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167 Cuba Street, Wellington

Great food, kind staffs

20 Nov 2013

I was ravenous when I visited here. I devoured whatever was in front of me, they were all great and delicious. I went back for the second time on the next night before my next depart to a different town. Yum!

55 E Main St, Chattanooga, USA


24 Oct 2012

I heard that they had great vegan options. When I was in that area I decided to try their food. It was a Saturday morning and it was very busy. I was in a hurry and ordered a to-go. It took them a long time for the cookers to make my dish. The employees were somewhat frantic which I can understand with so many people waiting for their food. I had tofu scrambled with spinach and other vegetables. I hoped that my food would taste amazing but unfortunately it tasted plain and soggy. The food could have been better. Might come back on a different day when it is not so busy.

9408 Apison Pike, Chattanooga, USA


20 Nov 2013

They can serve plain, steamed vegetables. Which is what I ordered.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday November 20, 2013

1 A Cannon St, Charleston, USA


24 Oct 2012

I had veggie wraps and they were huge! I thought they were pretty good. My mother enjoyed her wraps as well. They gave me and my mother free tshirts of their restaurant's name on it. I would give it five stars but since its a veg-friendly restaurant..

428 Market St, Chattanooga, USA

Everything is Vegan

24 Oct 2012

I love that everything is vegan! I have only eaten there once and loved it. I just wish that they would expand their hours and their parking lots. But I am definitely coming back!

733 Porter Rd, Nashville, USA

Great Desserts

30 Jul 2013

I love the peanut butter chocolate brownie. It would have to be my favorite! I haven't tried the food off on the menu but someday I will!

95 Bellevue Rd, Nashville, USA

Limited Menu

30 Jul 2013

This cafe's menu was very limited limited when I was there. If they ever reopen I would hope that they would expand their options on their menu.

10 Kent Terrace, Wellington

Best Vegan Cupcake

20 Nov 2013

Oh goodness, the cupcake (I think the flavor was blood orange) I had was out of the world. It is in a small, cozy store which has a quaint charm to it. Give this place a visit when you're in town.

501 Cherokee Blvd, Chattanooga, USA

My Favorite Restaurant in Chatt

02 Sep 2012

I come here every week. I love this place so much. I have tried different dishes every time I visited and was NEVER disappointed. For the first time customer I recommend the walnut burger! Great spice and fresh. For the appetizer order the zucchini grizzled cakes. DELICIOUS.

2834 Azalea Place, Nashville, USA

LOVE This Place.

30 Jul 2013

They serve many different (mostly vegan) options. I enjoyed my first visit and I will come back. The food remind me of my mother's cooking. Healthy and fresh. I like that! I love their brownies. They're made by Vegan Vee Bakery. Delicious!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday February 12, 2013

12 Market Square, Knoxville, USA


03 Sep 2012

I had Kepner Melt in vegan version. I loved it. I will definitely come back!

737 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, USA


20 Nov 2013

I have read articles on this place how the workers are in a cult. If this is true and with along other findings, then the customers are benefiting their violent causes. If you are more concerned about the food, then here is my review I have eaten a vegan burger there once and it was not that great. It was more on the bland side. It use more sauces, and spices to excite the flavors more. I would, without a doubt, rather eat a burger from Sluggos.

12 W 13th St, Chattanooga, USA


03 Sep 2012

I had the vegan burger and it wasn't great but it wasn't BAD either. It got messy because it wasn't well kept together. Overall it was so-so.

301 Manufacturer's Rd, Chattanooga, USA

Love this store

24 Oct 2012

Some vegan food options and a some vegan desserts options.

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