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32 bis Rond point des Arenes, Arles, France

Happy vegans in Arles

11 Oct 2013

We ate at Chez Felix a few weeks ago. When we entered, we asked the chef if they had some ‘végétalien’ dishes. He enthousiasticly answered that the soup was vegan and also the vegetarien curry wok. To be certain, we asked if it was without dairy and/or eggs – everything was okay! Glad we found some vegan food, sat down on the terras, next to an old Roman Arena. The soup was pumpkin soup, which was good, but we did add some extra pepper. The wok was spinach and lentils in a coco-curry sauce with some rice. The flavor was really good, we enjoyed our meal and were happy with a nice dinner, lovely temperature and the typical France view. The service was absolutely great, the waitress didn’t speak a lot of English but did the best she could (and we are lucky to know some French). If you are ever in Arles, don’t hesitate to check out Chez Felix, there’s probably gonna be at least one vegan dish on his menu.

Plaza Nueva, 4, Bilbao, Spain

Smoothie fruity time!

25 Jul 2012

I love smoothies and you can get your fix on in BB+ zumo.
It does not look to attractice from the outside, but there are some nice smoothies available, juices, fruitsalads and fruitsticks. I had a smoothie with tropical fruits which was absolutely fine.
Be carefull if you're vegan though, lots of smoothies contain dairy.

Leopoldsplein 44, Hasselt, Belgium

My favorite

25 Jul 2012

De Levensboom is my favorite restaurant to go to. There aren't that many veg options in Belgian Limburg so I'm really glad we have one like De Levensboom. Like the other reviewers said, this is not a vegetarian restaurant, they do serve fish. However, the quality of your vegetarian or vegan food will nevertheless be exquisite.
I almost always opt for the daily menu because these dishes are creative and full of different tastes that compliment each other. These are dishes like seitan stew accompanied by rostis and fresh vegetables, a quinoa burger with fresh veggies and a little raw salad, ... You can not go wrong with the daily menu.
The standard menu has a lot of great pastas (indeed, Pasta De Levensboom is heavenly and so is the pasta pesto) and the appetizers are lovely. As a first course I usually opt for the sesame pancake. This is a pancake filled with fresh vegetables and an amazing sauce that varies. You have to try this!
There is a great calming atmosphere in De Levensboom, because it is a wonderfull building and beautifully decorated. I've never seen such a friendly staff anywhere else, they will help you with anything you ask or prefer.
Highly recommended!

Fernandez del Campo 7, Vizcaya, Bilbao, Spain

Looked promising but wasn't

25 Jul 2012

At first sight the restaurant looked promising. There was a nice atmosphere and there were a lot of people dining.
The menu consisted of a salad (2 options), followed by a soup (2 options), a main dish (6 options) and a dessert (lots of options).
What I liked about it was that there were enough options and it was stated clearely which dishes were vegan. Also it is a very reasonable price, 12 euro for the whole menu, incl. water.
What I really did not like was that the food was flavourless. I craved for some spices and so did the rest of my dining companions. Although the service was really fast, our waitress was very unfriendly and couldn't care less that we only understood half of the menu. One dessert said fruits of the season, which I ordered and got as a reply the question which fruit I liked. When I said kiwi, I got a kiwi with a knife. I expected a little fruit salad, I could've bought a kiwi myself in the store. The rest of the desserts were fine though.

I will not go back to this restaurant next time I'm in Bilbao and I wouldn't recommend it.

Twijnstraat 23, Utrecht, Netherlands

Great vegan soup!

11 Oct 2013

KEEK is a nice place with lots of great drinks, like Bionade. I ordered the soup, because the soup is always vegan. Of course I asked to be sure. It was my lucky day because it was some delicious tomato soup. Tomato soup happens to be my favorite, and this one was perfect. It was accompanied by some extra fresh and crispy bread. An extra plus is that the Ekoplaza (organic store) is a few houses further.
The soup at KEEK is always vegan. You can also ask for the sandwich with grilled veggies and pesto. They replace the pesto with red pesto, which is plantbased.

Calle de Cervantes 20, Gijon, Spain

Nice little vegetarian restaurant

31 Jul 2011

La Vaina is situated in the beautiful town of Gijon. It's quite small but if you go early (around 8pm is early in Spain) there's definitely enough room. We ate some delicious croquettes from mushroom and walnuts as an appetizer, followed by a veggieburger (seaweed + tofu) accompanied by a salad and fries. As a dessert we ordered the crêpes with chocolate-orangesauce. I really liked all of the food, specially because it is really hard to find some decent veggie food in Spain! I think the orange in the crêpessauce was a little bit overwhelming but nevertheless very good. The prices were very reasonable, I think it was 8€ for the veggieburger/salad/fries. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the food more snack-like, and the men needed to order two portions of our main course.
If you ever visit Gijon be sure to visit this nice little place with a very helpful staff (they helped out where they could in English)!

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany

Exquisite vegan dining

11 Oct 2013

If you want to have a classy dinner as a vegan, Lucky Leek is the place to be. The restaurant has a beautiful interior.
We had some sort of Thai soup with coconut. Then we ate a lovely starter. Rolls filled with lentils, paired with cucumber and other vegetables and a sauce made of coriander. The main dish was exquisite! At first I doubted if I was going to like this dish, because it’s seitan with a wine sauce, and I’m not a huge fan of wine sauces. But I did like it, in fact I really enjoyed it. There was some sort of deep-fried pear in a dough with it and a fresh salad.
We really enjoyed our dining experience in Lucky Leek and can't wait to visit again and try the full menu.

Antonius Matthaeuslaan 112, Utrecht, Netherlands

Great vegan Chinese dishes!

11 Oct 2013

SOY is an Asian vegetarian restaurant. It’s an half hour walk from central station, but totally worth it. We ordered the Chinese Spring Rolls and the Saté’s with Peanut Sauce. I loved the spring rolls, there were plenty of vegetables in them. The sate’s were pretty heavy but they had a great bite and the sauce tasted great. Our main courses were Brown Soy with Kung Pao Sauce and Baked Peking Duck. I think the sauce had the right amount of spicy and the fresh veggies tasted great. The duck wasn’t my favorite, although the structure and sauce were good, I missed some vegetables. We got nasi and bami, which I adored! The nasi was perfect with even some mock ham in it. I’ve never seen such a mock menu, and never tasted it. I thought it was a little bit strange in the beginning, but after I tasted these dishes, I’m quite fond of it. On top of that, the owner of SOY is a very sweet lady, after talking to us, she even got us a gift!

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