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113 Enmore Road, Enmore

awesomely eco

18 Mar 2012

I love Alfalfa House. Not only are they super vegan friendly (co-op is all vegetarian) they also have very little packaging and are very eco friendly. They host workshops and classes too, I went to a raw vegan one once. You can volunteer there and get to know your local community as well as receiving a discount for your hours. Definitely support them!

Schivelbeiner Strasse 35, Berlin, Germany

perhaps my favorite vegan place ever!

11 Dec 2012

Amazing amazing amazing! Being in a country where the first language isn't English, this store was so helpful for me to stock up on anything with no worries. It's a rather large store with anything you need, vegan or not, if there were more places like this people wouldn't 'miss' anything. 2 coolers of vegan cheese, I wish I had longer in Berlin so I could try all of them!

2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, USA

A great local grocery store

11 Dec 2012

I go here almost everyday. Large produce section, including lots of local fruits and veggies. Also a large bulk section, so remember your reusable bags! A big selection of tofu and mock meets. They carry some vegan cheeses.

182 King St, Newtown

My Favorite

23 Mar 2012

I've spent a great deal of my life at this place eating rice paper rolls and their raw burdock salad. Also love their sesame balls that I get during their weekend yum cha. Good food, good price, good service. Also they have one nice big round take with a lazy susan on it which is great for larger parties who want to share meals

Cook & Phillip Park CRN, Sydney

lovely but pricy

23 Mar 2012

I've been here a few times and it's been great each time! It's nice for special occasions since it is expensive and portions are small. I also went here for a friends birthday party where she rented out the whole place and there were people walking around with little tastings of a bunch of things. As for their regular menu, the mock duck wraps will delight anyone vegan or not :)

Tysgata 8, Reykjavik, Iceland

great latte

14 Jun 2013

I had an awesome soy latte with vegan chocolate on top. They had several vegan options, savory and sweet. I had the carrot cake. It wasn't that great but not terrible, dry with really sugary icing. Go here for a coffee tho, free wifi and a nice atmosphere.

2132 Oxford St, Berkeley, USA

The best vegan bakery ever!

11 Dec 2012

The best vegan bakery you'll ever go to! Funky atmosphere with tons and tons of frostings and toppings that will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more, forever and ever!

6 O'Connell Street, Newtown


09 Apr 2012

My favorite place in Sydney, the only downside is they are only open weekends. I love their new location and their staff is really nice. I had the vegan scones, which I don't think you can find anywhere else in Sydney. I also had a delicious apple tart. I love the new location at the back of a book store.

1730 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Delicious raw food

11 Dec 2012

Their food is some of the best in Berkeley. The vibe is quite cool, as is the way you order. Their shakes rock, if you can afford one try them! Their brown rice kale salad is among my favorites, or raw pad thai.

304 George Street, Sydney

hole in the wall, but nice food

18 Mar 2012

Good reasonable prices, just make sure you have cash. I recommend the falafel pasta!

Skolavordustigur 8b, Reykjavik, Iceland

one vegan option

15 Jun 2013

For a veggie restaurant I expected more. They only had one vegan option which was some kinda carrot veggie stir fry. The portion was large and tasted ok but was too spicy for my liking.

2124 Center St, Berkeley, USA

a new, needed, cafe

11 Dec 2012

their menu is improving everyday. Lots of yummy things! I love their breakfast, though they need to work on their coffee.

27 Broadway Ave, Mystic, USA


21 Jun 2013

I found this place overpriced and disappointing, though service was great. The raw ravioli was delicious but a really small portion, however we found a hair in it. The tacos said they had daiya but didn't, and the tortilla was weird being somewhere between overlooked and raw. Their coffee was good!

2708 Russell St, Berkeley, USA

good vegan selection

11 Dec 2012

I haven't been here in awhile but I remmember them having a good vegan selection of baked goods!

R. de Breyner, 396, Porto, Portugal

Shouldn't be in the restaurant business

26 May 2013

While the atmosphere was pleasant and our waitress was really nice food was barley editable. There were a few options and I went with something called "the brick". It was full of what seemed to be old veggies, cabbage and zucchini mostly and had no taste other than oil.

2050 Addison St, Berkeley, USA

best juice place in berk

11 Dec 2012

Mostly vegan, lots of good green juices!

Rhonstrasse 119, Frankfurt, Germany

Delicious, and awesome atmoshpere!

08 Dec 2012

If you're anywhere near Frankfurt, and are vegan or not, go here and get a cupcake now! They are huge so bring your appetite. I tried a poppyseed one and another marzipan, both delicious. I love this atmosphere of this place, I meant to just swing by but got hooked by the comfy couches and all the lovely people in there for nearly 3hrs. It's easy to get to right between 2 stops on the U

3031 Adeline St, Berkeley, USA


11 Dec 2012

go here now and eat as many taquitos as you can, these delicious tortilla tried fake meats with whatever green sauce they put on them it the best! Especially on Taquito Tuesday when they are just a buck!

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