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21 Reviews

"Good Cheap Veg Dining in Kowloon"
Kowloon, China on 03 Jan 2014

"A Must Try Place In Spokane"
Spokane, USA on 07 Apr 2013

"Elegant Choice For Vegan Dining"
Guangzhou, China on 04 Mar 2010

"As Good As Advertised"
Beijing, China on 17 Jul 2012

"About As Good As It Gets"
Seattle, USA on 03 Aug 2012

"Vegan Food At Buddhist Temple"
Yangzhou, China on 05 Aug 2017

"Excellent Vegan Buffet"
Zhuzhou, China on 07 Aug 2017

"Order From Menu"
Oakland, USA on 02 Jun 2013

"Exceptional Food and Service"
Hong Kong Island, China on 03 Jan 2014

"2nd Floor Restaurant "
Shanghai, China on 11 Aug 2017

"Best Vegan Dining In Paris"
Paris, France on 04 Jul 2013

"Great Vegan Food In International District"
Seattle, USA on 18 Jan 2017

"Convenient Only If Going To Linggu Temple"
Nanjing, China on 03 Aug 2017

"Great Vegan Food In NOLA"
New Orleans, USA on 22 Oct 2015

"Wish I Could Give Stronger Review"
Detroit, USA on 24 May 2017

"Another Great Veg Option For East Vancouver"
Vancouver, Canada on 11 Nov 2016

"Quality Food In Peaceful Settin"
Shanghai, China on 12 Aug 2017

"Elegant Restaurant "
Chengdu, China on 17 Jul 2012

"Good Food in Nice Setting"
Shanghai, China on 12 Aug 2017

"Great Vegan Fast Food"
Seattle, USA on 20 Jul 2013

"Veg Oasis in Nanjing "
Nanjing, China on 02 Aug 2017

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