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505 NW 13th St, Gainesville, USA

mixed review

11 Aug 2008

The staff is very rude.
The non-dairy lasagna is delicious.
Anything hot on the menu is microwaved.
The sesame-ginger dressing is wonderful.
They do not serve vegan cheese.
The white bean soup tasted like rosemary water- not good.
I wonder if the entrees are frozen.
The tempeh is locally made.
The ginger cookies are delectable.
I would go back in a pinch for the nd lasagna plate.

516 W Arapaho Rd Ste 112, Richardson, USA


12 Jul 2008

The owners of this gem are very sweet. When I went they gave us extra food because it was nearly closing time and they did not want it to go to waste! The food is sinfully good. If you're a vegan who feels like "being bad" try veggie garden. The buffet is mostly fried food.

2912 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, USA


12 Jul 2008

Try the taco trinity, vegan cakes, and hibiscus tea.
Everything is wonderful. The dahl makes a delectable first course.

110 S Beach St, Daytona Beach, USA


09 Jul 2008

Their soy cheese is NOT vegan! I have asked to see the package several times, and they simply REFUSE to show me! One lucky day I asked our KIND waitress and she told me the brand they use is Veggie Slices! Veggie Slices are lactose-free, NOT vegan! I proceeded to give her a list of vegan cheeses and she said she would look into it, but demand to see the package before ordering! Also to the right of the register they have a section for
"Vegan Snacks" beware! Again, I found many things with dairy in their ingredients list! I told the guy behind the counter and he just shrugged. READ ALL LABELS! Happy dining.

618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, USA

best hummus ive had

12 Jul 2008

The happy hempy hummus is the best tasting hummus ever. The chili is good. My boyfriend loves the fresh vegan muffins.

933 N Woodland Blvd, Deland, USA


12 Jul 2008

As a health food store, Deland Bakery is limited. However, the prepared food section is great, and they bake fresh vegan cookies and breads with millet flour. They have chocolate chip, peanut butter, and almond cookies. On the day that I visited, my boyfriend and I tried their grab-and-go vegan chicken alfredo; it was amazing.

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA

a vegan mans DREAM

12 Jul 2008

I love this place. i have only been once, but it was great. We ordered pizza and the philly sub; both were delicious. The chocolate chip cookies were good, too.

600 E Third Ave, New Smyrna Beach, USA

better than whole foods

12 Jul 2008

This place has everything Whole Foods has and more. Since they have the same distributor, they can get ANYTHING that Whole Foods carries. They have a full kitchen in the back with two cooks! If you call in ahead of time, they can make anything you want fresh. The Hummus Veggie Wrap is scrumptious; I could eat them for a week straight. Veggie chili is good, fresh juices, you can pick your produce and they will juice it right in front of you!

115 Flagler Ave, New Smyrna Beach, USA

drive the extra minute (literally) to Heath's

12 Jul 2008

I came in one night to get fresh juice and the guy behind the counter said he couldn't make any fresh juice, but he had "some orange juice in the back" that was "probably squeezed fresh somewhere in Florida at some point." I think the food is disguised as "healthy" food. I wouldn't go back.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France


28 Nov 2008

I was having a miserable food experience in France last month. They really do eat only chocolate, meat, bread, and cheese. However, this restaurant was amazing. The food was wonderful. My boyfriend and I shared the 20 euro three- course meal. Potato soup, quinoa burger, salad, sweet potato mash, and chocolate pudding. We were SO full! Viva le Potager! The server spoke English, and he was very kind.

45 Lexington St, London, England

Good food

28 Nov 2008

At first, my boyfriend and I sat down and looked at a menu, but we really wanted something to go. We asked the server for a to-go menu and he told us we would have to exit the restaurant, and walk two doors down to Ms. ________'s (I think it's Marengo's or something). They had the same menu, only it was all take-away and about two pounds cheaper per entree! We took it back to our hotel for dinner and it was delectable. Choose take-away, save money!

11030 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, USA


12 Jul 2008

If you are interested in processed vegan foods, this is the place to go. I was not impressed by their fresh-prepared foods section.

224 W King St, St Augustine, USA

VERY refreshing

12 Jul 2008

The seaweed noodles are good, the hours are strange,the yogurt parfait tasted a little too much like apple cider venegar. Nonetheless, it is a good place for vegans. I love that there is a copy of "Diet For a New America" in the sitting area.

1989 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, USA

so much potential

12 Jul 2008

Whole Foods could be better. The prepared foods are tasteless.

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