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501 E 30th Ave, Spokane, USA

very yummy

09 Aug 2008

I was introduced to Gordy's by a vegan who worked there, It is so yummy, It's cozy, good food, and fairly inexpensive, I say I'm "allergic to meat and fish" when I go there, I would love to proudly beam about being vegetarian, but it's what my friend said to say so no fish sauce ends up in my dish.

926 S Monroe St, Spokane, USA


09 Aug 2008

They have a really great selection of vegetarian, vegan and health foods of all kinds, big bulk section, vegetarian options in the deli, raw juice bar, herbs, local organic produce, amazing beer and wine section, really great vegan lotions and earth friendly sundries, also have live music and community bulletin board, oh, I didn't mention the on-site massage therapist and the fresh cut flowers. I never have any money when I walk away from this place, it's a great store, a much needed staple of Spokane.
There is a Huckleberries section that makes up about a third of the lincoln heights rosaurs on 29th ave.

214 N Howard St, Spokane, USA

Mizuna is my favorite restaurant

09 Aug 2008

Mizuna's used to be Spokane's only 100% vegetarian restaurant, (they found over the years that there wasn't enough support financially so they added a menu that has organic meat items) but the cool thing is they still have a veg menu, most of the staff is vegan, and very friendly. So when I go there I get the Vegetarian menu, if vegan just tell the waitstaff and they will make sure only vegan items will get to you. They have wine, beer, coffee drinks, and vegan desserts, they also make sure that the meat never cross contaminate's the veg dishes. It can be pricey, but the vegetarian menu is reasonable with the entrees averaging 11 dollars, I go there for soy mochas and organic carrot cake and it costs me ten dollars with tip. Easily Spokane's finest restaurant.

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