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3-8-9, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


I have eaten Ain Soph's food at outside events before and had long wanted to visit one of the restaurants. As we were in the neighbourhood of the "Journey" branch today we decided to pop in for a late lunch. We had to wait a little while to be seated but once we were we decided on one of the lunch plates and the more expensive lunch course to share between two and our young daughter.

We ordered and waited...after perhaps 15 minutes our "vegetable parfait"s arrived - salad leaves and raw vegetables in a glass with dip and dressing. Cleverly arranged and visually appealing, and the dressing was delicious.

It was after this that we really became fed up with the slowness of the service - it took over 30 minutes for our next dishes to arrive. We could see that the restaurant was busy and the waitress was very rushed but felt like we had just been left - we even wondered if they had forgotten to make our main meals...

When they eventually arrived the waitress was apologetic but forgot to bring the extra plate that we requested for our daughter to eat from. The food, hayashi rice and tortilla with dips and fried soy meat was pleasant but nothing to write home about - by this point we were just so hungry we didn't care what we were eating! There was again a long wait for the soup and rice that came with the lunch course. The tomato soup and topping on the rice were delicious - best part of the meal. We requested they bring the set dessert out right away to placate our daughter and she enjoyed the ice cream, fruit and cake.

When we paid the bill the same waitress was again apologetic but no effort was made to explain why we had to wait so long (people arriving after us received their meals much more quickly despite the restaurant still being at capacity).

The food was pleasant enough but I didn't feel it was worth the 4600 yen that we paid and coupled with the excessive wait I wouldn't go back or recommend it to my friends. Perhaps if it were quiet or you were in the mood for a leisurely meal it would be fine though! Overall I was disappointed by the experience as I had been looking forward to going for such a long time.

Udagawacho 16-14, Patio 1F, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Relaxed Lunch

I was in Shibuya the other day and used Happy Cow to find somewhere to have lunch - decided to try Bio Cafe based on the reviews here! I used to occasionally stop in to buy bagels when I lived in the area but hadn't realised the cafe part offered vegetarian food too.

The Japanese menu doesn't state whether or not items are vegetarian/vegan (I wasn't offered English so can't comment on that) but the staff assured me that the two non-meat dishes on the lunch menu were animal product free. I decided to go for the Cesar Salad which was served with some bread and came with a choice of coffee, tea or several herbal teas for 1400 yen. It has quite a lot of volume and the dressing was delicious but it would have been nice to have had a bit more of the avocado and croutons etc that were mentioned in the menu description! The herbal tea I chose was also very nice and I appreciated that it could be made into ice tea which often isn't offered.

When I went in the cafe had just opened so it was nice and quiet and service was prompt and friendly. I will definitely go back for lunch if I'm back in the area!

3-1-22 Nishi Azabu 4F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Love the spring rolls!

As I mentioned in my review of the Kunitachi branch, Chien-fu serve great meat-free Taiwanese/Chinese food which is a rarity in Japan! It's such a relief to be able to go in and know that what I'm eating is safe. I love the spring rolls and also their ma-ramen set at lunchtime is a favourite. I recently tried the sweet and sour "pork" which was also very good. They have a huge a la cart menu, so big that choosing what to have can be a challenge! Absolutely lovely waiter at lunch times and great service.

1-19-8 Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo, Japan

Hard to come by vegetarian chinese food!

I breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered naka-ichi/chien-fu! Vegetarian chinese food is hard to come by in Japan, so I am a regular visitor when I need my fix. They have an extensive menu, mostly listed by type of "meat" as they rely heavily on mock meats. They also have great ramen and their spring rolls are delicious. Prices are reasonable, with daily set menu deals that are great value. They also stock a large selection of soy products, vegetarian meats, instant noodles etc.

Kichijoji Minamicho 1-6-7, Musashino, Tokyo, Japan

Interesting Vegan/Macrobiotic menu

We've been to Hitoto a couple of times since it re-opened under the new name. It has an interesting interior and good atmosphere - usually pretty busy at lunchtimes. When we visited you could choose 3 deli items to have with a set with rice, pickles and miso soup - the food is interesting, tasty and filling and I enjoy trying things I wouldn't normally make at home.

