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331 Motor Wy, Santa Barbara, USA

Great breakfast place!

30 Jan 2011

Cute little stop in the over-priced town of Santa Barbara. Very tasty and healthy foods to give you energy and enliven your body. Considering how expensive this whole town is, the prices are very reasonable. The location is a little hard to find, but in the age of the GPS, it's no big deal. The location is very convenient.

1493 Duane St, Astoria, USA

Accommodating, tasty, great service!

30 Jan 2011

What a cool little place. They could stand to expand their hours, but they accommodate when you go in a little late. Food was extremely tasty and selection was great. VERY friendly service; highly recommended!

8450 Valley Blvd Ste 106, Rosemead, USA

Amazing store!

30 Jan 2011

What a fantastic place to get supplies for meat-eaters who want to transition to veg! They have so many meat analogues that even my step-mom and my dad liked the things to get there. Easy to cook, and tasty (if not the most healthy), all the substitutes were terrific. Highly recommended! Please franchise around the country!

102 Kirkland Ave, Kirkland, USA

Excellent family fare, good boba drinks

30 Jan 2011

Great for take-out; tasty food and terrific selection. No real seating to speak of, and parking? What parking? I was thrilled to be able to get such good food while traveling in the Seattle area, but I wish the rent wasn't so high so they could get more space.

1347 NW Highway 101, Lincoln City, USA

I wanted to like this place but...

30 Jan 2011

I just couldn't. The atmosphere was certainly NOT hygienic, especially with the dog sitting at your feet. It might be "homey" (not my home, fortunately), but it's not a pleasing restaurant experience. The porn crap was humorous, but not appetizing at all. I suppose they must do both to pay the bills. The food was mediocre at best, and the service was slow with very meager selection. I have to give some points for staying relatively cruelty-free, but that's it.

3485 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada

Best yet

16 Aug 2010

I can't understand how anyone could give this restaurant anything less than 5 stars. I'd give 10 if they let me. Ambiance: 10. Service: 12. Food: Off the charts. Simply spectacular. I've eaten at well over 2 dozen Buddhist vegetarian restaurants, and this is actually the best. They could stand to expand the menu selection a bit, but being new, I'm giving them plenty of time to do that. If you're in Vancouver, BC, GO THERE! Can't miss.

1140 Main St, Napa, USA

I understand the negative reviews, but I liked it

30 Jan 2011

Yes, the portions are tiny for the high prices. Yes, it's too fru-fru fancy for any sane person not living on a 50% diet of pretension. Still, the service was friendly and helpful, the food was tasty and interesting, and the ambiance was delightful. It was certainly upscale, and is by no means a "regular" hang-out for anyone, but if you're looking for a high-class, celebrity level vegetarian experience, you'll get it here. Just bring lots of money, 'cause they got high rent in that fancy Napa area.

4250 Capitola Rd, Capitola, USA

Been a fave for years...

30 Jan 2011

When I used to live in Santa Cruz, I went here all the time and loved it, but although still pretty good, the quality and attention has slipped a bit. I really miss the air fries, and regular sunflower sprouts.

2965 5th Ave, San Diego, USA

Awesome location and pretty good food!

29 Jan 2011

What an amazing find for ComicCon! Pretty decent food, fast service, walking distance (long walk, but still) from the convention center. Highly recommended!

2315 K St, Sacramento, USA

Great food, quick service

30 Jan 2011

Food came out fast, and was very satisfying, but obviously, sweets are their forte. The vegan cookies were just divine. The atmosphere is a little hippy-dippy for my taste, but still pleasant and clean.

37 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, USA

New Pasadena fave!

30 Jan 2011

My father, who is NOT a strict vegetarian, loves this place. Can't stop talking about it. It's great to have a place to take him when I come to visit in Pasadena that we both like. Service is friendly, food is great, and it's a very comfortable atmosphere. A+

7636 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, USA

Excellent family fare

30 Jan 2011

I took some good friends and their family to this little hole in the wall, after walking in, expecting very little. But wow, the food was AMAZING. Super tasty, not heavy, no MSG, and the ambiance, for being so small, was still very pleasant and warm. Will DEFINITELY go back when I'm in town.

1129 Weaver Dairy Rd Unit X, Chapel Hill, USA

How is this place rated so high?

31 Jan 2010

Alright, to be honest, this isn't that bad a restaurant, but gee wilikers, the food is just mediocre. I'd go there in a pinch if I was starving and had money to burn, but they charge an arm and a leg for meals that simply don't hold that value. VERY overpriced for what it is; if the prices were half for the lack-luster flavors and skimpy portions, this place might actually be a worthwhile place to visit regularly. As it is, it's just a highly overpriced greasy spoon.

145 Laurel St, Santa Cruz, USA

Great food, great place!

30 Jan 2011

The Saturn Cafe sets the perfect example of what a vegetarian diner should be. The food is excellent and the staff gets it out fast. The atmosphere is nostalgic and pleasing, and the decor is entertaining. The only thing I might add is a good sound system with a juke box. Of course, the last time I went, I had to get take-out, so they may have added that already. Great place-highly recommended!

5501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, USA

Maybe the best San Diego restaurant EVER

29 Jan 2011

Amazing food, quick service, great selection, plenty of seating, all around terrific experience. I'll DEFINITELY be back.

6970 McKinley St, Sebastopol, USA

Best pizzaria EVER

30 Jan 2011

Pizza was great. Sandwiches were great. The hero was a hero! And if you must try the carob date shake. The service was great here, although they were very busy, and all the different things we tried were spectacular. One of the best dining experiences while driving up the coast.

1604 G St, Arcata, USA

Support this restaurant, but...

03 Feb 2011

...it was nothing really to get excited about. The food was OK, and thank God there was a vegetarian option in this podunk town, but the Wildflower should definitely get some more exciting recipes to work with. Too much garlic, too much onion, too much chili... These things are just coverings for mediocre food taste. If you prepare something nice or exotic, the need to over spice isn't there.

I don't want to give the wrong impression, though. It was a friendly place with the right attitude, and the food was certainly good for a weary traveling soul like us. But I think a restaurant needs to romance the locals, yes? And if I lived in the area, I wouldn't find this to be a viable alternative to making my own sandwich at home.

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