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6634 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, USA

Fabulous place that even meat-eaters love!

27 Jan 2011

Having family in Tulsa, I have started visiting quite regularly and they were worried I wouldn't be able to eat anywhere. I found this little gem of a restaurant the day before I left on my first visit then, when I returned for a family reunion, I took all 10 of the family there - all of whom are meat-eaters except me and my partner - and every single one LOVED it! To my utter joy - and yes, amazement! - they all wanted to return again. They said it was the best meal they'd had throughout the two weeks we'd been there.
Everyone had different dishes so it's hard to recommend any one in particular since they are all so wonderful.
I've never had dessert there since I've always been so full from the main course - they're not skimpy with their portions!
Can't recommend this place highly enough :)

PS. Don't know what the religious comments are about in one of the previous reviewers comments - there's no obvious religious 'stuff' in or around the place, and the staff don't come across as overtly religious.

15-17 Grape Lane, The Quarter, York, England

Quaint, cosy, delightful

16 Dec 2008

Went here with two omnivorous friends and we all loved this place. We went for the larger meals, rather than the tapas style, though we all tasted each others. Everything was vegan and really tasty and came in little bamboo 'boats' instead of ordinary plates/bowls. The portions were a little on the small side, though that suited my very filling paella! Rather than being a downside though, that left room for the others to choose from the great range on the desserts menu. The decor helped give a cosy, friendly feeling. It can seem a little cramped but, again, that adds to the friendly feel of the place. Great prices - 3 main dishes, 2 desserts and 4 soft drinks (tea+coffee) = £33 (£11 each).
Definitely going here again next time I'm in York.

10 Grand Arcade, Leeds, England

Great Little Place

27 Jan 2007

Tucked away in a currently run-down arcade, this cafe doesn't appear to have anything going for it. But it's a definite winner. The food is great with a lot of dishes suitable or adaptable for vegans and the prices are great too. It's a quaint family-run place so not for those looking for somewhere posh!

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