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10630 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, USA

Casual, Veg-friendly

My first experience with Aqui was at their Campbell restaurant. The food was kind of the norm for Cal-Mex and I wasn't especially impressed. It was good, but it wasn't outstanding.

Recently I went to the Cupertino restaurant with a friend, and the food is still pretty good, but leaves much to be desired for vegans. I have a feeling I'd have a much a better impression if I were lacto-ovo vegetarian, and much better options. Otherwise, you're pretty much stuck with a salad or appetizers. My friend, of course, was pleased because he's omni.

What *is* really cool is Aqui does designate the vegan dishes/ingredients on their website, the down-side is that the selection of vegan dishes are incredibly sparse, though I'm sure you could have some of the vegetarian dishes modified to your specifications to remedy this? Maybe?

2901 E Madison St, Seattle, USA

Lovely spot. Good food.

I've been to Cafe Flora a grand total of two times so far, once for dinner, the other for brunch. First off, it's a nice setting--very bright and airy. Loved the sun room with the little fountain in the center.

They have quite an interesting menu, with adequate vegan options/versions available, and an amount of food proportional to the price (I think). My Black Bean Burger was YUM, yam fries were a bit soggy for my liking, but good nonetheless. I love the fried avocado appetizers, too. I think I had some sort of tofu scramble for brunch, but ohhhh was it good.

Service ran the gamut of quite slow, average, to OVERLY attentive. This could be due (at least on one visit) to the amount of business, or it could be typical of this establishment. Who knows! At any rate, our servers were always polite & solicitous when on task.

Prices could be considered a tad on the expensive side, BUT I can also see that as relative to what you're ordering and/or accustomed to spending.

Anyway, nice little sit-down restaurant. I would love to go back when next in the Seattle area.

10310 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, USA

Classy pizzeria, good customer service.

I went to Amici's on account that they are the only chain I know to offer vegan cheese as an option (it's also complimentary so you won't be charged extra for the substitution) on their pizzas. The restaurant itself was thoroughly modern. Staff were very friendly and solicitous, even offering me water as I waited for my take-out order. My pizza (a "veggie") was done in under 10 minutes and was quite good.

Any of the vegetarian pizzas on the menu (there are about 3, or if you count the one explicitly vegan pizza on the menu into that, make that 4) can be easily veganized with the addition of Daiya cheese.

It's a good place for a gourmet East Coast style pizza, but Amici's is a bit on the expensive side, so maybe it's better once in a while than on a regular basis for those on a budget.

Rating: ***½ cows

4996 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, USA

Decent Thai fare

I went to Blue Mango a few times but as a vegetarian. It can usually be pretty busy, and the venue is quite small and a little cramped, so I would generally order take-out.

They do have a separate vegetarian menu available, with veggie variations on their regular menu. Pretty good stuff. I recommend the curry fries, by the way.

Staff were really cool and friendly, and the wait time was not bad. Prices are average.

7314 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, USA

Great food!

I had probably one of the best vegan pizzas EVER, here; baby asparagus pesto about the size of my plate. Oh-so-delicious and oh-so-filling. I was kind of in love with ambiance and low lighting. Waitstaff were friendly and prompt. Oh, yeah...it would probably be a good idea to make reservations, too! (Just so you know.)

BUT, it was on the expensive side. Most of the items on the menu had a vegan version if not vegan already (which is great), but would have liked perhaps a few more menu options?

This being said, I quite liked Carmelita overall all.

165 University Ave, Palo Alto, USA


The food was so good, I even stayed for dessert. I had the Guru's Curry, a Thai Pearl Tea, and vegan cheesecake. I'd have tried something else off the menu had I not been so totally (but pleasantly) stuffed.

May I say how nice it is not only to visit a place that's not only 100% vegan, but one where you have some variety in the menu. I am really hoping they open up more locations.

1071 South De Anza Blvd, San Jose, USA


You can imagine my excitement when consulting my Veg Out app and finding a new, vegan/vegetarian restaurant, in my neighborhood, that had yet to be reviewed on Happy Cow. And so I jumped at the chance to eat there today...

The lunch menu had a bit of variety: straight vegetable dishes, veggie+mock-meat versions of familiar Chinese/Taiwanese dishes. I had the Basil Eggplant which was delicious. It was only $6.95, for which you get soup and a bowl of rice. 

Staff were polite and prompt. The establishment, clean and welcoming.

While most of their dishes are vegan, those that are not (indicated on the menu by an asterisk) can be made vegan by request. Lunch specials to-go don't include soup. There is an ingredient list for each of the mock-meats, for those with potential allergies or if you're simply curious. Prices are in the fairly inexpensive to average range.

I see myself going back in the near future. Good stuff.
Updated from previous review on Thursday November 04, 2010

3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, USA

Stratta @ The Wynn

I had dinner at STRATTA, at The Wynn. I ordered truffle fries and a pretty good vegan pizza with caramelized onion and (I am assuming Daiya) vegan cheese.

While I can't complain that there actually were vegan choices, I do wish there were a few more than were available. At least most, if not all, Wynn restaurants offer vegan dishes--and that's more than you can ask for when going to any non-veg establishment.

The food was QUITE expensive and even though I wasn't paying, I did feel a sense of diner's remorse for that reason.

