loved the great service, neighborhood cool ambiance and yummy dim sum (this is an asian tapas place, but if you've ever had dim sum, you would say this is a dim sum place). With one major difference - lots of great beers and really high prices. Still, for a tapas-like experience in BCN (so you don't feel left out), it's great food and a must go. It's also in a cool neighborhood, just by a large city market and the Born.

33 boulevard Voltaire, Paris, France

Nice selection - could do better

18 Aug 2011

I enjoyed shopping here - a good selection of spreads and milks. Overall good prices for the area, but was surprised my three glaring problems: There were no vegan cheeses available, the dry cereal selection was poor and the fruits were crappy.

619 W University Ave, Gainesville, USA

Pass de duchy on de left hand side...

07 Jan 2012

The first time I have ever seen the word VEGAN on a highway billboard in the US was the billboard on I-75 northbound for this restaurant. Even though it is not a vegan restaurant, the owners clearly understand what vegans want. Choice, taste, portions. Just like death eaters want. I had the vegan seitan steak sandwich, which was doused in a sweet, mildly spicy tomato based Jamaican sauce, whereas my hus had Jerk tofu, which came with rice and peas, and a side order of festival. The jerk is as hot and spicy as they warn you, so be prepared - it was f***ing ridiculously spicy. But both dishes were awesomely delicious. Prices were more than fair, and the service was great. Wort de trip, man...

501 Cherokee Blvd, Chattanooga, USA

Gloriously delicious vegan country / junk food

07 Jan 2012

We stopped at Sluggo's on our trip home from Florida. Worth the detour! Inspired, delicious diner food, no death involved! We had the Berliner, which was a vegan Reuben. Words cannot aptly describe the feeling biting into a Reuben so gooey with cheese, messy with kraut, and stuffed with faux roast beef. We also shared the pecan crusted seitan and mashed potatoes covered in mushroom gravy. Pretty darn close to the best vegan chik*n fried steak in the country (the best is still the Chicago Diner). The portions were huge, the ambience deliciously dive-y, the staff very tattooed but friendly, the prices very reasonable. Highly recommended!! Someone should tell Guy Fieri about Sluggo's!

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