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Moserstrasse 25, Bern, Switzerland

Indian vegan ...Good but it could be better...

20 Jan 2013

If you like indian food and you'are vegan, then you can try this place. It's 99% vegan. They have few items which are vegetarian which are clearly stated in this case. Service Staff is ok. It could be a bit friendly though .. atmosphere is fine. Although small, there is plenty of place and you have your privacy. We had buffet and could choose among 7 different dishes as much as we wanted.
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 20, 2013

Rheingasse 13, Basel, Switzerland

Best place in Basel if you are a vegan

25 Feb 2013

Very cozy and at the same time progressive place. As a vegan you will not have a problem to find all you need: main dishes, sweets, ice and sandwiches. The place is 99% vegetarian so I really don't catch why the owners don't leave the meat out of their menu :-(

Rua Nova de São Pedro 34, Funchal, Portugal

Friendly organic paradise in little Funchal

01 Dec 2012

Rui (the Owner) has helped us to survive in Madeira... his shop has all (and more than that) you need if you are a vegan in Madeira. But most of all: he as vegetarian gave us the names of possible restaurants in Funchal (I listed them in Happy Cow). Always very friendly, has a nice sense of humor. You will enjoy buy at his shop.

Rua da Queimada de Cima, 31, Funchal, Portugal

Good Chain Organic Shops in Funchal

02 Aug 2014

You will find anything you need to survive in Funchal as a vegan/vegetarian. We used the shop when Bio-Logos did not have the stuff we need it (happen seldom).

Rua da Queimada de Cima, 31, Funchal, Portugal

good small vegetarian lunch restaurant

02 Dec 2012

While vegetarians can always find a place, Madeira is not easy for vegans. This small restaurant saved us at lunch time. It has always a vegan otion (and dessert)and the staff was very friendly and flexible. Caterina ("Kathy") the manager will help you and support if you need anything. Happy to have found it ...

Landwehrstrasse 13, Darmstadt, Germany

cute place for a dinner

29 Aug 2014

In Darmstadt I would choose this place if I wanted to go out for dinner and I was a vegan. The Restaurant is small - there is not much in the card but the options are home made and good. There menu is 80% vegan and they have always vegan desserts. Friendly and young alternative place.

Rua de Sao Jose 23, Lisbon, Portugal

You get addicted...

03 Jul 2012

to the smile of Eunice and the friendliness of her staff. Two people cooking and baking really good. Very nice atmosphere ... we eat there everytime we are in Lisbon and it is difficoult not to get there. You will have to refrain yourself... from the excellent muffins and cakes. Don't miss the chance if you are in Lisbon

Soderstrasse 116, Darmstadt, Germany

Nice place for a vegan Brunch

29 Aug 2014

Cozy place with friendly staff ... if you are vegan in Darmstadt you should not miss that. There are plenty of options for a brunch or a lunch ... or if you want just have a piece of cake. Visiting the city and in need we were few times there in the last months and we enjoyed the open friendliness of the owners.

Sperrstrasse 94, Basel, Switzerland

funky place, friendly staff but ....

25 Feb 2013

needs improvement... its a baby who needs to grow. If you wants to have a lunch or to dine out... then I would advice you to go to acero (more vegan options - although only veg-friendly - than here). Staff is friendy an nice, but food is poor... its a bar with some food.

Gueterstrasse 115, Basel, Switzerland

good Vegan fast food if you need it

20 Jun 2015

Usually not my cup of cake but I was curious to try that.
People are friendly and the burgers are fine.
It's a food truck or a stand (in the Zürich main train Station on wed).

Schauenburger Street 49, Hamburg-Altstadt, Hamburg, Germany

booring if you are vegan...

29 Jul 2012

and if you have been in tibits in Zürich. This is the bad copy of that. We went here with a lot of hopes and it was disappointing... I'm expecting more from a buffet ... its getting booring to have always the same salads and vegetables. Vegan is more than that. No dessert for vegan... so only an option if you are there, you are hungry and everything else is closed.

Wessenbergstrasse 8, Konstanz, Germany

nice place to find some vegan food

20 Jun 2015

I have been there about 1 year ago and it saved us as we could find something vegan to eat. Its a funny place widely known in Konstanz. The Cafe was packed with people.

Museumstrasse 10, Bern, Switzerland

If you are vegan forget it!

20 Jan 2013

we were here today - extremely disappointing experience as we wanted to eat vegan (breakfast) and they offer us a salad. If you are vegan, then don't consume your energy to go there. Service needs to improve.

Limmatstrasse 118, Zurich, Switzerland

If you miss burgers ...

18 Apr 2016

then you should visit them. If you don't then you could try some other dishes. There is a big chance that you will enjoy the evening. Cool and young atmosphere. Maybe too big and simple. It looks like a vegan starbucks with warm food.

Münzgasse 1, Konstanz, Germany

Accidentally precious finding where to eat vegan

20 Jun 2015

Usually I prefere to eat at vegan / vegetarian places but I was happy when we founded this one yesterday evening ... a veg friendly restaurant where you are treated well and do not have to explain to the owners what to leave to make a vegan plate.
It's the only certified organic restaurant in the zone and offers a variety of vegetarian/vegan (even Raw) options. You will not starve here. And the whole Team is really nice.

Carrer Escudellers 42, Barcelona, Spain

punky vegan fastfood at his best - but...

29 Jul 2012

If you are looking for burger and fastfood then here you are at the right place. If not, then forget it :-)
we tried last year and we found it funny (once you have to do it) but... delicious vegan food is something else.
Good if you are making a walking tour in the city center and you need a break... I would not advice that for an evening
dinner. 4 Star as a fastfood restaurant, 3 if you need more then that. Dessert are fine.
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 29, 2012

Via della Motta 10, Locarno, Switzerland

forget the place if...

03 Jul 2012

you are vegan and you wish a friendly staff... we went there few times hoping for the best but was always a failure. There are plenty of veg-friendly restaurants in locarno. Try them before you end up at govinda. In 2012 I find ridiculous not to offer vegan food at all..
Sad, because the location is very nice.... lost occasion

Bubenbergplatz 10, Bern, Switzerland

friendly but poor quality

20 Jan 2013

We went yesterday and we were a bit disappointed about the quality of the food. The service Staff are friendly but the food (vegan) is not really the best. The sandwiches were ok, but forget the muffins (old and terrible). If you are vegan, go there only if you don't have anything else. The Atmosphere reminds of the 80ties when you as vegetarian/vegan were accepting everything that did not smell like meat.. time has changed .. for good.
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 20, 2013

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