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1051 Market St, San Francisco, USA

Kick ass fries!

3 potato 4 is what we've all dreamed of late at night after dancing or going to a show or just needing a quick snack--a french fry restaurant! But don't feel "guilty"--3 potato 4 bakes their fries to order and uses organic potatoes. They have a huge selection of vegan sauces, vegan bacon bits for .50 cents more and two awesome vegan soups. The chili one is awesome, more like a veggie-full stew than a chili. The quinoa is a great touch. Plus the owner and staff are super nice and friendly and offer free tastes of sauces.

2016 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Fabulous Vegan Thai in Berkeley

They have a very extensive menu and everything was good. I had the taro rolls wrapped in yuba skin which was delicious. Also had a curry, fried rice and a green bean/gluten dish which were all great.

Other bonus, they are open pretty late for Berkeley (11 pm) and are an easy walk from BART.

They just opened so support!

11 Division St, San Francisco, USA


the desserts are beyond description. must have! honestly, they sounded exciting from when Source first opened but at the beginning were very disappointing--dry and flavorless. At some point they must have changed recipes or hired a new baker because suddenly they are moist, creamy and delicious. I was really afraid to even try them again after the first time but thought well its been some time, maybe something has changed. So glad I did. GO THERE NOW.

Also creamy fondue appetizer is super delicious as well.

411 26th St, Oakland, USA

Incredible Catering

Inventive and delicious, highly recommend their catering. Their DRAGON FRUIT-STRAWBERRY salsa was one of the best and most creative things I've ever had. Hella spicy as they say, its also a little sweet because of the fruit and highly addicting! I found myself using the leftover on everything I ate for days, even things that don't usually involve salsa. The samosas and tamale pie also great.

8 Wilmot St, San Francisco, USA

cakes to die for

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Emily's fancy, event cakes as well as her holiday special cake. Both were delicious. However I cannot say enough about the fancy, and I mean fancy, event cake. A few months ago, my best friend of 20 yrs and I threw ourselves a little party and had Emily make the cake. It had a salted caramel frosting, perfectly textured chocolate ganache coating and she even wrote our names in chocolate and had them sitting atop the cake.

A very promising new vegan baking star!

3814 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, USA

Indian restaurant catering to vegans!

What a great find--an Indian restaurant where you don't have to worry about ghee, cream or yogurt. Indian is so easy for vegetarian food but dairy can be a real problem. At Vegan and Tikka Masala you can relax and enjoy your food after ordering from the vegan section of the menu. They also have tofu in place of paneer in the usual saag paneer and a tofu masala that was very tasty. Plus vegan chai!

The staff were very nice and friendly and they have complementary lentil soup. Lunch buffet during the week. I didn't try this but could see the vegan labels.

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