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G/F 71 Chatham Road, South Oriental Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, China

Good Cheap Veg Dining in Kowloon

03 Jan 2014

We found Ah Sin by accident when our group went to visit the Hong Kong Museum - which is about 2 blocks away.

They have a pretty extensive menu and as one reviewer noted many dishes contain Quorn. I know that Quorn products in the U.S. contains egg whites and on that basis, we avoided these items.

There were still plenty of dishes without Quorn and we enjoyed our selections of Fried Rice Noodle, Vegetable Fried Rice, Eggplant and Tofu, and a mixed Chinese Greens dish. They do add egg to their Fried Rice dishes so I asked that they omit this.

I can speak some Cantonese and this was helpful as I don't believe there is much English spoken as this restaurant. As the menu is in Chinese and English, you should be able to point to your selections and get dishes that will meet your specific needs.

At the end of the meal, they presented some dim sum items from the downstairs takeout shop for our dessert treat. This was a nice touch.

Napkins are often not found at Chinese restaurants so be sure to carry some of your own. They don't serve ice water but you can order bottled water. Green tea was served.

Service was good and the food came out promptly.

24 W Main St, Spokane, USA

A Must Try Place In Spokane

07 Apr 2013

I attended a conference at Eastern Washington University and found Boots Bakery nearby on HappyCow. I stopped by early in the morning and purchased six gluten-free cupcakes to share with colleagues. They were great - nice light texture and not too sweet. Based on this good initial experience, I came back for lunch.

For lunch, they offer a daily soup and a good variety of chilled salads/main dishes/veggies in their deli case. They offer a "trio" combo plate where you choose any three items from the deli case. I chose their veggie loaf with mashed potato topping, quinoa pilaf and a kale salad. I enjoyed everything on my plate. And, incredibly, this only cost $7 - amazing value.

Service was friendly and prompt. On this Saturday, this place was buzzing with customers. Definitely worth your time to visit and order some food and/or baked goods. When back in Spokane, I will make this my first stop.

International Club, 5/F, Citic Plaza, 233 Tianhe, Guangzhou, China

Elegant Choice For Vegan Dining

04 Mar 2010

My family went to the Loving Hut for dinner in Guangzhou because we have enjoyed dining with this restaurant in a number of U.S. cities. The Loving Hut is located on the 5th Floor of a higher end retail complex about a block from the U.S. Consulate in the fashionable Tianhe Business District. As we do not speak either Manadarin or Cantonese, we were fortunate that our server spoke very good english. The menu is extensive but is listed by photos and chinese descriptions only. You can either choose by what looks good to you or you can ask them for a translation if you don't read chinese. On this ocassion, we selected a pureed green vegetable soup (think chinese spinach), sauteed greens with straw mushroom, pumpkin with pineapple and taro hot pot in coconut sauce, and seafood (mock) fried rice. We were traveling with our 3 year old daughter and we were pleasantly surprised that she ate a little of everything. The dishes were all nicely prepared and delicious. The service was friendly and prompt. The dining room is spacious and tending to a more upscale feel. For a truly satisfying and nutritious meal, we paid only $110 RMB or about $17 US Dollars. We tried to leave a gratuity but they tracked us down in the lobby and said that they have a policy of no tipping. Diners of this chain will know that the restaurant has a goal of educating of their patrons about the benefits of eating a plant based diet. I highly recommend the Loving Hut in Guangzhou for an amazing vegan dining experience. They will accept reservations.

18-4 Dafosi Dongjie, Beijing, China

As Good As Advertised

17 Jul 2012

We stayed at a nearby hotel and walked to the restaurant in this charming Hutong neighborhood. We visited with a number of other families and were able to order a wide assortment of dishes. Since this is a picture menu with English title, we had to take a best guess at what the ingredients were in each dish. We loved the food and came back a few days later for lunch. The directions to find the restaurant is accurate in the restaurant description. If you are in Beijing, it's definetely worth the effort to dine here. The dish I liked the best was the eggplant battered with shredded sweet potato. As noted by other reviewers, little English is spoken but staff is helpful and friendly.

1605 N 45th St, Seattle, USA

About As Good As It Gets

03 Aug 2012

I have been wanting to try Sutra for a long long time. Finally, I came to Sutra with friends from out of town. I had read some of the reviews and thought this would be a good chance to show off a great Seattle Restaurant.

The meal was superb and perhaps one of the finest I have had in quite some time. It rivals the exceptional live food that was served at Roxanne's in the Bay Area (alas long departed).

I think that the team at Sutra have elevated plant based cuisine to a really high level and would rival any of the top restaurants in town including Rovers. At $36 Per Person, I feel that this is exceptional value considering the quality of the local, foraged, seasonal and sustainable ingredients used and the beautiful plating and presentation.

If you are coming to Seattle for a visit and want to have an exquisite dining experience, take the time to come to Sutra. I would give these folks "6" Happy Cows if there was an option for that. Bon Appetit!

1301 Franklin St, Oakland, USA

Order From Menu

02 Jun 2013

I'm from Seattle and look forward to eating at Golden Lotus when in Oakland. I've eaten there on at least five or six occasions over the years - usually for dinner. It's always been pretty good quality.

On a recent business trip, I invited a friend to join me for lunch and because we were in a bit of a hurry, we opted for the buffet.

I selected a three item plate consisting of the fried rice, eggplant and green beans with tofu. I was disappointed with the food and I wasn't able to finish my meal.

If you end up choosing Golden Lotus for lunch, I would suggest ordering from the menu since it looks like they don't put much effort into the buffet.

