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197 N Pleasant St, Amherst, USA

Great Food! Great Staff!

19 Jun 2009

Baku is a welcomed surprise. From the moment you walk in the counter person welcomes you as if you were coming into their home. Once you taste the food, you then see why--it gives you that homecooked feeling. Sure there are many non-veg items, perhaps more than half the menu, but if you stick to the rice, black-eyed peas, and greens, you will leave incredibly satiated.

68 Masonic St, Northampton, USA

The good and the not so good

21 May 2009

Bela is a nice, quaint place. They have a lot of vegan options, although their menu is in need of an update. It's been pretty much the same for a long while now, and if you're a returning customer you're faced with repetition. The tofu/veggie stir fry is the usual over salted, 'we need to satisfy the vegans' fare, with not a lot of imagination. The seitan is VERY salty, so beware. But these are just personal tastes, and not the biggest problem. Here is the biggest problem with Bela--they constantly run out of things. It's to the point now where we just don't suggest anyone go there because we know they will not have many choices. Here's an idea, Bela--ORDER MORE FOOD!

Prices are reasonable, service is good, but there's another problem--their hours are impossible. They claim to stop serving at 8:45 or so (?! Hello????), but if you get there at 8:25 you may or may not be served...this is seemingly dependent upon the mood of the cook, the moon, the stars, what they've run out of--it's pretty annoying.

So, if you get lucky and they have what you want, and you can be there by around 6pm, all may work out just fine. Good luck!

1 Boltwood Walk, Amherst, USA

Seitan? Dead animal!

23 May 2009

Simply put, this place is horrific. I suppose when you cater to 19 year old college kids who just want some calories, you don't have to care, and they don't. They don't so much that when I recently ordered seitan tacos, they turned out to be CHICKEN! One bite got me sick to my stomach. I returned the dead carcass and vowed never to return.

By all means, stay away!

1701 Toomey Rd, Austin, USA

Warm, homey, healthy food!

10 Nov 2012

A great discovery in Austin. Very healthy, clean, tasty food prepared for you fresh in front of your eyes. The blend of spices and flavors were unique and very appealing to the taste buds. The portions were large and you leave feeling satiated, but in a clean, not stuffed way. The soup on our night was sweet potato, which I'm not usually a fan of, but this was very good. The hummus had a mashed potato feel and taste to it, again, in a good way..VERY good! The greens were prepared perfectly. No dish was over salty or over spiced, which is so common these days--kudos to Casa de Luz for not doing that! You could actually taste the delicious food. The 2 cold herb teas were equally delicious and satisfying. I would highly recommend eating here and enjoying the outside deck during a nice warm evening. Oh, and setting is very lovely, inspired by Japanese architecture, with areas for children to play, adults to meditate, or just lie in the hammock...this place has it all!

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

The Thrill is Gone

19 Jun 2009

Herbivore in San Francisco used to be one of my favorite spots, so when they opened one up in Berkeley I was thrilled. But now after eating there and trying just about everything on the menu, I must say that it's just not cutting it. In fact, the last 2 times I ate there I got a sour tummy a few hours later. I hate to pick on a vegan eatery (or what I assume is a vegan eatery), but their standards have really fallen. The food just doesn't taste great anymore. It's runny, mushy, boring, wilted, and uninspired. This place needs a new manager or cook to take a look at what's going on here--the vegan community is VERY small and we talk.

21 Furnace St, Akron, USA

Simply Amazing!

12 Jul 2008

Talk about an oasis, an odd location in a heavy meat-eatin' town for one of the best vegan eateries in the U.S.

I'm hard-pressed to think of a better vegan experience than eating at VegiTerranean. The food is astoundingly good, the servers are wonderful, the wine, the desserts, the appetizers, it's all scrumptious!

If you're ever within even 100 miles of Akron, make the detour, it's that good.

39 S Pleasant St, Amherst, USA

Resting on laurels

23 May 2009

Fresh Side used to be fresh, now it's known mostly for snotty servers and grumpy counterpeople. Hey, if you guys don't like your jobs, QUIT! There are loads of out of work people dying to be hired.

Now onto the food. It's unique, and like any menu there are some great choices, but many duds as well. The tofu is too watery and squishy, and I bet my paycheck what they claim is "vegan" ain't. I taste chicken broth in the noodle dishes, and oh yeah, I would love to see the ingredients of the "vegan" noodles--guessing there's egg in there.