The menu is entirely in Japanese and staff don't have much English so you may struggle if you don't speak/read Japanese but they are lovely and friendly and will do their best to help!

2-14-7 2F, Kichijoji-Honcho, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo, Japan

Great veggie food in popular Kichijoji

Living locally I visit devadeva fairly regularly. I am a big fan of their Yogi Burgers (although perhaps not so much the bun) and like that you can choose between potato wedges and salad (or have both) to accompany it. They overhauled their menu in 2012 and several of the different burger options unfortunately vanished but this has pushed me to explore more of their other offerings!

Although slightly pricy at 1600 yen the Deli plate is a good option if you're not in the mood for a burger - you get 2 different dishes that change daily, salad, soup and a variety of breads that will be replenished upon request.

They have a good range of veg/vegan cakes and tarts etc that change regularly, and also offer a small selection of organic/vegetarian cooking supplies and snacks.

If you are in the area (the Ghibli museum is a 20-minute walk away) definitely drop in for lunch!
Updated from previous review on Thursday January 03, 2013

Update - August 2014

Visited for the first time in a few months, and saw that the menu has been revamped since we last visited. Now you can choose between the original veggie burger or a faux-chicken burger and select your toppings. Also on the menu is a "Tofish" burger with tartare sauce which I went for. It was fine, did taste vaguely fishy but overall lacked in flavour and was a bit lost in all the sauce that was on the bun (the bun has changed, far prefer this new one!) Not sure I would order it again. The burgers now all come with chips as standard and you can add salad or soup for 200 extra.

The deli menu option has also changed slightly, the offerings no longer change daily but there are more to choose from than before.

Tokyo, Musashino-shi, Kichijoji Honcho 4-6-10, Kichijoji, Tokyo, Japan

Simple and delicious Japanese food

Just had a lovely meal here with my family. They serve meat but have various vegan options. The lunch plate (1100 yen) has a meat/fish and a vegan option, and the contents change every week, but the number offered each day are limited. They have a veg curry on the menu too. It's all quite simple Japanese home cooking style - understated but delicious. It's also very child friendly, there is a kids' plate (600 yen) and there are two high chairs and some picture books. The menu is only in Japanese but the staff seemed very nice and I'm sure if you ask for the "veggie teishoku" or say "vegetarian?" and look hopeful they would help you out ;)

It's quite small (only 4 tables) so would recommend getting there at opening time or going outside peak meal times to guarantee getting a seat. You can give them your name and number and they will call you when a table becomes free. My husband enjoyed the fish dish (side dishes were all the same as the vegan plate) but his one complaint was that it wasn't quite enough food for him.

Overall though we had a great meal and will definitely go back in the future!

6-28-5 Jingu Mae Suite 101, Shibuya Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Decent veggie burger if you're in the area

I always intended to visit the Nishi Ogikubo branch but never managed to find the time before it closed. When I found myself in Harajuku a couple of months ago I decided to finally go and try out the veggie burger as I am always on the hunt for the perfect one!

As other reviewers have mentioned, it is quite difficult to find and google maps may try and make you walk through buildings to get there! Once I was finally in and seated I ordered the veggie burger which arrived fairly quickly despite the restaurant being almost full. It was served with chips, a carrot side dish and some salad leaves. The burger patty itself was pretty small compared to the size of the bun and quite difficult to eat. They have little paper sleeves to put your burger in which I recommend using! It was a perfectly serviceable burger, tasty and the amount provided was perfect for lunch, albeit with a slightly elevated price-tag.

Other items on the weekend lunch menu were a vegetable curry, a fu katsu and a burger served with rice and salad. Weekday lunches seemed to be a bit more reasonable.

It was nice to finally tick it off my list but I don't think I would go out of my way to visit again as there are better burgers in town!

Shinsen-Chou, Me Boulevard 1F 23-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

My favourite falafel in Tokyo!