1245 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, USA

Fast service, good food

I was amazed not only at the speed in which my take-out order was taken and completed (around 5-7 minutes) but the sheer amount of tasty food I got. Yum! Not to mention the menu is 100% Vegan.

It IS kind of on the small side, so eating there is probably not so ideal for large groups. or if it's too busy. Parking lot is also pretty cramped. But none of those factors are really an issue for me, so it all worked out! Looking forward to trying the rest of the menu items.

460 Ramona St, Palo Alto, USA

Great Chinese Vegan Food

Much like Garden Fresh down the road in Mountain View, the food is great but the location is a little...cramped. However, the interior decor gives you the sense there's a more modern, less casual, sit-down restaurant vibe here.

As the owner informed us, one of their staff members called in sick, which would explain the somewhat-chaotic atmosphere. These things happen and I didn't feel inconvenienced by this, so I was/am willing to let it slide. Ordering to-go is another option, too.

Anyway, EXCELLENT food. I can recommend any of these: Kun Pao Eggplant, Lemon Chicken, and Wonton with Sesame Dressing. Good stuff. Prices here are reasonable/average for this sort of fare. Its location in busy downtown Palo Alto make it accessible, especially university students.

Can't wait to visit again!

37 S 1st St, San Jose, USA

Vegan comfort food, laid back vibe

I would characterize a visit to Good Karma as similar to, but not in a totally uncomplimentary way, going to a house party: you've got people outside socializing/smoking, having to maneuver between a crowd inside, dub music playing overhead, and most people are pretty much there for the beer. This is pretty much what an evening at Good Karma is like.

Whether the atmosphere is of appeal is down to personal preference, but let me just say that the food really good. It's like vegan comfort food. I had BBQ Chikn Drumsticks (I could eat a ton of those), Jamaican Jerk Tofu (YUM), and Mashed Potatoes (BEST), AND a slice of chocolate pie...all for around $10. They've also got a variey of craft beers on tap which I still have yet to try, but are apparently very popular.

Yeah, it's small. In fact, how they manage to have live music performances is astonishing to me. But you get a sense there's a strong support for the local scene & artists. For this, I'm greatful places like Good Karma exist, and not solely for being one of the few vegan joints scattered around the South Bay.

516 Barber Lane, Milpitas, USA

Love the variety here!

Let me just say that this Loving Hut location already gets points for having a MUCH more diverse & extensive menu than its tiny Palo Alto location. Plus they offer well-known vegan products for purchase in their freezer case, which is pretty cool.

I had the Gourmet Fried Rice and Malaysia Curry Chow Mein, which was a little bit spicy, but really quite good and extremely filling. I reeeeally wanted a Thai Tea (which, I might add, have not had in years since going vegan) but it hadn't been prepared yet. I'm also little sad I didn't have room for dessert. Next time I'm totally ordering some stuff to go.

The only problem for me was the location. It's not merely that I live 12 miles west, but that Loving Hut - Milpitas is kind of tucked away in an a strip mall, which in turn is tucked away behind an office park. There's not really a chance for a lot of foot-traffic, patronage from those passing by, and you cannot spot it from the road. In short, you pretty much have to specifically be going to Loving Hut. Which is too bad, because this one kinda rocks and I want more people to come here.

That being said, the staff was courteous, the location was spacious and clean and inviting (although my opinions/taste as far as interior design differ--BUT, this is kind of irrelevant)and all-in-all I had a really good experience here.

1114 Gayley Ave, West Los Angeles, USA

I LOVE this place!

I had the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger, and because it was the Special, my side of sweet potato fries was FREE. The food was quite good and so filling that I didn't eat for the rest of the day.

The Westwood location is a bit weird in that the ordering and eating segments of the restaurant are completely separated by a wall, so you effectively have to go next door to eat. Not really a big deal, but kind of unusual.

I do wish we had locations up here in the SF Bay Area.

3055 Olin Ave Unit 1030, San Jose, USA

Yay! San Jose gets a Veggie Grill!

I was so happy to see that we were getting an all-VEGAN chain restaurant right in the middle of San Jose. I was even more happy to see how busy they were. The staff were super-friendly, explaining to first time visitors the menu items, specials, and the fact the food was animal/trans-fat/cholesterol free, etc.

For as crowded as it was, I didn't have to wait long for a table. I love the variety of items on the menu--I almost couldn't decide! I ordered the All-American Stack with Sweetheart Fries w/ spicy Thousand Island Dressing. Yuuuum. I wish I'd ordered dessert to go, but now I have yet another reason to go back.

The decor is totally cute, bright, and modern, plus (proving the weather is suitable) there is also have outdoor seating.

Pretty good overall, pretty inexpensive, and great customer service! In addition to dine-in and take-out, they also offer catering too.

I will totally be patronizing Veggie Grill regularly.

1690 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, USA

Whole Food Campbell could use an upgrade

If you're used to shopping Whole Foods, then the Campbell store carries most of the products you expect. But if you, like I, have become spoiled by the shear spaciousness (and variety) of the more recently remodeled Bay Area locations, then this store is going to seem like a claustrophobic matchbox.

Every which way you turn you're crashing into someone or something because the aisles and paths are so narrow and the store is constantly. It's always been like this.

So, I recommend shopping here if it's convenient and/or if you must.

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