The tea is amazing, the best choices and tastes around. The tea rolls are mostly great, but some are cold and boring too.

Plan ahead, due to the annoyed staff, you may be waiting a LONG time to get your food. Oh, and be warned: If you complain about anything, they'll make you feel like it's YOUR fault.

15 Amber Ln, Northampton, USA


22 Jul 2011

I've eaten at Haymarket for years, and for the most part the food is good, the staff downstairs is nice, and the atmosphere is cozy. For some reason the staff upstairs in the juice bar/bakery seems to always have an attitude. It's so odd, but try it out for yourself and see what I mean. It never fails. So a week ago I went in and ordered the tempeh taco plate with no sour cream. I reiterated to the order taker that I wanted it vegan. She said without the sour cream it would be vegan. I ate them. 2 days ago I go in and order them again, and again reaffirm that I want the plate to be vegan. This time, a different counterperson tells me, "Oh, these tacos are not vegan. The tempeh is battered in milk. I know. We make them here. We use milk." WTF?! So thank you Haymarket...I am no longer vegan. I ate milk. I'm sorry, but why on earth would a place go to the trouble of preparing tempeh tacos, ostensibly to appeal to the veg crowd, only to then engorge them with the pus of a cow?! I was not a happy camper, but the counterperson was very nice and apologetic, so I just quietly stewed and had the supposedly vegan baked tofu sandwich. Please spread the word re. the tempeh tacos!

500 E 4th St, Royal Oak, USA

Simply one of the best Veg restaurants in the U.S.

27 Jun 2012

It really doesn't get any better than Inn Season. Healthy, tasty, lots of bang for your buck, and a helpful, happy staff and owner who immediately make you feel like a member of their family, as if you've been going there for years. This place gets it. They know how to make healthy food taste interesting, even the salads and dressings/sauces were memorable. I was so torn as to what to get, we summoned the owner over to our table and he was a great help. I chose the special, which may only pop up once in a lifetime, so grab them specials! And save room...the desserts...oh my, the desserts are HUGE and aMAZING!

3885 W Market St, Akron, USA


12 Jul 2008

It hurts me to write this review, but sometimes the truth hurts.

I have eaten at the Mustard Seed many times over the years, and this last time may be my last. The food isn't cutting it any longer, the service is slow at best, and the portions at lunch are a joke. They claimed that the juices were fresh squeezed, yet when mine arrived I could tell right away that it was not. The server then admitted that only the carrot was made there. Uh, gee, that's quite a big thing to leave off the menu. The bread was stale, and the server seemed bored. Very disappointing since I had enjoyed so many meals here before.

Now, if I could give negative stars to the grocery part of the Mustard Seed, I most definitely would! The prices are completely insulting to vegetarians and regular folk as well. Nearly TWICE the price of Trader Joe's on the same exact items! Granted, TJ's buys in bulk and can afford to sell things at a discount, but TWICE?! The produce is good, and mostly organic, for that they still get kudos. One final thing: Someone needs to tell the Mustard Seed to re-label their baked goods. They sell certain cakes and cookies as being "vegan", yet they contain regular old white refined sugar, which as you know, is certainly NOT vegan.

Someone needs to open up a Trader Joes in Akron ASAP to force the Mustard Seed to lower their prices!

2541 Jackson Ave, Ann Arbor, USA

Uh oh-what's happened to Seva?

10 Sep 2007

We've been going to Seva for years -whenever we go through Ann Arbor we make a point of stopping there. It's usually been a highlight of the day, until now.

Ate there the other day and was highly disappointed. The food was over salted or WAY too spicy hot, the prices seemed to have jumped up, and the worst thing of all--the salad had old, yellowed, wilted lettuce with spots on it. Unbelievable. Hoping this was just an off day, but the last time we were there it seemed to not have that magic that it once did. Not sure what's up with Seva, but here's hoping they recapture the taste and stop over spicing the food. Lowering prices might be nice too. Excuse me, but organic carrots are not more expensive than non-organic, check Whole Foods, they are usually the same price or just a bit more. Seva charges THREE DOLLARS extra to have organic carrots in your juice, with some lame excuse that they are more costly. This is pure rip off that needs to be changed. Why punish people who are trying to eat (and drink) healthy?

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