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221 E Hickory St, Denton, USA


31 Jul 2008

I was desperately craving Thai food where two, long time Vegans could eat and found this place just by the Square un Denton. My boyfriend and I went in and had a delicious meal. About 9 dollars per entree. I enjoyed that each meal came with a side of Jasmine rice, and they have plenty of vegan options including vegan fried rice. Just ask the server and make sure your dish is completely Vegan when you go in if you are worried about that. Nice restaurant. We have never have had any problems. My boyfriend and I always recommend this restaurant before and above any other in Denton!

800 E Arapaho Ste 120, Richardson, USA

Not suprising

31 Jul 2008

I forgot how disappointed I was in this restaurant, until I went back after a year of not going. I wouldn't be surprised at what the commenter below me said. I was always told everything there was 100% Vegan but it apparently varies. I went with a friend once a while back and he asked the older lady who works there if it was all Vegan, and she said no and pointed out what wasn't, which didn't have any markings or signs to let people know. The food is greasy and the entire buffet is the same shade of beige-brown. When my friends and I went, it was a group of 7 people who have all been Vegan for at least 5 years each, and we all got sick after eating the food. We concluded that more than likely some of it is still not Vegan and with no indication of it. The old man who I guess owns it told us to get up and leave when a family walked in and we were not done eating and being polite as we could be. He has been rude every time I have ever gone in there. I am never going back to this place.

516 W Arapaho Rd Ste 112, Richardson, USA

I love it..

31 Jul 2008

This restaurant offers a huge menu at resonable prices. The staff if always nice. This place is tons better than Sumas down the road. Their eggplant with basil is always cooked perfectly, never spongy or dry and never lacking with Basil. The food comes out decently fast. Top notch. Very tasty

2121 W Parmer Ln Ste 114A, Austin, USA


31 Jul 2008

I use to work over by this place and love it. Anytime someone wants Indian food in Austin I always recommend this place. the food is delicious, and you get alot for your money. The staff is always friendly and super nice.The menu is written out describing every single dish right when you order and you just pick and choose.

1633 Scripture Rd, Denton, USA

eh, not so much...

31 Jul 2008

Everytime I hear someone mention a place where Vegans can go they always follow it with this restaurant,mainly I think cause there are not too many places to choose from in Denton. The price of the food is good, there are a bunch of diffrent options. I personally cant stand eating here just cause the tofu is always soft and way undercooked/seasoned. Its always packed and loud.

3821 Richmond Ave, Houston, USA

I like it...

31 Jul 2008

when I lived in the area I would eat here at least once a week, the buffet always offers an array of diffrent choices and isnt like a typical buffet thats bland greasy and beige in appearance.The buffet offers delicious food from seaweed salad, hot and sour soup, to California rolls. I have a crush on this restaurant and will be returning soon.

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