Used to live 5 minutes along the road from Kuumba du Falafel - it's probably a good thing that I don't any more or I would be poor! We love to get the falafel/pita plate - you get lots of falafel, salad, veg and hummus stuffed in a tasty pita with dressing on the top. Beware the chilli sauce though, it has quite a kick! The shop itself is quite small, counter seats only and doesn't have much atmosphere but the food more than makes up for it. Also good for take out. Highly recommended!

Uguisudanicho 15-10, Royal Palace Shibuya 103, Tokyo, Japan

Great for lunch

I haven't visited in the evening so can't speak for the value/menu then but we love going to Nagi Shokudo for weekday lunches as it is located near my husband's office. You can choose from the basic lunch plate (fried soy meat and a set selection from the deli menu) or the slightly more expensive deli plate where you can choose 3 items from the varied menu. Both come with rice, pickles and miso soup. You get a good amount of food for the price and the atmosphere is good too. Lots of books to flip through while you wait!

Toshin Bldg 5f, 3-21-7 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Great for Veg-Friendly nights out!

At first the menu might look pretty meaty but there are actually plenty of vegetarian options available. We love to fill up on the sharing plate which has veggie sticks with various dips/bean salad - order a couple of the little breads to go with it and it's very filling! Their salads and Turkish pizzas (several are meat free but not sure of veg status of the cheese) are also delicious. Several items on the menu seem vegan-friendly or could be adapted to be so but I would recommend checking in advance. In the evening there is also a reasonable nomihodai (all you can drink) deal which makes it good for a night out with friends.

Meiji Dori, Tokyo, Japan

Not veg-friendly if you are a strict veggie

The two vegetable burgers may be meat free but they are cooked on the same grill as the meat burgers, as are the buns. Depending on how strict you are you may want to skip and get a real veggie burger elsewhere! Fries and onion rings are also cooked alongside meat products. I do love their iced chai though...

Toshima-Ku, Nishi Ikebukuro 2-39-8, Rose bay, Tokyo, Japan

Cheap and (not so?) cheerful

We were going to Ikebukuro today so I looked on Happy Cow to see if there was anywhere veggie for lunch in the area. Veg-suitable Chinese food is hard to come by in Japan so we decided to try Roran.

At lunch time the a la carte menu is not available so you have to choose between around 6 set meals which come with help-yourself salad and dessert (although I was told the dessert, annin doufu, wasn't suitable for vegetarians). Like other Taiwanese vegetarian places the menu relies heavily on mock-meats. We ordered the "chicken" with cashew nuts and "pork chop" (tonkatsu), the latter of which I was almost scared was actually meat when I tried it! Both came with rice (up to one free refill), soup and a small dish of pickles for a very reasonable 800-900 yen each. The food was tasty and filling, and for the price definitely good value for money.

I was sad to find that on the weekend they don't offer the a la carte menu at lunchtime as I really wanted spring rolls! So if you are looking for more choice perhaps visit in the evening. Service was a bit brusque compared to Japanese restaurants but was speedy despite a lunchtime rush happening just as we got there. Smoking is allowed throughout the whole restaurant so I wouldn't visit again with my daughter, but would stop in again if I were in the area without her.

2-21-26 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Delicious lunch

Had a lovely lunch here yesterday - you can choose between two teishoku (set meal) or a rice dish which are 1200 and 800 yen respectively. These change weekly. My friend had a gyoza set and I had spring rolls. The presentation is amazing, your food comes out in a big tray with lots of little sections containing various dishes, plus miso soup and your drink of choice and a (very) small selection of cookies/cake. Both our meals were very tasty and the volume was good for the price. No English spoken but the staff were very friendly and I'm sure would help out if you need the menu explained.

I was also happy to be able to pick up some dried soy meat at the little shop, they have a good selection and prices are reasonable. Will definitely go back!

The restaurant is a little difficult to find - my best directions (as of November 2014) would be: come out of the north exit of Okubo station and cross the street. Turn right and walk along the street, past a 7-11 convenience store. Take the next proper street on the left (not the small lane which is a dead-end) and walk 20m or so up the road. The restaurant is located at the rear of a complex of a buddhist sect that houses a Miroku buddha (happy buddha).

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