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133E W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, USA

Very Average

02 Apr 2013

I wish this place was better. The atmosphere is great. The location is funny and cozy. The staff is nice. The pricing is good. The choices are good. The food is not very good. The owners are vegetarians for health reasons, and are not at all aware of vegan ingredients, and do not care to become educated. Some of their food is good- potato salad. But their burgers are not good at all, they were dry and tasteless. The sweet potato fries were good. The kids meals came straight from a box. We live nearby, but we do not eat there much because we came out unhappy too much.

108 S Main St, Ann Arbor, USA

Good fast food

08 Jul 2012

We did take out, and the staff was helpful, friendly, and the place was so clean. The chocolate cake was some of the best I had ever had (to die for). We had good sandwiches, crab cakes, and pizza.

130 S Green St, Chicago, USA


08 Jul 2012

I love this place, is a must visit for vegans in Chicago. The food is good, the service is great, the atmosphere is elegant, and it is hard to find vegan fine dining. The prices are as expected, expensive, but as a treat, they are worth it. The prices are not unreasonable, but more than some other vegan restaurants. We had crab cakes (good and big), speciality made drinks, cheese plate, and everything was good.

2525 S King St, Honolulu, USA

Down to Earth

18 Jul 2010

This is the BEST place for vegetarians in the whole U.S.A! It is a completely vegetarian grocery store. They have all vegetarian offerings, including an awesome deli!!! My favorite place on Earth!!!

428 S Dawson St, Raleigh, USA


02 Apr 2013

I wanted so bad for the only vegetarian restaurant in Raleigh to be good. The owners even went to Plant restaurant in Asheville for advice. (Plant is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to in my life.) I wish the advice they took from Plant was how to make delicious food because I can cook better meals in my own kitchen than this place. The food was alright, but they have not yet committed to using vegan sugar. I did not like the menu, it was as if they could not decide on a theme to their restaurant so they did a bit of everything. I would rather have less choices of food that is very good, rather than a bunch of choices that are just okay. The staff was great. The place is decorated well, with a full bar (yeah!). I would prefer a better location with more/any parking. My husband loved the tacos. The tempeh was not good at all. The tasting plate was pretty good. The biscuits and gravy soup was amazing! Pricing was fair, and serving size was fair also. I will be back, but I hope they continue to work on their menu.

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA


08 Jul 2012

I went here, after visiting Karyn's on Green(which is awesome), but I was disappointed. The food was average, but the prices were good. The staff was lackluster, and acted as if they did not want to be there. The cakes were dry, except the tiramsu (which was pretty good), and the macaroni was bland. The pizza was pretty good. The adult beverages were disappointing, first was too salty, and the second was bland. I would rather go back to Karyn's on Green, which is owned by the same owner, as it was more inspiring.

40 Wall St, Asheville, USA

Great Place to Eat

10 Oct 2009

I visited this resturant in September 2009. I was very impressed with the food and the staff was wonderful. I ate there twice on my trip. On my first trip, I started with the pakoras which were great, a little heavy, but hey, their not health food. For the main course I had the mushroom enchiladas which had a great flavor and tasted great with the fresh salad. For desert I had the carrot cake which was rich and dense. The second trip I skipped an appetizer and had the Tico Burrito. This was very large and filling. The sauce on top was very rich and went great with the side salad. I had the chocolate cheesecake while it tasted very good, it was more like a moist cake than a regular cheese cake. I took a wrap to go to eat the next day which was very good and came with a side of quina salad. The prices were very reasonable for the quantity and quality of the food. This resturaunt also cares about the presentation of the food. Overall, this is a great resturaunt in a great area. I would recommend visiting this restuaruant.

218 S Clark St, Chicago, USA

good food, big portions

08 Jul 2012

The food was good, especially the desserts. The hamburger was more like shaved ham, but overall, I was pleased. The staff was nice, and it was counter service. The fries were excellent, and the peanut butter parfait was to die for (I bought three!), but I was not wowed by the chili fries. Overall I would go back again. I would give it 4 1/2 stars.

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