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501 Main St Ste E, Huntington Beach, USA

Good vegan restaurant, but beware ....

16 Aug 2008

I love the Bodhi Tree Cafe. Their food is VEGAN not just vegetarian. No animal products are used in any of their foods. My favorite dish is the Fried Fish with lemongrass. They also have a delicious sizzling pot of mixed vegetables, tofu and rice (I forget the exact name). Their thai iced teas are yummy too, and if you like boba, the boba thai iced tea is good too. The only thing I didn't like was the wontons (appetizer) that looked nothing like wontons, but tasted really good. I guess I was expecting it to look a little like wontons. Their fried calamari is unbelievably "calamari-like" but totally guilt free as no animal was harmed in making that dish!

Update: I wrote the above review a couple months ago. Since then I've been to the Bodhi Tree several times, and I've noticed one thing every single time: They hand write their bill and frequently make "mistakes". They've either overcharged me for drinks I didn't order or double portions of rice that I didn't order. This has happened several times. When I point out that there are more items on the bill than what I ordered, they say that it was a mistake and remove the item but the tax remains the same. I know it sounds like I'm being petty but when it happens a few times in a row, it makes me wonder if they are doing it on purpose. I'll still go there for now because the food is good, but I don't know if I will keep on going if they keep billing me for food I didn't order.

2001 Campbell Station Blvd Ste A-2, Spring Hill, USA

Awesome little Health Food Store!!

20 Mar 2010

Kathleen's Health Nut Hut is an amazing little health food store that's packed with tons of goodies. Owner, Kathleen is absolutely wonderful, and knowledgeable. Prices are fair, and Kathleen is always willing to talk to you for as long as you'd like to, and answer any questions you may have about her products. Check out her store and tell her that VeganVal sent you! ;)

12201 E Firestone Blvd, Norwalk, USA

Wonderful little VEGAN cafe

10 May 2008

This wonderful little vegan cafe is run by Seventh Day Adventists, however they don't promote their religion, or any of their beliefs apart from good, wholesome vegan food.
3 of us ate a very filling meal which included a wonderful soup, the main course, dessert and juice and our bill was about $28. Great value and good food.

I thought the soup was a little low on salt, but it's impossible to satisfy everyone's taste buds where salt is concerned. It's always better to have a little less salt than a little too much salt anyway!

They bake their own bread every Tuesday, and also make all their own desserts including delicious ice-cream and cookies. Vegan cakes are also available when pre-ordered. Most of the ingredients used are organic, too!

The place is small and very unassuming, however the food makes up for the lack of "character". I believe that their religion calls for simplicity and that's probably part of the lack of fancy furniture, or deco, but if you want a place that serves good, reasonably priced, home cooked meals, and wonderful, friendly service, then you won't be disappointed! Do call ahead before going as their hours are a little different from "regular" restaurants. They are closed on the weekend.

2420 Jordan Ln, Huntsville, USA

Amazing Vegan Indian and Carribean Food

19 Nov 2008

Don't let the name of this little restaurant fool you! There was nothing "hurried" about the vegan Indian food I ate at this place today. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the food at this little Indian / Carribean cafe was better than any vegan Indian food I've eaten in LA! The place is not fancy by any means, and orders are taken while you queue up in the front at the counter, but the vegan food is amazing!

Unfortunately, they also serve meat so be sure to ask for vegetarian meals. ALL their vegetarian meals are VEGAN. They have mock chicken curries, mock chicken stews, vegetarian fish curries, fried "fish" and tons of other vegan items. Today was my first visit to this wonderful little place, and it was very busy even at 4:15 PM! (always a good sign)

I ordered the Veggie Fish Curry with rice, and it came with a cabbage and onion stir fry, and a very mild lentil and potato curry as well as a small salad and a choice of either white rice, fried rice or rice and beans. The whole meal was under $10.

After living in LA for several years and being disappointed with the vegan Indian food out there, what a pleasant surprise it was to discover this amazing little place! I only wish they didn't sell any meat dishes at all. The prices were reasonable, and they had a very good selection of vegan meals and snacks. Well worth the 70 miles each way to get to Huntsville, Alabama from where I live in Middle Tennessee. Their website is www.caribbeancurry.com

10438 National Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

We thought this would be a great place ....

12 Jul 2008

Based on all the reviews we read about this place, we thought it would be great. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed. The items on the menu looked very interesting, and the prices were reasonable, however service was very unfriendly. The person who served us was the manager or supervisor if not the owner, and she was rude, and impatient. The food tasted about average, and I've had much better vegan food at many other places. Sometimes when the food doesn't taste that great, but you get service with a smile and your questions are answered with patience, your whole dining experience changes and you appreciate the meal before you. I believe in supporting vegan establishments, especially the small ones, but I highly doubt I'll go back to this place again. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone I know. I think the owner / managers should learn to smile and appreciate their customers. It doesn't matter if English is not one's first language, a smile is universally understood.

720 Allied Way, El Segundo, USA

Awesome Vegan Food!

12 Jul 2008

The food at the Veggie Grill is unbelievably amazing! I've had the Crispy Santa Fe Chicken and the Bali Burger (tempeh). Although I've been to The Veggie Grill on numerous ocassions, I keep ordering the Crispy Santa Fe chicken because it's so good! Their sweet potato fries are great too, and it goes with a wonderful sauce. Yummy! Service is always friendly, and they have great vegan desserts as well. It's the BEST place to take a carnivore to. I got 2 meals for my realtor and her son, and they loved it. She said (and I quote) "if fake chicken can taste this good, I can stop eating real chicken".

4021 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, USA

This is a GREAT Whole Foods Market!

20 Mar 2010

I've lived in California and shopped at the Whole Foods Market in Redondo Beach / Torrance, and also Long Beach. While I liked Whole Foods while out there, nothing can compare to the Whole Foods I've visited in Tennessee (both this one and the one in Franklin). The employees are friendly, helpful and the selection of products is great too. I wish they'd carry vegan marshmallows, but they have a ton of other stuff, so I guess I can't complain.

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