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185 Victoria St, West Melbourne, Melbourne

ok for inner city feed

It has been awhile since i have eaten here but i found it a bit bland. Their chicken fingers were bubble and squeak and not mock chicken as i expected and there isn't very much room to sit. when i went there it was cash only. BUT it is all veg and i like supporting all the shops with the right ethos. It is megga close to the Vic Markets and a great place to visit if your checking out the markets.

113 Queensbridge St, Southbank

Fav Place in Melbourne

So we have been going here for years now. It's my all time fav place to go out for dinner :) I've even taken my family here and they all liked it too! it looks like any up market Vietnamese restaurant, even the menus are listed with the meat names. So it would be fun to see if your non vego mates can tell the difference!
It's true that the meals have very little vegies in them but that's the same for most Vietnamese/Chinese/Thai take away.
It's so close to the city and if your visiting and checking out the casino (or if not the casino the river or the fire polls along the river) then this is a MUST stop in for dinner.
I ALWAYS order the same thing....entree...Crispy duck Skin, Satay Skewers....Mains...Roasted Plum Duck, Honey Chicken, Pork ribs and a large Combination Fried Rice....! never enough room for deserts, but i'm not keen on the red bean pancakes anyway. You can take the rest of your meal home too!
PS it's good to know about the under car park cos it always takes me a few blockies to get a park, i usually end up on the road parallel behind the restaurant.
Highly recommended

499 North Rd, Ormond

very cheap and yummy-lunch specials

I've eaten here quite a lot :) my partner worked a across the road and i would order dinner and wait for him. Loved loved the goyza/dumplings and the polenta chips are pretty amazing.
I liked the mix of using mock meats in some dishes and tofu in others, just in case your freaked out by mock meats. They have lunch and dinner box specials, eat in or take away. It's right near Ormond train station and the sticky date pudding is TO DIE FOR!

22 Smith St, Collingwood

real yum, real cheap, big meals

well pretty mcuh sums it up in my title, there's not much bad to say about this place. The meal sizes are HUGE and i always take an extra long lunch break just so i can chill out there. I hope soon they can do take away meals :)

Shop 10, 240 Victoria St, Richmond

tasety selection

I recently went here after work with my partner and ordered soooooooooo much food. we stuffed our faces with most ofthe specials and had desert too! Hmmmmmm coconut sago pudding :) i took a menu with me and now i order it for lunch! they have $8 specials like dumpling and noodles soup, green laksa, chick pea curry and rice and the fried rice. They use some kind of shiny oil that i'm not a massive fan of but the food is so yum i don't mind much. My friend ordered a take a way Malaysian Curry Laksa and it was too big to fit into one of those big bowl you get from Coles!
It's a mix of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.

452 Lygon Street, Brunswick East

Delivery for Inner Melbourne

So i'm on day 3 of my 5 days of lunches i ordered online from Vege2go.I'm so full! it's so tasty! it's cheap! and it's good for you! (well some dishes are a bit oily - but nothing that would stop me ordering it again). I've tried the stuffed capsicum, been salads, lentil soup and yet to try the sausage roll and semolina and beans in tomato sauce, but i can't wait! The serves are plenty....and it was delivered to my office at midday monday for $5! I haven't visited the restaurant, but will be ordering this (now with friends from work as well) in the future.

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