108D Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, China

Exceptional Food and Service

03 Jan 2014

I've dined at many of the top veg restaurants around the world. I'm always on the lookout for exciting new restaurants whenever I travel.

When visiting relatives in Hong Kong during the New Years break, we decided to splurge and try a 5 course menu at Grassroots Pantry. The sparse reviews reflected the relative newness of the restaurant.

But the few reviews I found here and elsewhere were uniformly positive. And the set menu for New Years Eve seemed very imaginative and creative.

We were able to get a table on short notice and had a lovely table for four reserved for us upstairs. The hostess/server greeted us graciously even though we arrived earlier than our reservations.

All our courses were exquisite except perhaps the forth course which lacked the high level execution of the first three courses. The dessert course, presented on a rectangular black slab, was simply divine and made up for the slippage in quality of the previous course.

If you are looking for an exceptional (mainly vegan) dining experience while in Hong Kong, Grassroots Pantry is a must visit.

4F, 27 Qing Long Jie Qing Yang Qu, Chengdu, China

Elegant Restaurant

17 Jul 2012

We invited some non-veggie friends who are native to Chengdu to join us for dinner at Vegetarian Lifestyle. We were impressed with the decor and ambiance. We liked all the dishes we tried including the eggplant and the stir-fried Chinese Greens. We had to order additional food after the dishes came out since the portions are on the small side. The noodle dish in particular was lacking in portion size. We didn't try all the veggie restaurants in Chengdu but this had the best food by far. As Sichuan Province is renowned for spicy cuisine, please note that many of their dishes will be on the spicy side.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Best Vegan Dining In Paris

04 Jul 2013

Nothing much to add to the generally positive comments. The night we went we arrived about 15 min early and sat on the sidewalk chairs.

The owner came out to open promptly at 7:00 and asked if we had reservations. We didn't and he said that was fine as long as we could done by 9:00 as he was fully booked that evening.

We loved the French Onion Soup and the Warm Cheese Salad. So great to get tasty vegan cheese in Paris of all places. I enjoyed the Buckwheat Crepes.

I had the Stuffed Eggplant for my main course and it was excellent. I can't remember the main dish that my wife chose but the pepper sauce with her dish was over the top peppery which put a damper on her experience.

We were lucky that the owner was our server and he was courteous, prompt and engaging despite that the restaurant got busy quickly.

Our best overall dining experience in Paris but not quite to the standards of the top vegan restaurants in the U.S.

1330 Prytania St, New Orleans, USA

Great Vegan Food In NOLA

22 Oct 2015

I was in New Orleans for a conference and did not have much time to plan my meal options. I did find SEED almost by accident as I was visiting a non-profit organization nearby their location.

When I looked at the extensive menu, I knew that I would be in good shape with a wide variety of blended fresh pressed juices and smoothies. They also had a great selection of starters and entrees.

I decided to forego an app and went for the Super Seed 8 Blended Drink. It was super refreshing and tasty and the perfect way to start the evening. If I was not dining alone, I would have ordered the nachos as the table next to me did and it looked awesome.

For my entree, I ordered the Sweet Corn Polenta. While the polenta was grilled nicely and had just a hint of spiciness, I would have liked to seen a little more of the spinach and sauteed mushrooms that came with the dish. So more vegetables and a little less polenta would have been my critique of the dish.

I did have room for dessert and the server suggested either the beignets or the chocolate mousse. Since I am gluten free, I opted for the mousse and it was light and not too sweet.

The service was friendly and attentive. I liked the fact that they did not assume that I was vegan and announced that that the menu was entirely plant based just so that diners were clear what they were getting.

The dining room was comfortable, spacious and well lit and suitable for a couple on a date or for a larger group outing. As the weather was quite warm, a number of diners chose to sit outside.

If you travel to New Orleans, you will not be disappointed in a visit to Seed.

2681 NE University Village St, Seattle, USA

Great Vegan Fast Food

20 Jul 2013

I've come to this location of Veggie Grill about 6 or more times often with friends or out of town guests.

I've seen the complaints about the prices but I don't agree. It has a clean, modern setting. They use high quality ingredients. The food is very good. The service is amazing. After paying for our order at the counter, it takes usually less than 10 minutes for the food to come to the table.

I would say that they could add to their drink selection - you can't order coffee or tea. They could upgrade their dessert offerings but the carrot cake is a winner - best cream cheese frosting ever. But these are minor issues. I'm happy to recommend Veggie Grill at U Village or at South Lake Union.

No.56 Yudao St., Baixia District, Nanjing, China

Veg Oasis in Nanjing

04 Mar 2010

My wife and I were in Nanjing recently to adopt a girl. We were able to bring along our Chinese speaking facilitator to help us find the restaurant and to interact with the restaurant staff. We have enjoyed vegan cuisine at many of the finest restaurants in North America and Europe. We believe this restaurant is one of the most unqiue. The food is served buffet style and as you might expect leans toward an Asian theme. There were selections of dim sum, sushi, mock meats, soups, stir fries, and surprise - pizza! The restaurant offers a clever way of serving freshly sauteed greens to your table. You clip a number to a clean dinner plate and then you proceed to the buffet table to place your preferred chinese green (about 8 varieties to choose from) on the plate and hand it to one of the chefs. In a few moments, a server will return to your table with piping hot nicely seasoned greens. This is a wonderful way of minimizing waste and getting crisp fresh greens from a buffet format. By the time we finished sampling the many choices, we did not have room for dessert. We weren't sure if the desserts were vegan but they did look amazing. My recollection is that we paid $88 RMB per person which I think is worth the price of admission for one of the most unique dining experiences you will have in China or anywhere else. Highly recommended.

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