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Puhi, Puhi, USA

Welcomed healthy local place

14 Feb 2015

Absolutely lovely little place. You have to go through a big store (that sells lots of vegan and health food products)... at the back you'll find a really sweet little juice bar, making up fresh juices, smoothies and breakfast bowls.

I enjoyed a fresh beet/green juice - just what I needed.

Another ocassion I enjoyed a delicious granola topped acai bowl. Yum!

The staff are local and friendly. A lovely stop off for me.

Most options are vegan... and those that aren't contain yoghurt or bee products (clearly labelled on the boards).

Great place to stock up if you are self-catering too.

105 Kenwyn Street, Truro, England

Wonderful vegan options

21 Aug 2014

Visited here yesterday with my family. Absolutely delighted! We loved this place and look forward to returning.

The energy is friendly, light and really welcoming. The menu offers loads of great options. All vegetarian and lots available for vegans.

We ordered the delicious, colourful salad plate with hummus, grilled veggies and the vegan quesadilla which included refried beans in a baked tortilla along with spicy salsa and salad. All so healthy and delicious. There were lots of things on the menu that I'd love to try.

Awesome to find a well stocked health food store at the same venue, to stock up on supplies for our travels. We'll be back for sure.

Bread Street, Penzance, Cornwall, UK, Penzance, England

Loved it!

26 Aug 2012

Excellent choice. I felt really happy and satisfied after going here. Nice vegan options and salad available. Fresh juices and smoothies. Vegan cakes.
Was really busy, but there are lots of tables.
Good health food store downstairs with raw food selections.
Well worth a visit!

Gustav Möllers gata 2, Malmo, Sweden

Great store

10 Mar 2014

This is a really great store with a good selection of health foods - perfect for vegans. They sell quite a few fresh foods/salad/fruits and just about everything we needed for a well rounded vegan shopping trip.

I liked the fact that they had quite a lot of choice. A great find in Malmo.

1019 Blanshard St, Victoria, Canada

An absolutely awesome place!

22 Apr 2015

I love absolutely everything about this place. The staff are warm and welcoming. The food is clearly made with the biggest heart full of love.
I felt totally spoiled for choice with the menu absolutely brimming with vegan, wheatfree, glutenfree, raw cuisine, juices, smoothies and the most decadent desserts.
We enjoyed several things off the menu and wow... everything was amazing!

1474 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, USA

Sweet little place serving raw vegan meals

28 Oct 2014

A sweet little place, ideal if you are looking for really healthy vegan food, prepared consciously. We enjoyed a wheat-grass juice and a green juice before ordering 2 delicious salad with a piece of raw onion bread (very tasty). We loved it! Healthy, tasty and full of goodness.

The food is prepared right there, fresh to order and the chef is keen to please and very pleasant.

The one other thing I would say is that the decoration could benefit from a bit of livening up to match the wonderful vibrancy of the food. Then it would be perfect.

I appreciated the opportunity to buy some tasty raw, vegan food in Sarasota.

14 Carrier de Monges, Port de Pollenca, Mallorca, Spain

Lovely place

07 Apr 2016

This is a really lovely place and I'd be happy to return again. They label everything clearly, letting you know which options are gluten-free as well as vegan.

We enjoyed two different main meals there. The flavours were good and presentation was lovely. Most of the seating is in a gorgeous courtyard, with a few tables inside in case it gets really chilly.

Múzeum Körut 19, Budapest, Hungary

Nice little shop

26 Oct 2011

Had a nice choice of health foods. We seemed to find everything we needed. A lot of the ingredients were listed in Hungarian, although one of the assitance spoke a little English and was able to help, even getting out a huge dictionary to find a word that she didn't know.

One of the other assistants wasn't particularly friendly (although that often seemed to be the norm in Hungary, so I am not surprised).

Joan XXIII, 52, 07470 Puerto De Pollensa, Islas Baleares, Mallorca, Spain

Perfect for a little town like this!

07 Apr 2016

This is a little haven in this town. Really beautiful surprise to find it here. When are traveling about and just need to stock up on a few essentials it really does the trick.
Don't get too excited though. It's tiny... ideal for 'essentials' :) The lady who runs it is so lovely. You'll find a little selection of fresh fruits and veggies too.

Carretera Central 10, Tinizara , La Palma, Spain

Little gem!

17 Jun 2016

This is a really sweet health food store. I've been back several times during my recent stay. They have an excellent selection of fresh organic local produce, along with all the packaged produce and ingredients that you'd expect in a good shop. They also do sweet snacks, household and bathroom products. Oh, yes and local wines, almond butter and dried fruits.
It's on the main highway and really easy to pull in to. Just keep your eyes peeled. It,s in Tinizara, mid way between Puntagorda & Tijarife.
The owner is super friendly. She doesn't speak English, but that didn't seem to make any difference to me. Highly recommended.

The Red Brick Building Centre, Morland Road, Glastonbury, England

Nice Mezze. Nice vibe.

01 Aug 2014

Popular newish place on the edge of town in a community building. This building used to be derelict and has been completely reclaimed. I am really impressed with what they've done with this place. Has a really great vibe.

Have visited a couple of times this year - once with my local vegan group, and the other day with my husband.

They have a small, but nice salad bar with quite a few vegan items in it. Their main vegan dish, however is an all vegan mezze platter, which is well presented and tasty.

The restaurant was fully booked when we arrive the other day, although the bar had an outside seating area, where reservations weren't required, so we got to enjoy a nice pleasant mezze after all.

39 Ship St, Brighton, England

Excellent value

10 Aug 2012

I really love the value of this place, and for that alone it deserves voting up. They don't serve gourmet Indian cuisine, but it's only £4.95 for ALL YOU CAN EAT (or £3.50 all you can eat for a couple of hours in the after noon!)...

The staff are friendly and clearly point out what is not vegan if you ask - everything is vegetarian. There are quite a lot of options, including chopped salad, breads, deep friend onion things, various curries, dhal, chutney dips etc.

I wouldn't say 'wow, what amazing food', but it's a sweet place and an amazing option for anyone who wants to eat out on a budget.

75 Park Street, Bristol, UK, Bristol, England

Great place for tea and cake

08 Jul 2014

I stopped off here for a cup of tea and was pleasantly suprised by the choice of loose leaf herbal teas. I enjoyed the most vibrant and delicious cup of rose, cardamom and ginger tea in a pot along with a slice of Hippy Hayley's Vegan Nut Bar.

The staff were really friendly. I noticed a few vegan options listed on their menu board, like vegan breakfast option and salad. The staff were helpful and answer any questions.

They had a couple of vegan desserts (looking mighty delicious I must say!) and offered a full selection of organic coffee, teas and the usual soya milk.

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, England

Wonderful place

15 Jan 2014

We love this place and go out of our way to eat lunch here when we venture out to Bristol for the day. I ate there today and was absolutely delighted (yet again). The staff were super-friendly today (especially since there was a really rude guy giving them a hard time!).

We both had generous helping of vegan salads and were really satiated! It's filling, tasty and good value for money. Tastes like it's been made with care too. Well worth a visit!

It's down to earth and has amazingly conscious ethics, leaving me feeling like 'if everywhere was like this it would be a much better world'!

Will be back soon.

86 High Street, Glastonbury, England

Gorgeous place in Glastonbury for raw chocolate

19 Apr 2014

A gorgeous little specialist raw chocolate shop with a lovely selection of different chocolates and all sorts of things to help you make your own at home too.
My favourite item here is the raw chocolate brownies. Rich, tasty, indulgent and a nice treat.
They even have their own label chocolate bars, which make a great gift.
Updated from previous review on Saturday April 19, 2014

32-40 Sandhill, Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

Welcomed haven in Newcastle

20 Jul 2011

As a vegan myself, meeting up with family (who are not veggie) this was a wonderful and very welcomed eating place in the city with something for everyone. Pub food and ample choice available. We had a great time happy. The pub had real character and great service. I really appreciate the authenticity and unpretentious energy.

If you are looking for something posh and fancy this probably isn't the place for you - but if you want good sized home cooked veggie and vegan food I can totally recommend it. We would be happy to return.

5a High Street, Glastonbury, England

I quite like this place

27 Aug 2011

My husband and I have had really good experiences here over the last few years during our visits. The staff we have always been served by have been friendly. Service does take a while, although this doesn't tend to be an issue if you've come out for a nice relaxing evening and are happy to enjoy the ambience. If you are in a hurry then it probably isn't the place for you.

My favourite dish is the enchiladas. My friends have reported good feedback on the sunday 'nut'roast dinner too.

There are a few good vegan options available and usually dessert. The sugar free apricot slice is amazing, expecially warmed and served with vegan icecream. The crumble is vegan and very delicious too.

105 Western Rd, Brighton, England

Amazing place!

24 Sep 2014

I absolutely love this place. There is an excellent choice of vegan and vegetarian foods, drinks, desserts, along with well labelled gluten-free options.
The quality is excellent. Tastes really great. Menu changes daily so you can expect something different every time you go.
The value is amazing for what you get! You go to the counter and take your food away on a tray, so you get to eat quickly if you are just dashing through.
They also do take out.
I am a big fan of all of their food labels, telling you exactly what is in the dish and whether it is also suitable for vegans or those on a gluten-free diet. Big thumbs up for that.
I've eaten a various selection of the salads; the vegan gluten-free main meals and the freshly juiced juices. Everything is fab! I really recommend it.

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